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Over the past few weeks, we have slowly opened the season. The puppy season, to be precise.

Before we committed to homeless animals, autumn was just another season for us. Now, however, months in advance, we get goosebumps at the thought of September. The month in which male dogs and cats not only gave birth but the puppies/kittens turned 2-3-4 weeks old and it’s time for the mother owners to get rid of them.

Of course, the first dogs appear in August, and the whole thing doesn’t stop until October, yet September is the toughest. And, again, naturally – that same thing wouldn’t wait until next September, but happen again in April, when the time comes for the “Spring tossing”…

In that stream of thought, you might be surprised that we have almost no real patients at our clinic for everything is occupied by tossed-away puppies.

This particular litter is of 6 furbabies. Found in a box two weeks ago and with no chance of a foster home, they are growing up in complete isolation, in the hope of raising them a bit without them catching any disease.

And yet, these 6 heroes are among the lucky ones – found, taken care of.

And even though we know that people who dump the unwanted litter of their pets twice a year are hardly among those who read and follow us, we’ll still say it – we’re terribly, terribly exhausted from collecting babies from trash cans, from bus stops, from the woods and the country.

Terribly, terribly desperate we are not to be able to help them all.

Just neuter your female animals, you will be ok.

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