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We are happy to inform you, that Progress has once again reached out to help the animals at the Farm. This time, with a donation of 2,500 BGN, for the constructing of the pipe-line, connecting our water source and the dog-building.

Sounds like no important matter, but if you picture those 2,5 years in which all the water we need for cleaning and drinking was brought about in buckets by the keepers, you will understand this is a huge thing. What is more – the same building houses our bathroom and toilet – can you imagine!? We will be able to bathe ourselves and the dogs as much as necessary.

It is a third year, since Animal Rescue Sofia began working at The Farm – the only non-government shelter in our city, bought with the donations of thousands of people who wanted to create a good place for the homeless dogs of Sofia.

We bought The Farm as an old cow-farm, and since then – we have not stopped reconstructions, to make it a good place for the dogs that come in. Reconstructions are terribly expensive – and there was and still is so much to do. But we haven’t given up, despite the huge financial difficulties – we haven’t stopped working for the dogs and the shelter, despite the hard conditions.


How far have we come? We already have:

– An inhabited dog building (650sq.m) with hydro-concrete, outside sewage, bathroom and toilet (not functioning);

– 47 enclosures, where the healthy dogs live, with an inside part (and working floor heating for the cold months), as well as small yards to each of them;

– An equipped (not fully) and functional Franziska clinic (190sq.m) with separate surgery and examination compartments; patient-boxes; a room for visual diagnostics;

– 5 walking yards.

Summed up so briefly – you’d miss the back-breaking work and huge investment connected to each of these achievements. Each tile, brick, every flooring, every socket, cable, every window, door, wall and ceiling, every little thing we’ve managed to push through, so it is there for the animals.

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But none of these things would have been possible if it weren’t for the donors. If it weren’t for the people who take from themselves, from their families so that this place can go forth.

We will not be thanking the Progress. Words cannot contain our gratitude for their invariable, selfless support.
Hundreds, thousands of animals will be rescued and living thanks to this help.

And nothing bigger than that can be said.


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