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Once again Pet Remedy has decided to help the animals in “The Farm”.
But this time, by donating 10% of the price of every product!

The best part, though, is that you also receive 10% discount of the price.

It means you help your pet at a better price and you help the animals in “The Farm”!

Pet Remedy is a natural product, based entirely on the natural way to relax and de-stress pets. No artificial hormones, no chemistry – only essential oils and herbs!

We would never recommend something we didn’t try. But if in our stressful shelter environment, Pet Remedy makes miracles, it means it will work everywhere.

So, if your pet is nervous or there is stress in its life – change of home, new pet, loss of family member, travel or fireworks, do not hesitate to ask for Pet Remedy – 10 % of the price will come in our shelter for food and medicines!

The products of Pet Remedy can be found at the following places:

Petshops D-r Stefanov

Studentski grad, 76, “Akad.Stefan Mladenov”str

Lulin, bl.386

Ovcha Kupel, 37, Lublyana str

Sky City Mall, Geo Milev, 52 Kosta Lulchev str

Sveta Troica, 15, Zografski manastir str, City Park Residence

Iztok,  28 B, Samokov str, Este Home & Spa

Geo Milev, 27, Nikolai Kopernik str /Fantastiko

Varna, 185 Slivnitza, Delta Planet



Strelbishte, 6, Major Parvan Toshev str



Mladost, 51 Jerusalim Blvd

and online:




Thank you!

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