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What exactly is the idea behind Pet Buddy?

This is a platform created by animal lovers and aimed at animal lovers. It’s designed to make it easier for dog and cat owners through a specially developed algorithm that identifies your pet’s unique needs.

It provides:
Automatic suggestions for suitable products, selected especially for your friend;
Personalized box with food, medicines, treats, and surprises at preferential prices;
Free monthly delivery straight to your door at your convenience time;
Monthly free vet consultation for all concerning issues;
Free access to a library of useful resources about raising your pet.

And why are we telling you all this? On one hand, we know how easy it is to forget your pet’s deworming date or find out last minute that their food has drastically decreased. We also know how important it is to be able to consult a veterinarian.

On the other hand, Pet Buddy is not indifferent to the fate of homeless animals and is coming up with new and new ways to help them, together with us.

Every subscriber to the platform also becomes a donor to the Farm Shelter, as 1lv of the subscription goes to our homeless pets.
We are also currently working together on ways to get helped find the humans for our dogs.

Overall, the platform and the cause behind it are so bold and innovative – it would be best to check it out yourself! (site is in Bulgarian only)

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