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Animal Rescue Sofia

Let's help together

Animal Rescue Sofia has been working for the dogs since April 2010. There are real live people standing behind everything we manage to achieve. For every rescued, every healed, every rehomed little pet, there are kind-hearted people who have given their best to succeed.



A training week at “Franziska”

  Dr Ursula Goetz qualified as a vet in Germany but has actually never worked there, just before her final exams she took 6 months to work in conservation work in Namibia mainly with…

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It’s martenitza time!

Martenitza is more than an amulet for health and luck! It is a way to remind the people around you, that you care. And why not reminding the very same things the animals as well?   240…

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Four Trees

The question is not even "Who?" took care of them, until they got sick, and then abandoned them on the street. The question is not even "Why?" For us the main question about Lime, Birch,…

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Many greetings from Lorena

  To everybody who opens their heart, instead of closing their eyes, To everybody who smiles when they see happiness, To everybody who can feel the pain of others, To everybody who helped somebody, Many greetings from Lorena…

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The Farm

We may look like a big organization from the side, but we are a small team of people who are doing their best to work professionally and with all their hearts. Each of the dogs in our shelter is our friend – with a name and a story. One by one we have already helped thousands replace the suffering in the streets with a life in a happy home – both in Bulgaria and abroad.


Animal Rescue Sofia in numbers

For more then 12 years we have helped thousands of animals

Dogs found new loving home
Animals are in the Farm waiting for their new home
Animals were neutered

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