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The new head of Municipal company “Ecobalance” d-r Neykov and the Sofia Municipality present us with yet another unpleasant surprise – new rules for the visitors at the Seslavci shelter:

Reading these rules we are left with the notion that this is not a dog shelter, but a hideout where the only proof of Alien life is hidden…
We want to especially point out the following points:

  • As to keep a normal working process and technological discipline visitors or volunteers at the shelter can not be more than 4 persons at a time.
  • Visitors and volunteers are allowed to enter the shelter on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 13 and on Saturday and Sunday from 09 to 14h.
  • Permission from the Mayor of Sofia is required for photo- and video-shooting on the shelter grounds, as well as publishing the information.
  • It is forbidden to photograph or film animals or objects that belong to the shelter, as well as publishing the photos without the written consent of “Ecobalance”.

Any normal person would ask themselves the following questions:

  • How exactly do volunteers interfere with the “technological discipline” of “Ecobalance” employees when they are caring for the ill, stressed-out animals?
  • What is it that must remain hidden from the public attention that requires so limited open hours?
  • What in this Municipal shelter must be kept secret, unseen, unpublished, and unknown to the citizens of this city to an extent which requires and explicit permission from the Mayor?
  • Do the employees of Municipal company “Ecobalance” and Sofia Municipality have a slight notion of living in the 21-st century, on a continent called Europe, in a Democratical state that is guaranteed by something called “civil control”?

Interferance of the Technological Discipline

Important notice:
Bogrov shelter (ran by ourselves) and Seslavci shelter (ran by “Ecobalance”) are both Municipal. Nevertheless – the Bogrov shelter is open every day – 365 days a year, all day long, including weekends – both for visitors and volunteers. Every single day tens of people enter the shelter, make photos and then publish them online in social networks, websites and forums.

Now an extremely difficult question:
Where does the difference in management come from? Why are things not transparent at Seslavci? Who is trying to hide What from Whom?

Let’s try and figure out some options:
Option 1: The worst possible answer – Sofia Municipality, by the hand of its company “Ecobalance” is preparing to cover-up planned illegal activities in its shelter in Seslavci.
Option 2: As you know, a few day ago the Bulgarian state officially complained to Brussels that it’s being harassed by the non-governmental organizations. Perhaps this is a continuation of the brilliant thought that state and citizens have nothing in common and are in a state of war.
Option 3: There is no particular reason – things simply “happen” as a result of a lack of professionalism and general planning combined with an overdose of bureaucracy and authoritarism.

The volunteers are organizing a protest this Sunday at 09a.m. in front of the Seslavci shelter.
Get involved with helping the dogs at Seslavci HERE.

You have the right to remain caged and lonely

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  • Zoezan
    Posted 28/08/2012 22:24 0Likes

    You could offer to let them use the picture to asrevtide? Some shelters would have to pay someone to come in and take pictures, whereas you have the opportunity to do it for free. Surely they’d deserve it if they let you do that? You could also offer to do advertising for them, dog-walk, monitor their fund raising, socialise the animals, etc, in return.

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