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Well… we need YOU! We need your support. We are just a small group of people – we are not financed by the state, the EU, or by a foreign NGO – we only manage by the funds you decide to donate for the doggies. Most of all – we need money. But, if you feel unsure or simply want to make an in-kind donation, please see the following Wish List:


We have a constant need of food. In case you would like to donate a larger amount – contact us! We buy large scale, so we have a big discount at the market.

food1 food2

For the adult dogs we need quantity most of all – whatever you decide to bring, please, choose the cheaper option. This way you will be able to get more.

food6 food4 food5

For the baby dogs we need quality – we always have a huge bunch of puppies, and for them it is most important to be fed well in the beginning of their lives. We are the only shelter in the city that admits pups – we have a huge need for puppy food. By donating puppy food, you are donating good health to the shelter’s puppies.



Our clinic works at full speed 365 days in a year. We use huge amounts of medication daily.
We will put to use absolutely everything you can donate. Here are the human and veterinary drugs we use the most:

What you can get from any human pharmacy:

  • Spiritus, Braunol and Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Sergical gloves (M and S sizes);
  • Needles (18G, 20G, 21G); Intravenous infusions;
  • Gauze (sterile and regular), Woodwool (sterile and regular);
  • Terceff, Azytrox, Doxycycline;
  • Hartmann bank, Ringer bank, Glucose, Salt Solution.

vaccines medications banks2

Veterinary drugs and medications
(Please, contact us if you want to donate these. We can make an order at the cheapest market for what we need most at that certain moment and you could pay /part/ of the bill. This way the dogs will get more for your donation.)

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs: Dexamethasone 0,4%; Rimadyl inj; Depedin inj; Tolfine inj; Prednivet tabl;
  • Vaccines: DP, DHPPi, DHPPiL, DHPPiRL;
  • Parasite care: Panacur, Drontal puppy, Azipyrin, Cestal, Drontal, Caniverm, etc. External: powders and Spot on’s, Ivermectin – Cevamec, Ivomec;
  • Antibiotics: Synulox, Baytril, Marbocyl, Shotapen, Lincospectin, Depomycine, Gentamicin, Trisulfin, Metronidazole, Norodine;
  • Anesthetics: Atropin , Xylazin, Ketaminol, Diazepam, Zoletil;
  • Blood-stopping: Pharmacynon, Dicynon;
  • Anti-nausea: Degan, Quamatel, Vetacid;
  • Additives: Vitamin C, Catosal, Injectavit, Calo-pet, BeNeurin;

1bebe pie 1bebe 1perun indira

Our cat needs

  • Cat kibble and wet food (for big and small);
  • Kitten milk dry replacer – Royal Canin, Beaphar and others;
  • Cat litter (silicone, bento or pressed), litter boxes, dry pads;
  • Transport boxes, folding crates, rodent crates;
  • Climbers, scratchers, toys;
  • De-worming and de-fleing products, powders, shampoos;
  • Vitamins – Nutrigel, Maltz paste and others, Nutrigel;
  • Cat vaccines – Nobivac Forcat&Rabies; Merial Quadricat; Felovax; Purevax; Intervet and so on.


desinfectant crates office

Some other stuff that we need:

  • Surface disinfectants – Deconnex, Decosept, Hibiscrub=Hibitan, and everything based on Cholrhexidine gluconate;
  • Cleaning and disinfectant solutions for the farming and food industry;
  • Foldable crates and vari-kennels (new and used);
  • Fuel and help with the maintenance of the bus and van;
  • Building instruments and materials;
  • Office supplies (toner, paper, folders, etc);
  • Working clothes and rubber boots.



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