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Once upon a time (7-8 years ago) a tiny girl entered the shelter we managed at that time. She was a vet student and wanted to start working with us. She explained she has no experience whatsoever, but we gave her the opportunity to try, although the other candidates were graduated vets with experience. She was the behind the other vets for just a few days. Very fast Dr Polly won her place and responsibility for our 500, at that time, dogs.

If we have to describe her with one word only, this word would be a „typhoon”! Dr Polly is tireless and hardworking, she is the glue, that turns our staff from just a group of people, into a team!

Talented and never stops to learn and educate herself, it is now clear, that Dr Polly is the heart and the head of our clinic.

Our clinic is the only hope for thousands of stray animals every year. Thousands of dogs and cats owe their lives to Dr Polly’s dedication and golden heart.

Thank you, Doctor!

Photo credit: Ivanka Paterson for Stardust Pictures

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