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D-r Hristo Nikolov worked in the Franziska clinic surgery till late last night. All the surgeries were successful, and the little patients have begun their recovery.

Hugs for you and d-r Nikolov, and here is a short report from the dogs:


IMG_1013 IMG_1019

It was a complicated, double surgery to make and external fixture to tiny Trudy. It has been more than 7 days since the damage and the hip bone has begun to heal incorrectly. D-r Nikolov spent over 2 hours with Trudy, but in the end – the results were excellent!

IMG_1021 IMG_1075

Trudy will remain with the fixture for a month, and in the meantime we will do our best to improve her overall condition – put on some weight, get rid of the skin issues, hopefully also begin her vaccination plan alongside her litter-mates.



Second-time surgeries (as is the case of Nera who has developed osteomyelitis) are always difficult. Nera too has an external fixture, but also a drainage – d-r Nikolov cleared the infection and it now needs to be regularly disinfected.

IMG_1043 IMG_1055

The girl is in for quite a recovery time, but the pain will greatly subside in the days to come.

IMG_1067 IMG_1069

On the photos Nera always looks very frightened and sad, but she is a very sweet dog. It’s just that she has been through too much and really, really wants to leave the hospital already.


IMG_1024 IMG_1026

Lovely giant Archie was also in the surgery last night, although for a small intervention. He had to have his implant removed after a successful osteosynthesis to the hip bone.

IMG_1084 IMG_0839

This is Archie’s second stay in our clinic for the last 2 weeks. He saved the life of a little beagle – Sarah, who came in with severe blood-loss, fighting for her life. Our darling Archie is a rescuer!


IMG_1044 IMG_1046

There is no veterinary scanner in Sofia, so to have this test done for a dog, you have to make an appointment after hours in a humane clinic. Dessy has an appointment booked for this Friday.


With the help of our young volunteer vets from Holland, Dessy gets the physiotherapy she needs 4 times in a day and already there is improvement – she can lift her hear a little, and at moments you can see her tail wiggle softly. We only pray something can be done for her…

Thank you

We live in a civilization of objects. Everything around us screams “live carelessly!”, “have fun!”, to speak of friendship, duty and responsibility is so… old fashioned.

Today it seems people are being born to take bank loans, drink coke, eat McDonalds, wear Adidas, rest in Slanchev Bryag and drive a shiny car… Relationships seem to evolve around sex and benefits, benefits and sex, and nothing, really – nothing is more important than “having a good time”.

Thank you, dear friends, for staying in touch with the Good. That you are generous and compassionate, that seeing pain you do not change the channel, but decide to help. That you’ve been giving the saddest creatures all the health and chance they deserve.

We love you. And we continue on.

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