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Future Spay/Neuter spot at Kremikovtzi

The management of Kremikovtzi has agreed to provide us with a warm room to carry out Spay/Neuter surgeries at the spot in order to avoid the expencive and time-wasting procedure of transporting the dogs to Bogrov and back. We are hoping to be able to spay most of the females at the factory till the end of December. The room is pictured above, it is currently being cleared out, cleaned and desinfected in orfder to provide sufficient hygiene for the procedures to take place.

Below you will see photos and videos of our vet D-r Stankova and Head keeper Vessy Kostourska on one of their feeding visits to Kremikovtzi.

The dogs have partialy adgusted to human company, but most don’t trust even the ones that are feeding them.

Depending on their location in the huge factory the dogs have gained different ammounts of weight.

The more unsocilaized and suspicious ones are also the skinnier at the moment.

There is no possibility to wait more for the dogs to put on weight as some are already pregnant.

Please, help us by donating for medical supplies and the rest of the food we will be distributing till the Spay/Neuter effort is comlpete. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, without you we wouldn’t have been able to help these poor animals.

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