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Chad, Misha and Tanie are brother and two sisters. Kety is sister of Kimbo (who you should know very well as you helped us raise money for his diagnose and is now treated for his demodecosis – you can read more about Kimbo’s story so far HERE and HERE). There is one common thing between these dogs and it is their common destiny. They were all brought to us by Ecoravnovesie together with their moms. The mothers were timid and mistrustful, the puppies too. When the puppies were weaned we neutered the mothers and turn them back. The puppies stayed in the shelter where little by little they started to calm and get used to our presence and finally were completely socialized. They grow up and turned into wonderful, kind-hearted monkeys. Today they have nothing in common with the timid babies they were. On the contrary – they are cheerful, rompy, curious, social and playful dogs. And Kety is unstoppable fury.

Born May 2012th, neutered and vaccinated. Chad,Misha, Tanie and Kety come a long way and turned into these loving dogs who will fill your life with lots of kisses, games and cuddling…If you decide to give them a chance.



Chad (1) Chad (3) Chad (2)



Misha (1) Misha (2) Misha



Tanie Tanie (1)



Kety Kety (1) Kety (3)

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