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Nora and Mira, two lovely German Shepherd mix girls were fostered by our long-term senior volunteer Ivana. Both were raised by her from tiny babies until they were fully vaccinated at 3,5 months to participate in the PETS&U adoption weekend. Greetings and gratitude to all our fosters who give love to dumped babies in a healthy, home environment! Here are the lucky ladies and their new people:


Anna Kircheva and her kind family, consisting of a husband, a little boy and a cat have adopted Nora. Their motto is “Growing up close to animals!” Nora will live in a Sofia apartment, enjoying long, energetic walks.


Boyan Kirov and Nora Yordanova are Mira’s new family. She is their first dog, so far a little unsure and rather quiet, but soon to be a strong, happy, beautiful big lady – what a start in life! The couple has decided to name her Nora as well, just like her new “mom”. Major luck!

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