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US corporation Shevron has won a contract with the Bulgarian Government – to study the shale gas deposits in North-Eastern Bulgaria. Shale gas extraction (through fracking) is proven to be harmful both to the environment and to the people, living in the area.

We are AGAINST the signing of this contract for many reasons – to begin with Shevron corporation has been badly popular in Ecuador where they have poisoned both people and nature for decades and are now refusing to pay for the much neaded contamination recovery. We beleive shale gas drilling in the Varna region – Bulgaria’s wheat production zone will be extremely damaged. There will be centuries of consequence for the people in the region  in comparison to just a few short years of drilling.

Information about the latest on shale gas in the country can be found on the webpage of citizens intitiative group For a Clean Bulgaria.

You can help also by signing THIS PETITION.

Some of the basic arguements AGAINST the drilling for shale gas (wich WILL happen after this research is being pulled-off):

1.It’s proven that 1 in 20 drills crashes. Shale gas extraction needs many more drills to extract gas, therefore making the risk of a crash times higher. A drill crash means that dangerous chemicals will be leaked into the underground water lakes and rivers, in particular – the water of the whole north-eastern Bulgaria will be contaminated.

2. Contemporary shale gas extraction methods cause series of micro earthcuaqes that are very damaging for the infrastrucure and buildings close to the drill-sites.

3. Each and every drill requires infrastructure leading to it. Since many drills are necessary – large perimeters of quality farm land will be unusable for agriculture.

4. Each drill requires vast containers for the contaminated water left after the drilling – chemical and toxic substances can easily leak back into the environment, thus poisoning all land and wates supplies in the perimeter. And don’t forget shale gas needs HUGE quantaties of drills installed.

5. Shale gas extraction at a certain point takes about 3 to 8 years. In comparison with earth gas this is times less. This means that for just a few years of extraction we would be destroing nature for centuries upfront.

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