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Although sad their story is very well-known and we see how it repeats over and over again in different parts of the country. Their mother is not castrated street dog, their father – an unidentified ‘flying’ object. They met in a hot and beautiful summer day and here we go. Two months later those beautiful babies were born in the street. They were well cared and protected by their mother until one day everything changed. Cruel people throw poison in the neighborhood that took away their mother. So, left alone, with no source of food and warmth those little puppies’ destiny seemed to be death.

Or maybe not? Who said that we can’t rewrite their destiny?


A lady found the babies next to their mother’s corpse. They were too tired to cry or hope for rescue. But she decided to give them a second chance for life. She took them in her home and gave her best to save them. And she did it! She cared for them until they grow up a little and some space was freed in the shelter so we were able to take them. Now, a few months later, those cute and wonderful puppies are ready for new and happy life. And they know that they will get it. Because they were rescued for a reason, right?

Born – 11th September 2011.

N.B. Antonio and Sebastian already have a home!

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