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If we had to give a charming expression of sad news, it would have been the face of a baby kitten that had just been fed by its foster parent. Last year it was very difficult for all of us who are helping animals in need, especially orphaned newborn kittens, because of the huge number of cases of abandoned kittens. The sad news is that, unfortunately this year things are even worse. Since March we are receiving tens of cases per week about abandoned newborn kittens that need our help to survive.

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Each story of those babies begins in the hardest way – they are separated from their moms when they need them the most. The chances for survival of so young babies without their mom-cats are very slim. They need 24/7 care from their foster guardian for at least a month. The newborn kittens are vulnerable tiny babies.

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The most effective ways to help abandoned newborn kittens are two: to be adopted by a nursing cat or to be hand-raised by a foster guardian. The proper care for newborn kittens is crucial for the survival of the baby. Therefore, in order to help everyone who wants to save orphaned newborn kittens we have created a group in Facebook named: “Newborn Kittens Care – Новородени Котета в Беда.”

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We are posting some important tips for proper care for the newborns.

1.When you find newborn kittens look around for their mom cat. In some cases the cat would be too scared to get closer to you but she will stay around. Ask people in the area about the cat.

2.Warm up the kittens. Before you feed them or do anything else, you need to be sure that the kittens are warm. You can use bottles with hot water covered with soft clothing or heating pads with rice. NEVER Feed Cold kittens!!! This is extremely important. Feeding kittens with temperature below the normal is not doing anything good. It can actually cause diarrhea and potentially increase the risks for the life of the kitten.

3.Feed the newborns. Use special kitten milk from a veterinarian clinic. In case you cannot find special milk you can use either formula for human babies or home-made recipes. Feed the kittens ONLY with warm formula – around 39 degrees. It is crucial NEVER to feed kittens with cold formula or formula with room temperature. Only warm formula is appropriate! Formula that is not warm enough cannot be digested and causes diarrhea. Never feed the kittens only with cow milk.

4.Feed the kittens with dropper or special kitten bottle. Do not use syringe. Feed the kitten only in the pose it would naturally nurse from its mom. See the photo below or look on the internet.

5.Stimulate the kittens with warm dump cloth and gentle massaging the area of the anus and the bellies. Kittens should pee every time.


Additional helpful tips:

–          weigh the kittens daily to monitor whether they gain weight

–          monitor the kitten poop – in cases of diarrhea, blood, mucus or constipation you must seek veterinarian help

–          keep the kittens dry and warm. They should not get wet, because they easily catch cold.

–          explore the kittens for any eggs of flies or other parasites and clean them gently.

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  • Ваня
    Posted 15/10/2019 09:56 0Likes

    Здравейте намерих две малки котенца на 2-3 седмици и незнам как да ги гледам а и често пътувам в чужбина не мога да се грижа за тях. Ако някой може да ме посъветва, котенцата се намират в Асеновград 0879 426090

  • Ваня
    Posted 15/10/2019 09:51 0Likes

    Здравейте намерих две малки котенца на около 2-3 седмици и незнам как да ги гледам а и често пътувам в чужбина. Ако някой може да ме посъветва.Намират се в Асеновград 0879426090

  • Гери
    Posted 22/06/2019 17:24 0Likes

    Как да накарам котето си да научи името си? Понеже съм дете искам да кажа че НЕ СЕ ФУКАМ че имам коте.

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