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A tiny little room for warming up has been raised in the benefit of the keepers who maintain the large dog building where we keep all our healthy animals that are ready to go home. The useful  room has been put up by our wonderful keeper Slavi, a Ukrainian man who may be twice the age of our other keepers, but still manages to do twice the work (we have no clue how he achieves this).

DSCN3756 DSCN3742

The construction is a little room that you can hide in for a little while to warm up a little after digging through hundreds of kilograms of poo and cleaning with the hose – a process which makes you wet always. Congratulations to Slavi and the rest of the boys who will finally be able to enjoy a cup of hot tea in their short brakes, they have so deserved it!

DSCN4325 DSCN4318

The other thing Slavi helped finish is the new outside enclosures that we were planning to start using in the Spring, but are already useful for dogs that need to be separated from the rest. The enclosure was built with the materials and volunteer work of people from the US embassy in Sofia and consist of a few large kennels with high fences on the way down to the large dog-building.

DSCN4315 DSCN4316

Dear friends, we are in great need of doggie-houses! If you want to donate houses or materials so we can make them ourselves, please – contact us by phone or e-mail.  Thank you!

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