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DSC02745 DSC02829 shahtata

The Proffessor (Svetlio) has many nicknames, but perhaps we should also think of one more – The Pitman. It is so often that he is forced to go down disgusting shafts to rescue animals that we are seriously thinking about getting him some sort of alpine equipment.

The case of this nice gray lady is just another one of those – a dog has spent a few days at the bottom of an open shaft – one that has a ladder in it, but ladders are something only trained dogs can climb, not homeless grannies like this poor old girl.


Tantalized by thirst, hunger and her jail, this babushka made sure Svetlio remembers her, but he is not one to give up easily. So, despite her protests, Svetlio managed to get the walrus-dog out of the pit. After a good examination that revealed we have a very upset, a little dehydrated, but overall healthy neutered dog. After giving her plenty to eat and drink, we let the lady go her way and she was very pleased to do so.


Dear friends, if you ever come across an open shaft, make sure you find a way to cover it. This is a horrible way to go and only a small percent of the animals that fall ever reach us.

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