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We received a lovely short film from Elizabeth – the adopter of Murphy from Pernik. The author of the clip is Rozalia Grigorova, and here follow a few words from Elizabeth, for you:

I now officially know that dogs can make you do things you never expected you would, or could for that matter.

For example – to go out for a walk at 04a.m. because you work night shifts and there is no way you can wake up in the morning for a proper walk.

Or more – to let someone make a film about your Pernik dog (the city is obnoxiously known) – one that sees a stick game in the following steps: jump on the person holding the stick; take him down on the ground; retrieve the stick and quickly run to play on your own.

Now I am sure that when the robots finally rebel against humanity I will have a loyal protector. Even if this means that my vacuum cleaner be eaten up on a daily basis, hit, chased, hated until it finally hides somewhere or at least stops cleaning. It’s not the most functional thing, but it’s the effort that counts, right?

Every time a happy tail spills a cup of coffee on my keyboard I threaten the perpetrator that he will have to pay the next time. I don’t care how he does it, whatever – he can be a cop, a mountaineer or a movie star – it’s his choice. And now what? He really is in the movies :))))))

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