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Please consider before you read on: This post contains graphic images.

Dear friends,

a few weeks ago we urged you to sign the petition to stop the brutal massacre of stray animals that has been unraveling in Ukraine in the years before the Eurofutball 2012. Animals have been poisoned, shot and even burnt alive – kulled in the most horrid ways, just to hide the total lack of care from the Ukranian goverment.

See a video on Russia Today:

Hundreds of thousands of people accross the globe have sent mails and signed petitions in defence of Ukraine’s tormented strays.  Do SIGN THE PETITION if you still haven’t done so.

Thanks to the feedback received from all around the globe, Ukranian authorities state that they will halt the culling and begin building shelters – another totally useless, but at least much less cruel action. The way to sold a stray animal problem is by Spay/Neuter, not by building shelters. At least this “new measure” shows Ukraine has been told the world will not tolerate this horror:

One of the mobile incenerators used by the Ukrainian authorities to burn dogs and cats alive

Last week – another horrid case of animal cruelty has sprung up in Ukraine as the police has finally caught up with a teenage vivisector who had killed more than a 100 animals and posted videos of the murders on the internet. Animal rights groups had long before identefied the monster, had his name and address, but the police was unwilling to take action.

The murderer and one of his victims

19 year old Alexey V. (his full name is unrevealed by the police) had skinned/vivisected animals alive, tortured them, suffocated them, thrown them off buldings, strangled, crushed and ets. more than a hundred puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats. He was a member of a 3000 member strong online forum that they used to communicate ways and share photos and videos of brutal killings of animals. Life News, Russia

This is a small part of the photos shared in the forum by the murderer :

Few people know that in Ukraine, February 2011 – KETAMINE – the most common sedative for animals, was officially forbidden for sale and use by the authorities. They are saying this measure is intended to figh against drug use in humans. In fact it was one of the measures used by authorities to legalize the mass poisoning of dogs by the use of Strichnine – an extremely painful rat-poison that leaves the poisoned animals in hours of exctrutiating agony before a horrid death.
Animal cruelty is not only left unpunished by the Ukranian government. It is encouraged.

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