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Ah, we can see the end of the adventure named “Calendar 2020! Last copies of our amazing charity calendar are expecting the late birds, willing to help us save lives HERE!

We keep on meeting you with the stars in it – all of them habitats of  “The Farm”

Today this is Miley. Or, to be more exact – Betty, because this is her new, pet’s name.

Photo credit: WINGS

When we found Miley, roaming on the streets, we were sure that very soon a worried and panicked owner will come, looking for her. It is not possible, we thought, that someone would abandon this sweet and soft lady!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

But we were wrong as no one came to look for her for a couple of months. For that time we all fell in love with her – she is so amazingly good and kind to everyone, that we felt there isn’t a word invented do describe her.

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

And this is the reason we were not surprised when Biliana came and fell in love in Miley from a first sight!

Betty is now exactly where every dog should be – at home, with the human who loves her!

Get a Calendar 2020 and help us change many more lives!

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