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Someone poured acid into the ears of Mecho and Missy in an attempt to melt their brains

Do you remember Missy and Mecho (full story HERE)? Two lovely dogs from Sofia that have been poured over with acid by an unknown monster.

A month ago we posted an appeal to find a loving home for them. Guess what – a wonderful home has been found for them in Germany!!!

Meanwhile the dogs have been taken to a clinic, treated, neutred and vaccinated. Thanks to Mrs Milena Makedonska the couple is all set to go to off to a new life:

Milena with the dogs at their doggy-hotel – both are doing great thanks to her care!

The two dogs will travel to their new home the second half of December (knock on wood). But there is a problem: it took them long to recover, they needed special treatment, stayed in a doggy hotel, not at the shelter – Milena is out of srenght in keeping them. Could you help out?

It will cost approx. 150E for the dogs to stay in the hootel where they are recovering until their journey. And an additional 200E for them to reach their loving new owner. If you would like to help these kind animals say safe and finaly go home, please donate for them HERE.

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