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We all know who Mecho is.
The dog that stopped the comfort of ignoring animal abuse of the authorities.
The dog that, despite everything that happened to him found strenght and love to continue.

Mecho is now completely healthy.
When we say “completely”…
He doesn’t take medications any more. He is not expecting further therapy or surgeries.
Though, his body will forever carry the memories of his previous life. He will limp. At cold weather he will have pain in his broken bones.

We weren’t able to wash out all memories in his soul, too. He will keep on getting scared by loud noises or abrupt moves. He feels insecure in new environment.

This is why, despite the fact he already he has some visitors, considering adoption, we would like to make sure, his human is exactly the one Mecho needs.

Mecho is social and kind. He enjoys life peaceful and quite. He likes children, but they sometimes frighten him with their unpredictivity and noise. He would feel better, if his family doesn’t have young children.

He can calmly live with another dog, but most important for him is to have his own human. He enjoys sleeping all day and getting a lot of attention.

He is about 10 years old. 10 years, which he has spent on the streets. 10 years, which weren’t kind to him.
For that reason we want him to spend the rest of the years he has in a cosy home – loving and being loved.

If you think you and Mecho would be a good team, let us know at If not – share!
Let’s find Mecho’s family together!

Photo credit: Lemonade Create

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