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Besides the 200 dogs, the Farm is also home to two pigs, 3 goats and a ram – our funny, crooked Marcho.

After a few failed attempts to have him shaved down, Marcho entered the hot days fully dressed. We had to urgently find someone who can really strip down a sheep, so we don’t have to put him through our own unprofessional grooming.


Simeon is 11 years old. He is a student, he works hard at his family’s farm and he is also a winner at horseback-riding races.

He is a very serious and a very kind boy. Together with his brother and dad they are just finishing grooming their own herd and Simeon didn’t mind coming over to help Marcho as well.


Today, Simeon came to the shelter at 10 o’clock, with two grooming shears, working pants and a smile. It took him about an hour to release Marcho from his fleece and he didn’t cut him even once!

Marcho was totally relaxed, Drago held him, Simo groomed him – he simply melted away.
We believe Marcho is the only gentle ram on the planet.


The procedure was much more disturbing for Tsonka the goat. She is a friend of Marcho, they have always lived together, he is – so to speak – the chief in their herd of two.

So she spent the whole hour hanging off the fence, calling him, although he really did have a good time.


Marcho! He looked so big, but he is actually quite a small ram!

Marcho came to the Farm as a young baby with a neurologic problem – you can see in his photos his head is always hanging to the side, he will stay this way forever. You can also see our keeper Drago handling him with a dog lead – we really doubt there is a kinder ram on our planet.


Tsonka – finally at ease, checking the quality of Simeon’s work on Marcho (the inspection was successful). Marcho will finally be cool.

And to Simeon, we wish a big life, much happiness and great dreams to be achieved. He really impressed us, this little guy – so young, and yet so good with animals, with such a good approach.

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