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Two ladies were going home after work in the Business park in Mladost district. They opened the car door and suddenly – a dog ran to them and quickly climbed in. They called it, tried to push it out – no chance. The gentle giant was unconditional – I am staying with you, can’t go back to the street, please, keep me.

Finally – Malechka came to us. She is now stationed in Bogrov, but we will wait for a little while before rehoming her – she is such a perfect pet! She has perfect hygiene, knows very well how house life works and is absolutely meltingly sweet.

Malechka (meaning “tiny”) is probably a St.Bernard mix, she has a fabulous friendly and soft temperament and is about 1,5 years old.

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  • Birgitta
    Posted 17/03/2011 15:33 0Likes

    what a great story!
    what a clever dog!
    He deservs it to find soon a good home

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