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Five years. Out of a total of ten. This is exactly how long Lizzie has waited to have her own home and people. Five years…

We admitted her with a broken spine. If you’ve come to The Farm, you’ve seen her around in her tiny wheelchair. Meek, shy, gentle Lizzie.

Five years of waiting later, the miracle finally happened! Although we miss her terribly, we are so happy that Lizzie is finally living life the way she should – at home!

Thank you, Gillian, for looking for and finding her people!

Thank you, Anushka, for donating the funds for Lizzie’s transportation to her new home!

Thank you, Anna, and your family for accepting our little girl into your hearts and home!

Last but not least, thank you to our donators, whose generosity is the reason we are able to care for dogs like Lizzie while they await their miracle!

Be very, very happy, our sweet, gold, irreplaceable Lizzie!

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