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We are often asked “How do you survive? How do you look at this suffering day after day and get up the next morning to go back to it?”

The truth is that sometimes it is not easy. It’s not easy to pick up a puppy with chopped-off legs in the street. To know that this horror has been caused by a human in his right mind. It’s not easy to treat and care for the puppy and still keep an open heart to people.

Yes, it is definitely not easy sometimes. But only some of the times. Because day after day and year after year – miracles happen all around us. Miracles by humans – donors, adopters, volunteers…

The miracle we have today is hard to believe, amazing and is one of the reasons we can stay where we are despite all the suffering and mean people.
Today’s miracle is proof that despite having more of the bad folk, it is the good that are more inspiring!

With no further ado – we introduce you to our Miracle. His name is Tom and he lives in Canada.

Tom Just until recently Tom didn’t even suspect of Mook’s existence, of the fact that we run the Bogrov shelter, he didn’t know much about Bulgaria either. And this is where Destiny had to send a special Destiny Agent called Suzann, a good friend of ours who knows all about Mook, our work and the dog situation in Bulgaria.

mook running

And so, Tom learned about Little Mook. Not a doubt in his kind heart – Little Mook looks just like he is the little brother of his most bestest of friends – Tom’s senior dog Rufus. The decision is taken, the excitement – huge, the wait – unbearable. As he awaits his new friend Tom occupies his mind with work – he’s made up a special ramp for our, no, sorry, for his 2-legged friend to skip the stairs procedure.

rampata na mook i jeff Goin home

Little Mook wandered for so long and saw so much suffering. Today, standing on his own two feet, he has somehow put on the Fast Shoes to happiness and managed to go all the way to Canada, where Tom and Rufus made the best of homes for him. Were he became “the sweetest, most adorable dog – I love him and he loves me”.

mook home1 mook home2

  • Thank you, Tom, for giving us faith in humans! Thank you for loving our little Mook just in the way we always dreamed he would be loved!
  • Thank you, Susann, for opening your heart up for the most unwanted and forgotten – the “cripples” and the oldies!
  • And thank you, dear friends – donors and assistants – for being with us even when the times are difficult!

It is thanks to you that we can change the world. One dog at a time.

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