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Hello, we are Petros and Paolina, the people who adopted Ronnie.
We’re sending you some photos to enjoy – he has become such a big monkey. He brings us joy, we love him dearly and are never giving him up!


Roxy (Rodger)

roxy1 roxy7

Hello! I am writing to let you know how great Roxana feels in her new home and what a loved dog she is, and not just by me.

I am very happy we adopted her, this is the best thing I have ever done, not to mention the love Roxy gives me. She wags her tail so enthusiastically when I come home – I have to worry if she will not tear it off! She is so sweet! I can’t help myself and hug her all the time!

She is a bundle of energy, the most playful dog in our neighborhood! 7 in the morning and she will tear my hand off trying to chase a cat or a pigeon that have attracted her attention. We started letting her off the lead already on the second week since we got her and toss her a ball close to our living block. We try to give her plenty of exercise, she is a race-dog!

roxy5 roxy8 roxy10

Now Roxanne is at our villa, because we will travel and can’t leave her in the apartment. She loves it there, plays outside all day long. We took her on a few longer hikes and she was so exhausted afterward she falls asleep the moment she goes through the door. I am sure she has all the energy and liberty she could dream of! Here are some of the hundreds of photos I have made!



dara (2) Дара1

Hi, friends at Bogrov, I hope you haven’t forgotten us, we haven’t either, but there were some troubles with our PC and we lost all the photos we had with Dara. Now there are some new ones to send!

Regards from Dara and BooBoo – the little doggie we neutered with you (when we brought Obama who is now in Holland). We make sure she is happy, our whole living block takes care of her, we de-worm and vaccinate her regularly and take turns to brush her every day. It’s a pity she is homeless, but at least she is taken care of.

We’ve had Dara for a year and a half now, it is the best time of our lives. She is now 15 kilos and no longer looks like the walking dead. I would like to see her a bit larger, but she is such a sprinter it’s no wander she’s slim. No trouble with her appetite anyway.

It’s now warm and we are often at our villa. Dara loves it there and has fun in the yard all day long. Last time we were there we took a late walk in the fields and I cannot describe to you what a pleasure it was watching her… She was running through the tall grass, setting the birds to flight and sometimes took the hunters’ stand by a nest, waiting for us to go see what she found. We were all staring at her in dismay, she was really amazing, she must have been a hunting dog before, I don’t know. But I don’t care anyway. What counts is that she is happy and that makes us happy too.

Many hugs from us and we promise to write you again soon.
Lora and Dara

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