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We continue our work on creating the first Horse Sanctuary in Bulgaria and already know its location. Our biggest hope is that we will see our hoses graze freely by the end of this summer. Horses Penny, Silencio, Borko, Mitko, Shakespeare and Sherlock as well as Velichka the donkey – cannot wait.

Loads of things need to happen for this plan to succeed. But the first is to purchase the right plots of Farm land, neighboring municipal land that can be rented cheaply.

We thank the “Shtipka” association and artist Michaela Pelicheva who are joining our efforts! Michaela painted and “Shtipka” printed charity t-shirts with three original designs:


30% of every t-shirt purchased are a donation for our horse Sanctuary.

The t-shirts cost 20 BGN (every size and design) and can be ordered at:

– Online at or by phone: 0887 643 462

– From “Achilles” Horse Base, Bistritsa village, phone:  0878 922 790

Right now our horses live in different places. Babies Sherlock and Shakespear are at the shelter; Penny and Silencio are fostered; everyone else is residing in different stables. And since they all have health issues, the providing of proper care to them takes a lot of time and nerves.


We thank the 113 people who donate 2BGN by SMS for them every month:
to short number
17 777

If you love horses, if you too would like to be part of their Sanctuary, join us! A little by little and step by step we can become the start of a new life for the horses in Bulgaria.

Our horses’ bank account is:
FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG;
IBAN: BG96FINV91501216606639 – USD

IMG_0593 IMG_0613

We thank our friends at Horses On Death Row whose help has allowed us to take the best possible care of orphaned babies Shakespeare and Sherlock.


Special thanks to “Home and Money” newspaper for spreading the word!
If you can help our horses reach more people, if you have friends who love them or would help – spread the word as well…

19532761_10212094477010864_208902552_o бали

And special regards to Svetlio and his helpful friends – caring for the horses requires a great deal of work and also – patience.


velichka (10)

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