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The living hell of Kremikovtzi dogs

Animal Rescue Sofia and Vier Pfoten – Bulgaria were in Kremikovtzi in an attempt to make a plan for a joint effort to help and neuter the starving dogs at the plant. The ammount of dogs in the huge deserted area is such that a neutering point at the plant itself is considered for better efficiency and speed. Negotiations with the management of the plant are still to come.

Inside Kremikovtzi – 8 acres of abandoned buildings

We’ve picked up 6 females from the plant – all of them fertile, one of them with her litter of 4 suckling babies. We have also taken  one larger puppy born on the second floor of a metal melting hall, all it’s siblings have already fallen to the lower level (20m below) and died.

The 6 females and 5 puppies that left Kremikovtzi (Group 2)

Three of the dogs we took from Kremikovtzi will go to our colleagues from BSAPP who’ve also offered their help to the suffering dogs.

Amaciated fertile dogs are everywhere you turn

Thanks to your donations the pups and nurcing mother have been placed under the care of Good Idea veterinary clinic where they will have a chance of survival, although they are in a bad state and the mother is completely exhausted. More information to come as the vets do their best to help the animals.

D-r Iva Nikolova inspects the pups on arrival at the clinic

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