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As you know, thanks to your donations, for many months we were feeding, neutering and vaccinating over 200 dogs in Kremikovtsi, left alone in the dark, unwelcoming and dangerous setting of this once prosperous factory.
A year and a half later, there’s not much work left for us. The number of dogs has vastly reduced, neutered and pretty well fed. The new security do not have any attitude towards the dogs, so they start to migrate on their own towards closer populated areas, seeking food and asylum. A large part of them are now located on the outskirts of the factory and we’re expecting them to leave the factory soon and look for happiness elsewhere.

Our last visit there was on purpose – we wanted to give chance of new home and life to some of the dogs. This way, now in the shelter we have this group of 18 heroes, who have been through the hell called Kremikovtsi.

First meetings with part of the group:



Many long months, after over 2000 workers were dismissed from the factory, the outcast dogs were left to wander through the dark plant and piled up pieces of iron, in the gray, concrete city.  Without any human embraces to get used to; without love to keep them warm; without food to comfort them and without water to sustain them.  This is how Kremikovtsi is becoming a jungle and an arena – only the strongest survive. We cannot even imagine what they all have been through – where did they sleep, what did they eat, in what conditions did they grow their puppies in, how lonely and cold they were, how unknown and dangerous the world seemed to them. For some, the rest of the dogs were enemies, for others – potential food victims, for still others – their biggest fear or salvation, but for all, their life has been one 24 hour true hell.

Being used to being hungry, sick and in pain, these animals over-suffered for several lives in advance. Many of them were in pain not only psychologically, but physically as well. Due to the constantly awaiting dangers everywhere, we have dogs with missing fingers, twistedly healed paws, twisted jaws, and tics, regularly unfed and more than stressed. Therefore now we would like to find them the most suitable homes in which they would find happiness, love, and joy from games with ball, doggy treats, regular feeding and free running, warm beds.
Because during their short stay with us, these unlucky creatures have surprised us with their tenderness and appreciation. Even though they have communicated so little with humans in the last few years, the Kremikovtsi dogs are a living proof that the dog is born to love the human!

We are warning that the age we give them is extremely approximate, because due to the bad feeding, their teeth are in very bad condition and it is hard to decide on their exact age.


Jivko is 1 year old and is son Of Lilly, who is also with us. He does not stop dancing and jumping around which made it harder for us to take a photo of him. He is very good-hearted and loveable.


Pedro is about 6 months old and is in the factory since recently. He is small, and would not grow much – he would be 15kilos at most. With a slightly twisted jaw, turned-up nose, he feeds so well that he looks like a pregnant bug. He is absolutely charming with that twisted face, and he’s very affectionate.


In the factory we called her Boney, because she looked like a bag full of bones. She still needs more feeding. At this stage she is afraid and mistrustful to people, but she would relax. She is also small of stature.


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