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It’s an incredible fact, but a fact none the less! The huge Spay/Neuter effort in the past 3 years has given its fruit – for the first time in Sofia there are more abandoned kittens then puppies. But why?

First – homeless dogs are a natural controller of the street cat population, just as cats are the natural regulator of rodent overpopulation. So, with the decrease in the number of dogs we are witnessing a gradual increase in cat numbers.

Second – whilst the street dog overpopulation is perceived as a city problem, it is not so with the cats. Unaware that we share a large count of infectious disease with them, citizens and authorities make no organized effort to decrease the number of cats in the streets. Free Spay/Neuter for all cats is only available in our center, and Four Paws have developed a system with vouchers for neutering homeless cats.

Whilst we are wandering what to do with the consecutive abandoned kitten litter, others are continuously pouring into the street. Babies of different colors and sizes find death in trash bins, boxes in the woods or directly in a river. The cycle repeats over and over – with no end in sight.

A huge number of these babies will not receive help. There simply are no such people who could replace the care and attention of a devoted cat mother. We are lucky to know and work with Teddy Kosturska – a person who has developed an expertise in raising newborns. Not because she wanted to, but because she had to.

Today Teddy will introduce you to 5 of her little mice – tiny kittens that she raised after they were found alone outside. So small, these little ones have already wasted one of their lives. We are going to let Teddy do the presentation:

“Here are my little angels! They are almost 2 months old, de-wormed and microchipped. They still need their vaccines and if we haven’t placed them till the beginning of June – that will be taken care of too. We hope to find them good homes earlier – we cannot help other babies until these have found a solution.

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The four that came first to me were about 2 weeks old. They had a severe eye infection. The little male – Spas, refused to eat from a bottle for whole 3 days. After that was over with, things began to work out and the little ones were healed from their infection whilst becoming adjusted to their new, motherless life.

The story of Aria, Victoria, Emma and Spas goes this way: they are the babies of a cat who lived near a hotel. The personnel there love their cat colony and feed them abundantly. Unfortunately, they have not neutered any of the females, but I hope that will change now. These little ones’ mother simply disappeared one day, not showing up for 2 whole days… That’s how these babies came to me… All four are incredibly sweet, very loving and friendly.


Aria is the most confident and curious one. She is not afraid of anything, she can play by herself for hours, but also loves when her siblings join in. She loves to climb and sniff new things… she is such a curious little lady.


Ema is the charmer of the four and loves to play. She never stops. She is one that you love from the first sight. A truly vigorous little creature.


Victoria is the gentlest in the group. She lives for cuddles. She is active with her siblings too, loves to play and have fun.


Spas had simply decided – if it’s not his mother’s milk – he doesn’t want it, so he must wait. Feeding him was a little war in the first few days. Then, when he figured it’s not so bad – it was next to impossible to get him off the nursing-bottle. He is now a big kitten (with an impressive record of 800 grams) and you can see that he is the man in the family. He too has confidence, but never misses his share of games and hugs.


Nadia is a little “cardboard-box” kitten from the neighborhood. She was dumped near a trash-bin, meters away from a very busy boulevard. She had managed to exit the box when my neighbors found her. It was obvious she is used to people as the only thing that could calm her down in these difficult first days was a big hug.

Nadia was only 20 days old when I took her, but she is a fighter! She loves to get her way and if she wants to eat or cuddle in your lap – she will express this need loud and clear. She just loves people and makes sure to always be around them!”

If you would like to adopt one of these babies – write to us! If you can’t – please, share!
The little ones are in a perfect age and condition and it is important to find them a home soon enough, because people like Teddy are scarcely found, but the ones who need their help are… thousands in this city alone.


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