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Do you remeber  Johnny and Misho? 


They were shelter dogs from the most unwanted kind – Johnny was too big, not very young and with the color we named “homeless color” as it is the most typical color for Bulgarian strays and the color no one likes for a pet. And Misho is blind. For both of them adoption seemed very hard…


Wrong! Johny and Misho were adopted together  about an year and half ago in England. We stayed in touch with their owners and happily observe them home.







From unwanted strays, Johny and Misho became real members of the family! They even attended their owners’  wedding!






And now comes the surprise:) Lucy and Chanelle decided to make DNA testing to Johnny, to find out which breeds he comes from.

He looks very typical for a stray dog from Bulgaria, doesn’t he? Sometimes, when people are trying to convince us, that stray dogs do not come from pets, their main argument is the fact strays do not look like any breed.

Surprise, surprise!
Johnny’s ancestors are not only breed dogs, but they are really rare for Bulgaria!

So, here’s the result – Johnny comes from a saluki  and a shepperke! He is really one of a kind, but for sure he was bred in someone’s home – have you ever seen a homeless saluki?
The saluki explains his size – he is one of the tallest dogs we have had – and his temper – gentle and affectionate, sensitive and intelligent. But doesn’t explain the years of roaming in Ovcha Kupel…

Anyway, next time when someone tells you pets don’t have anything to do with strays, remember Johnny!

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