Bast is home!

Posted on 26 December 2019

Do you remember our three legged “dog” of the week, our amazingly sweet kitten Bast?

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

One would say it isn’t easy to find a loving home for a kitten with a missing paw, but Bast proved us wrong – he even had not one, not two, but three amazing families for him!

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

Bast is now living his perrrfect life with Anita!

Isn’t he cute?!?

Congratulations to him and his family! We wish you many, many happy years together!

P.S. Is it a coincidence, that at the time we posted Bast’s photos, we had 3 disabled cats and exactly 3 wonderful families applied for adoption?

Bast was so amazingly lucky, that he not only got adopted, but he also got adopted Helenko (also 3 legged kitten) and Zornica (our blind  cat)!!!


                              Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures



          Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

How amazing is that? We look forward to receive some home photos of the other two and of course, we’ll update you as well as soon as possible!

Month of the week: Anubis

Posted on 22 November 2019

Photo credit: Wings Creative studio

Every year our charity calendar raises many questions – “Who is the dog on February? Is December adopted?” etc.

For that reason we have decided to change a little bit our “Dog of the week” and tell you the stories of all dogs in the calendar.

And who to start with, if not Anubis?

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

He has been roaming the streets of Vratza town for months. When he finally came to us, he was so frightened and abused, that he was acting like a wild animal – biting and attacking everyone.

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

Our vets found out he had hypothyroidism and started treatment.

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

Our love and care gave results – Anubis became pretty outside and inside – he became the cuddling and adorable dog that he probably was, before he was dumped on the street.

Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

During his stay at “The Farm”, Anubis became the favorite pet of staff and volunteers, but we all were impatient to send him home.

Photo credit: Alexandra Mincheva

And this is why we were so excited when Hristina and Dobroslav saw in Anubis their new best friend!

Anubis is at home!

His journey was rough and long, but it worth it!

If you want to help us helping dogs like Anubis, get our charity calendar 2020 


Thank you!


Dog of the week: Bast

Posted on 15 November 2019

In the Egyptian mythology, Bast was a goddess of joy, shown as a woman with the head of a cat.

It is important to notice, that our Bast is not named after her. His name comes from English…

If a three-legged cat can be wilder, jumpier and more playful than all his siblings, than other cats with 4 legs, this must be our cat.

We believe, he was injured by a pack of wolves. A single dog would not be able to hurt his leg so much, that we had to amputate it.

Jokes aside, Bast is a wonderful and lovable cat, about 4 months old. The fact he has a missing leg, doesn’t bother him at all.
If it doesn’t bother you as well, you may adopt him from “The Farm” shelter now!


Photo credit: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Pictures

Scarfs with a mission!

Posted on 10 June 2019


We greatly thank our friends from Ador Barador, SOHO Sofia and of course – all of you, who joined us at the wonderful event this Sunday!

Thanks to the amazing scarfs made by Ador Barador – scarfs with a mission, the unique atmosphere of SOHO Sofia co-working place and the generosity of all our guests,

A total of 3553,70 levs were gathered for the dogs at “The Farm” shelter!
Turned into dog food, it means a whole months of full tummies!

Thank you!
We look forward seeing you again!


Pet Remedy helps Animal Rescue Sofia

Posted on 04 June 2019

Once again Pet Remedy has decided to help the animals in “The Farm”.
But this time, by donating 10% of the price of every product!

The best part, though, is that you also receive 10% discount of the price.

It means you help your pet at a better price and you help the animals in “The Farm”!

Pet Remedy is a natural product, based entirely on the natural way to relax and de-stress pets. No artificial hormones, no chemistry – only essential oils and herbs!

We would never recommend something we didn’t try. But if in our stressful shelter environment, Pet Remedy makes miracles, it means it will work everywhere.

So, if your pet is nervous or there is stress in its life – change of home, new pet, loss of family member, travel or fireworks, do not hesitate to ask for Pet Remedy – 10 % of the price will come in our shelter for food and medicines!

The products of Pet Remedy can be found at the following places:

Petshops D-r Stefanov

Studentski grad, 76, “Akad.Stefan Mladenov”str

Lulin, bl.386

Ovcha Kupel, 37, Lublyana str

Sky City Mall, Geo Milev, 52 Kosta Lulchev str

Sveta Troica, 15, Zografski manastir str, City Park Residence

Iztok,  28 B, Samokov str, Este Home & Spa

Geo Milev, 27, Nikolai Kopernik str /Fantastiko

Varna, 185 Slivnitza, Delta Planet



Strelbishte, 6, Major Parvan Toshev str



Mladost, 51 Jerusalim Blvd

and online:




Thank you!

Our team: Dr Kalin Spassov

Posted on 17 April 2019

Every year, Animal Rescue Sofia handles thousands of animals.

At any given moment our clinic is full of homeless patients, who wouldn’t otherwise stand a chance to survive.

“The Farm” gives a home and a chance for a new life to 200 dogs at any moment. And as soon as someone gets adopted, another dog comes in.

But behind these huge numbers stands a small team of dedicated people.

Looking from a distance, it is easy to forget, that we are not an institution. We are just a few people.

We decided that you, our friends and supporters, should know the faces behind the name of Animal Rescue Sofia.

Please, let us introduce you Dr Kalin Spassov!

Dr Kalin Spassov was born in Vratza, not so long ago. You will notice, once we manage to present you our whole team, that 3 out of 5 of our vets come from Vratza.
The reason for this must be a mistake in a previous life. There is no other explanation for this bad karma.
Don’t get us wrong, we love our Vartza team (and we don’t dare to say anything different, as they outnumber us)! But yet, you know what they say for such people*.

* It is though possible that you don’t know what they say. Because usually “they” say it only once and then someone from Vratza… hmm… hears about it…

We first met him, before he becomes a doctor. He has started his career at the position of а trainee, while being a vet student at the University of Forestry.

A year later, Kalin took his veterinary state examination almost from the first time and became a member of beloved vet staff!

Dr Spassov’s main  interests are in emergency help and surgery. He never misses an opportunity to upgade his knowledge by attending different workshops and seminars.

“Every day I wake up with the thought that there is an animal needing my help”he says for his life choice. Or at least, this is what he told us. But, to be realistic,  he probably thinks something more specific, like “Crap, I hope the car starts from the first time”.

In all means, Kalin is a professional, who works with love and care to his patients and we are lucky to have him in our team!

Photo credits: Ivanka Patterson for Stardust Puctures

2018: the summary

Posted on 02 January 2019

And once again we are facing the New Year, hoping that it will be easier, better and more successful than the old one.

But what was the old one like for us?

In a way – 2018 was the hardest year we have ever had. For a first time we had to consider the option of closing the clinic and the shelter – due to financial problems.

On the other hand – through this year, our team has helped more animals than ever (probably the two things just go together)!

Whatever we say in the summary, we will surely skip many things, but in a short, here is our 2018:

Number of dogs and cats, healed in “Franziska”: 


2416 animals came into our clinic and received help!
Some of them were treated, healed and then returned to their habitats.

Others stayed at the shelter and we promised them a new home.
Unfortunately, there is also a third group – animals for who there was nothing we could do, except being side by side at their last moments on this world.

Most common diagnosis: Coronavirosis
Most common reason for acceptance in the clinic: Animal hit by a car

Every day through this year, our vets have helped 6 new patients!

Number of dogs, accepted in the “Farm”:


Even though our shelter is with a capacity of 200 dogs, this only means how many dogs we have at any given moment. But at the second a dog is adopted, another one takes its place. That way we took in 1112 dogs from the streets of Sofia (mainly, but not only).

Each one of them has been dewormed, vaccinated 3 times, microchipped and spayed (except the ones (not that many, though) that came already spayed)!

Number of adopted animals:

Because of our “Farm”, 1078 dogs and cats are nowadays in their new homes!

It is an enormous amount even for us! The only thing that darkens our joy is the fact, that only 70 of them were adopted in Bulgaria…

In 2019 we will do our best to fix this, but without any compromises  with the quality of life!

We lost old friends

Farewell, dear friends! We will meet at the rainbow bridge one day!




We found some new friends

There are many friends that supported us in this year and we are grateful to them all!
Here we only want to mention the chain of shopsDr Stefanov.
If suddenly they haven’t appear in our lives, our year would have been much shorter and unhappier!
Thanks to their support and patience, however bad the money problem was, our animals have never stayed hungry!

Special regards and gratitude to Mario and Dr Stefanov! Thank you for your patience and generosity!

In the world

This year our Nadia and Svetlo were speakers in the annual conference for animal welfare ICAWC, this time in Polland!
It is a huge recognition for our work – this is only the second time when speakers from Bulgaria were invited! And the first time? It was in 2016, when again Nadia and Svetlo spoke, in Portugal!

At home

Our biggest disappointment and failure for the year is our unsuccussful attempt to convince the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, that there is such thing as stray cats in Bulgaria.
Our work with stray cats (neuter & rehome) is still illegal in the eyes of the authorities and the international rehomings are still banned!



Dear friends,

Thank you, for being next to us in 2018!

Only because of you, we found homes for 1078 dogs and cats!

We healed in our clinic 2416 sick and injured patients!

And most important – only because of you, we continue in 2019!


Happy New Year! 
And don’t forget – together we make miracles happen every day!


Here it comes! A calendar with a mission!

Posted on 12 November 2018

Once again the most beautiful, professional and of course – helping – calendar is here!

As always, it is made with love and imagination by our friends from

Wings creative studio!

And as always, all stars and photo models are dogs from our shelter “The Farm”.

You can take your calendar for a donation of 10 BGN from the following places:

Petshops D-r Stefanov

Studentski grad, 76, “Akad.Stefan Mladenov”str

Lulin, bl.386

Ovcha Kupel, 37, Lublyana str

Sky City Mall, Geo Milev, 52 Kosta Lulchev str

Sveta Troica, 15, Zografski manastir str, City Park Residence

Iztok,  28 B, Samokov str, Este Home & Spa

Geo Milev, 27, Nikolai Kopernik str /Fantastiko



Strelbishte, 6, Major Parvan Toshev str



Mladost, 51 Jerusalim Blvd

If you are not from Sofia, you can also order your calendar


Bulgaria blvd 69


Mladost 4, 406 street, Billa









THANK YOU! Together we help!

“Franziska” clinic needs you! Part I

Posted on 10 August 2018

Summer in the city. There is a vet clinic nearby. This is “Franziska” clinic – a place, where the only chance of many stands.

Even in the hottest weather, when people think of seaside and sand, there is no stop for “Franziska” – so many animals are in need of help!


This adorable little girl is sick. She has parvovirosis. Probably that was the reason she was thrown away. Literally thrown. In a way, that she broke her paw.

Now the poor baby not only fights with the deadly virus, but with the pain of her broken leg, too.
We have waited, until her life is not endangered by the parvovirus but the bones of the puppies heal so fast, that we must make the surgery as soon as possible.

Gergana’s operation will cost about 250 BGN and the puppy will deeply appreciate your help!


Actually, Sparrow has no idea he is in a need of help. Take a look at his photos – he wants to run and play and sometimes, just sometimes, when his paws does not listen to him, he falls down and wonders what is happening.

His condition is inherited and, unfortunately, will get worse and worse while he is growing. If we don’t do anything for his legs, he will end up like Emma (see below).

Sparrow must go for corrective osteotomy in the Central Vet Clinic and it will cost not less than 500 BGN. Or may be more. 

And the worst part is – it is not going to be his only operation.

Sparrow’s paws are getting more and more curved…

…and if we don’t do something, soon he won’t be able to run – something he loves!


We heard of Emma for a first time on Facebook – she was dragging herself on the streets of Petrich.

Normally, we all have decided she was hit by a car or something. After her arrival at “Franziska” and the scanner, we found out she wasn’t – she was born with her condition and through the years it came worse and worse, until the moment she couldn’t walk any more.

She can get much better, if the golden hands of Dr. Zlatinov do their job right. But it will cost a lot.
Emma needs your financial support, dear friends! Her surgery will cost about 500 BGN…

We don’t always take cats in our dog shelter, but when we do, they are in a desperate need of help and no other chances.

No surgeries will help Malina. Her spine is broken and she will never walk again.

We have some wheel chairs here, but none of them is cat size. If you want to help Malina to live better, please donate for her wheelchair, which costs 300 BGN!

Dear friends,

Summer is anyway difficult for us, but with so many patients in our clinic – keep on working looks impossible!

Gergana, Sparrow, Emma and Malina are only a small part of the animals in need – we will soon introduce the others as well.

Please, donate  and help us help them!

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Summer passions

Posted on 05 August 2014

We are so happy to inform you that some of our dogs are now in their new homes!
Here are the lucky ones:
The puppy Dark stole the hearts of Nicol Geleva and Gary Bozarov. Dark is one of a litter from 4 puppies and is the second to be adopted. We wish him a happy and long life with his people!


These three sweet sisters didn’t have luck during their adoption weekend in Pets&U and came back to us. It seems there was a reason for this – they probably wanted to learn English, not Bulgarian. Mila, Kara and Daisy are now happy in the country of Shakespeare!




And the next one, ladies and gentlemen is…. Chicco! Everyone who has been in Bogrov or the Farm know Chicco – he spent with us 4 years! We are so happy to inform you, that he finally left for good! Chicco will live with Ivan Betrev and will have his own yard and home!


The unlucky ones

Of course, good things and bad things usually walk together.
Ethan was adopted from us in 2010 as a happy puppy. Four years later he came back to us. The reason? “We don’t want him any more”…


Ricky was adopted in the winter from Bogrov shelter and came back to us now, due to personal reasons (not his fault). Ricky suffers a lot for his home and family, we do hope that he will find his forever home soon…

Do you remember the sweet puppy Paspartu? Well, he is here again. His ex-owners don’t want such an energetic dog! We are afraid we weren’t very polite with them, but they were informed puppies and young dogs are energetic. Poor Pass, he has never been in the shelter – as a puppy he lived in a foster home. His ex-fosters cannot take him, because they are now fostering four other pups.


We wish them all the best and fast forever adoption!


Liza – a month in her new home

Posted on 16 May 2013

лиза желява софия

Liza, that is the new name of the small brown lady from cage 13 at the Bogrov shelter. She went home exactly 1 month ago with Sofia and Peter, two of our regular volunteers. And this is an update on how her life is going: in the beginning she was very timid, it was difficult to convince her to get into the car, then get off and walk through unfamiliar doors in order to reach the little carpet where she fell asleep blissfully.

Copy of DSC03613 DSC03621

It was only a week time she needed to understand that she has been very lucky to get – her own bed, her own food and water, daily walks a few times a day and what is most important – her own people who love her. Liza loves them too and she does her best to please them, so she doesn’t do any mischief. She loves to cuddle, but her most favorite thing to do is run like the wind in Sofia’s South Park – wether it be chasing other dogs or birds or squirrels – it doesn’t matter, just as long as she can run long and feee, without a lead or a fence to stop her. Liza is doing great on walks with or without a lead – she is really a DREAM dog.

DSC_1032 DSC_1036

Her last big moment was at a photo-planner, organized by Lidia Petrova, a kind photographer who has been taking many lovely photos of the dogs at the shelter. Liza even got a special award for her participation.

936933_153507631496246_834672024_n DSC_0990

Monthly donations – February 2013

Posted on 04 March 2013

Animal Rescue Sofia thanks the generous people who make our work possible.

We are a non-profit organization and our budget is based entirely on the ammount of trust and support we get from the public.

We wouldn’t be able to help the suffering animals if it wasn’t for your donations. It is through your generocity that lives are saved on a daily basis. You are our dogs’ and cats’ guardian angels.

See full list of sponsors for 2013

See sponsors in 2012, See sponsors in 2011, See sponsors in 2010


We want to specially thank everybody who has donated through our collection boxes!
Everyone who’s bought our stuff – we really appreciate it! Everyone who’se brought food and goods to the shelter – THANK YOU for always being there for the dogs!
Please, have in mind that we have no way of keeping a record of your names, so if you have donated through this campaign you will not be able to find your name on the above list. Bless you for supporting our doggies (and kitties)!

February 2013 donors:

Aglika Savtchenko
Adekum development projects Ltd
Albena Marinova
Albena Petrakieva
Albena Haralampieva
Albena Yankulova
Aleksandra Dimitrova
Alexandra Mincheva
Alexander Birtsoev
Alexander Delivlaev
Ana Barzakova
Ana Pavlova
Angela Bradbery
Andrey Chakalov
Anelia Dimitrova
Anelija Dojchinova
Aneliya Doneva
Aneliya Kamburova
Aneliya Stoyanova
Aneta Pavlova
Anita Valentinova
Anke Wischer
Anna Dimitrova
Anna Mancheva-Dimova
Anna Peteva
Anna Petleva
Anna Salabaschew
Anna Yankova
Anton Tringov
Antonela Popova
Antonia Arsova
Armine Janyan
Asen Klasanov
Asya Rangelova
Atanas Ganchev
Bistra Hristova
Blagovest Moskov
Blagorodna Georgieva
Bogdana Petkov
Boyka Mihaylova
Borislav Arnaudov
Boryana Gaydarova
Boryana Randelova
Boyan Dimitrov
Boyan Ivanov
Boyana Ivanova
Branimira Veselinova
Branislava Zdravkovic
Bruno Barbera
Björn Meschede
WA van den Eshof
Valentina Dolmova
Valentina Petkova
Valentina Petrova
Valya Paneva
Vanya Alexandrova
Vanya Kaludova
Vanya Stoyanova
Vasil Bratanov
Vasil Pavlov
Vasilena Vasileva
Vassilena Daskalova
Velemir Pashov
Velina Pamukchieva
Veneta Todorova
Vera Antonova
Vera Dogramdzieva
Vera Kirova
Veronica Ninova
Vesela Velcheva
Vesséla Morova
Vesselin Beltchev
Veselina Staab
Victor Kolarov
Viktoriya Avramova
Victoriya Vasileva
Virginia Smirnoff
Vladimir Dochev
Vladimir Spassov
Vladimir Sterngold
Vladimir Yuriev
Vladimira Rasheva
Gabriela Tzekova
Galena Dineva
Galina Borlakova
Galina Petrova
Galina Stoyanova
Galya Milanova
Georgi Yossifov
Georgi Kirilov
George Potchekanski
Georgi Tunev
Gergana Aneva
Gergana Boyadhieva
Gergana Dimova
Gergana Dodeva
Gergana Nikolova
Gergana Hadziyska
Gergina Atanasova
Gwen Shooters
Dalton Brian
Dana Nestorova
Dany Demireva
Daniela Kaimakcheeska
Daniela Kolarova
Daniela Nazlamova
Darina Mihaylova
Darina Hristova
Dafinka Marini
Denitsa Andreeva
Denitsa Dimitrova
Denitza Klimova
Desislava Boyadzieva
Dessislava Dilovska
Desislava Dicheva
Desislava Kirilova
Desislava Krasteva
Detelina Hristova
Deyan Tsvetanov
Diana Bejanova
Diana Novakova
Diana Radeva
Dilyana Velikova
Dima Betova
Dimitrinka Atanasova
Dimiter Sipsev
Dimitar Hartarski
Donika Dimovska
Dragomir Georgiev
Dragoslava Balova
Eva Dimitrova
Evgeniya Pendeva
Evelina Krumova
Ekaterina Rashkova
Elvira Mihaylova
Elena Galinova
Elena Ivanova
Elena Kancheva
Elena Papazova
Elena Shikinova
Elisaveta Dimitrieva
Elisaveta Paylor
Elitsa Boyukova
Elitza Nikolova
Emil Ninov
Emilia Kostova
Emilia Krasteva
Emiliya Shotwell
Efrona Krasteva
Jana Stancheva
Zornitsa Nacheva
Zornitsa Nacheva
Iva Dyankova
Ivaylo Simeonov
Ivaylo Hristov
Ivan Zahov
Ivan Stamenov
Ivan Chakarov
Ivelina Ganeva
Ivelina Slavova
Ivelina Yancheva
Iveta Andonova
Iveta Ilieva
Ivo Dezhev
Ivo Kanin
Ivo Uzunov
Ilarion Panov
Ilina Ilinova
Ilina Chichkova
Ilka Burdin
Ina Mechkova
Yoana Prodanova
Yoanna Tombusheva
Jordan Ostrev
Irena Gapova
Irena Todorova
Irina Zhecheva
Irina Zaharieva
Irina Koeva
Irina Nikolova
Irina Yaacoub
Iskra Georgieva
Kalina Beyazova
Kalina Yanachkova
Kaloyan Todorov
Kamen Todorov
Caroline Kraus
Karolina Sofronieva
Katerina Rizova
Katia Dimova
Krassimira Mihova
Kristin Pavlova
Christina Tzekova
Kuzman Marinov
Lidia Smorodina
Lilyana Spasova
Lina Gergova
Lina Davitt
Lina Popkrasteva
Lora Deligeorgieva
Lora Nencheva
Lachezar Velinov
Lubka Nikolova
Lubomir Nakov
Lyubomir Harizanov
Lubomira Mihaylovska
Lubomira Petrini
Lyudmil Lukanov
Lyudmila Zheleva
Ludmila Mihaylova
Lyudmila Papazova
M L Stoychev
Magdalena Yaprakova
Meike Weilbächer
Maxim Krizhanovski
Malina Istatkova
Margreta Panovska
Mariana Stankova
Marieta Byalkova
Marina Baranska
Marinina Gadeleva
Mariya Vladimirova
Maria Dincheva
Maria Doncheva
Maria Jotova
Mariya Kocheva
Maria Peeva
Mariya Petrova
Maria Sokolova
Maria Hristova
Mariana Bakalova
Marko Hajdinjak
Martiana Petkova
Martin Gergov
Martin Dimitrov
Martin Kjurkchiev
Maya Bakova
Maia Nikova
Maya Paskaleva
Maya Tzaneva
Meral Varadinova
Miglena Yolova
Mila Grigorova
Milen Velchev
Milen Dimitrov
Milen Kuzmanov
Milena Basheva-Damyanova
Milena Yordanova
Milena Kanurkova
Milena Karamanova
Milena Nikolaeva
Milena Tzoncheva
Miroslava Ivanova
Miroslava Kostova
Michael Hermann
Mladen Borisov
Monika Ilieva
Multilang Ltd
Nadezhda Germanova
Nadejda Danailova
Nadezhda Dancheva
Nadezhda Milkovska
Nadezhda Nazarova-Ovcharova
Nadezhda Stoykova
Nadia Velinova
Nataliya Aleksova
Natasha Stoyanova
Nevena Dimitrova
Neville Upton
Neda Aleva
Nedyalko Kalev
Neri Deliisenova
Niki Rusinovski
Nikolay Kandev
Nikolay Karasheyski
Nikolai Simeonov
Nikoleta Argirova
Nina Heins
Niya Valkova
Nia Stateva
Ognyana Stefanova
Olga Chalyovska- Galabova
Orlin Milanov
P.D.B. Wisman
Pavel Gramatikov
Pepa Yakova
Petko Bossakov
Petar Gerov
Petar Mitrev
Petar Mitrov
Petya Vasileva
Petya Malakova
Petya Raykovska
Plamena Georgieva
Polina Ivanova
Polina Marinova
Polina Mileva
Preslava Dimanova
R.V. Petrova
Radina Shekerova
Radoila Hristova
Radoslav Kostadinov
Radostina Buneva
Radostina Hristova
Radostina Tzvetkova
Ralitsa Savova
Ralitsa Hadzhieva
Raya Belopitova
Rositsa Georgieva
Rositza Zaneva
Rositza Tzonkova
Rumen Petrov
Rumyana Asenova
Rumyana Georgieva
Rumyana Dimitrova
Ruslan Kostashki
Sandra Hoather
Sarah-Jane Bungay
Svetla Daskalova
Svetlin Chobanov
Svetlozara Kurteva
Svetoslava Hanteva
Sevdelina Zlateva
Sibila Ivanova
Silva Sabkova
Sylvie Hood
Silviya Angelova
Silvia Doytchinov
Simeon Simeonov
Simona Harizanova
Slava Marangozova
Slaveya Gogova
Snezhanka Georgieva
Sonya Bogoeva
Sofia Vacheva
Srebrina Mileva-Mitchell
Stanislava Veleva
Stanislava Museva
Stanislava Yaneva
Steliana Dotzeva
Stella Tzokeva
Stefan Staev
Stephen Tihtchev
Stefaniya Arsova
Stephka Kalfova
Stefka Mihova
Stoian Rafailov
Tanya Angelova
Tanya Stoyanova
Tatiana Goranova
Tatiana Kamp
Tatyana Mladenova
Tatyana Slavkova
Teodora Georgieva
Teodora Davidkova
Teodora Ivanova
Teodora Pancheva-Kovacheva
Teodora Fileva
Todor Doychev
Todor Todorov
Toma Tomov
Thomas Kirk
Philip Kozarski
Herdis Daugbjerg
Hristina Kardzilova
Hristina Stamatova
Hristina Hristova
Tzanko Georgiev
Tsvetelina Kostova
Tzvetelina Stapova
Tzvetina Ivanova
Tsvetomira Naydenova
Stibis Hundeparadies
Juliana Georgieva
Yuliana Toteva
Yana Angelova
Yana Ilieva
Yana Obretenova
Yana Petrova
Yana Yaneva
Exsisto Ltd.

Our most special regards to the people who support us every month!

Thank you for your trust and persistence!