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ATTENTION: Quarantine till 01/06/2017

Posted on 01 May 2017


Dear friends,

For the second time since the founding of Animal Rescue Sofia in 2009, we have to close the shelter for visitors, adopters and volunteers.

We have two proven cases of Distemper in our clinic. We are taking every necessary precaution to stop the infection, but have to put the shelter under quarantine. As of today:

  • There will be no visitors to the Farm, including adopters or volunteers.
  • The clinic is stopping admittance to any patients, including First Aid, treatments or neutering.
  • No dogs will be leaving the shelter, including adoptions.
  • New dogs will not be admitted under any circumstances.

We understand very well that most shelters and organizations wouldn’t admit an epidemic, as this sounds very scary to people. For us, it is of great importance to set an example how situations like this should be treated, so that the animals are really protected and the infection – contained.

We are fighting for the life of the ill puppies and the containment of the disease.
Thank you very much for your understanding.



Distemper is one of the worst infectious diseases dogs have, it is caused by a virus. The mortality rate is very high, especially with young animals between 2 months and 1 year of age, as well as dogs with immune-deficiency (old, ill, with traumas or after birth and nursing).

The incubation period of Distemper is 10 days. The illness has two forms – an intestinal and a neurologic one. The latter often is lethal or bears permanent damage to the dogs’ neural system.

Distemper is a virus, so it cannot be attacked directly. To fight it off, the animal needs to survive the illness, and treatment is concentrated on relieving the symptoms and strengthening the organism.


1 ton of food from Stibi’s Hundeparadies

Posted on 21 December 2016

15541352_1224088664384131_9018817377651694239_n IMG_0163

Hugs for the team at Stibi’s Hundeparadies – what a lovely gift they sent for the dogs at the Farm”:

  • dry food;
  • wet food (very useful for giving pills, feeding oldies and ill dogs);
  • puppy milk;
  • treats;
  • medication for Sancho.

The Farm is home to 219 homeless dogs this very moment. 105 of them are under 6 months old. You can imagine the amount of food necessary to keep them healthy and happy, especially in these temperatures. We are really grateful to the donors – our animal are well thanks to this generosity.

IMG_0182 IMG_0183

219 farmers wish their Austrian friends Frohe Feiertage!

P.S. We feel we must share with you some photos from our colleagues – it’s little Alpha, a lady you cannot have forgotten – the mother of Betto. She came to us in March, badly injured by a shotgun, her leg couldn’t be saved and she became a tripod.


With the help of our colleagues at Stibi’s Hundeparadies – she found a foster home in Austria – with the family of Ursula Marterer. What a life it is – to have and to hold…

алфа 4 алфа1 алфа2

We can only wish the same love and care for all our little angels!!!


Thank you, Stibi’s Hundeparadies!

Posted on 21 March 2016


It’s been five years since our Austrian friends from Stibi’s Hundeparadies have started helping the dogs of Sofia with all that they can. Thanks to their work, hundreds of homeless animals – cats and dogs – found loving homes, and the babies we care for have received many tones of good quality food.

food Food2 Food3

Today we once again thank the girls for the wonderful work they are doing! After another successful doggy transport the bus has returned to the shelter, full of good quality kibble for the youngest and most ill.

Besides, the shelter also received a financial donation – to be able to cover another dog transport abroad, as well as buy the vaccines we so desperately need for all the babies we look after.

SammyBefore SammyAfter
Three-legged Sammy – in the shelter and happy in Austria

Sammy and the rest of our Austrian travelers are doing very well, the first ones have gone home already. Here are the first heart-worming photos of Sofia city strays with their new families:

hAPPYeND hAPPYEND2 PanchoHappyEnd

Thank you, friends, for everything!

Help with cleaning needed

Posted on 11 December 2015


Last days of cramping-up in the shelter, “Franziska” is on her way!
Dear, friends, we are ready with the reconstructions at the little building in the shelter – our clinic!!!


The clinic now has it all – doors and ceilings, sanitary floors and paints, many different rooms to facilitate the animals, a separate neutering block, boiler and heating, sinks and lamps, and windows and… it was hard. But we are soon to be finished!

Next week we will be calling the veterinary authorities to examine us, and hopefully – they will be satisfied with the work done and register our “Franziska” clinic. A whole warehouse full of ill dogs cannot wait to move. And there is no word to describe the doctors’ impatience.

If you decide to join the cleaning team this weekend, you’ll be among the first to see it inside.
Cleaning and washing detergents, window cleaner and paper, chlorine – always welcome in large amounts.

Click HERE for the weekend walks and cleaning at the shelter.


1 mommy and 30 babies found their new loving home in Holland

Posted on 09 December 2015

щастливци (1) 12358063_1203040409724396_568359243_n

Another amazing transport rolled on to the land of the tulips, loaded with the most precious transport – our babies. 31 homeless Bulgarian dogs swapped misery for a happy, long life in Holland.

12246984_526605054169681_3808913646273036373_n 12289719_526605160836337_7971494458527301773_n 12310534_526927940804059_4507075146032578427_n 12311152_526605414169645_2226667337515365461_n 12314018_526928250804028_2053681182149065544_n 12359831_526928130804040_6768500785956242857_n 12358462_1203040353057735_1949206085_n litter3- 3 females (16)-6 months 12310621_526928324137354_3399921133159807557_n

We are always in such a hurry to send the puppies to their new lives, they have the biggest chances to be happily adopted when they’re young. There was only one mommy traveling this time with her babies, Jessy-Duda as she was called, a great little girl:

джеси-дуда (1) джеси-дуда (2)

Everyone else is a baby. Each of these youngsters has been fostered until the vaccines kick in and we take it into the shelter. Each received 4 vaccines, a microchip and passport from our doctors. Each was dewarmed, neutered, treated, found a place abroad, organized to travel… A lot of work, but it’s the final results that count!

12321626_526927840804069_7193649466791304002_n 12336453_1203040293057741_1934998852_n 12342604_526927987470721_715849819847421613_n 12342651_526605324169654_4066461896427542339_n 12342707_526928314137355_699178944595892883_n 12345399_526605000836353_3088567099094982692_n 12346380_526605454169641_8445615674768186014_n 12347861_526927890804064_3969441785494627693_n 12348273_1203040566391047_2060541783_n

Here are the first lucky ones to be adopted, we hope all their brothers-in-arms at the shelter find the same happiness (soon!):

12336371_10205808405874768_1432980554_n 12358384_10205808405634762_460447699_n

Eight farmers with a new life: Chester, Bambi, Rijko, Roro, Sparta, Kara, Baby and Tochitsa!

Posted on 04 December 2015

In the past days it seems like adoptions at the shelter have mostly been guided by children. Children with beg hearts and parents who can hear them, children who want to save the lives of their best friends. Here is a short narrative of the most recent local adoptions at the Farm.


1 осиновено бебе1

Eli Ilieva and her remarkable 12-year old Mina adopted a puppy, abandoned on the streets of Katina village. “I asked mommy to adopt a dog, instead of getting me a new phone for me this Christmas”, as Mina simply put it.



Chester, yay! Chester was adopted by his first friend in life – Eva-Maria Milanova. It’s been nearly 4 years since Eva-Maria took him in as a foster parent. He was a tiny baby back then, and she cared for him until he got his vaccinations and became one of the hundreds of dogs in our care. Today Eva-Maria has a new place to live and the opportunity of keeping a dog, finally. To celebrate this fact, she came and picked her Chester up from the shelter forever.


1 осиновено точица

After a few unsuccessful tries (we have become familiar with a simple law of the Universe – some dogs have to come back, because they have their own special person looking for them), Tochitsa found her true owner. The little granny is now happy and warm in the hands of Elka Nyagolova. Thank you, Elka, for opening up your heart to this remarkable, brave creature.


1 осиновено Кара ж

Some of her brothers found homes at the adoption weekend, others were rehomed abroad, and little black Cara was left behind in the shelter. We always have 50 or more puppies with us, and it is so very difficult to catch an adopters eye in this colorful crowd, especially when you are this gentle and black. Congratulations to Nikolay Krastev and Valentina Ninova for their excellent choice!


спарта осиновена (2) спарта осиновена (4)

The fabulous American Bulldog Sparta went through the shelter like a little hurricane… We only had time to neuter and vaccinate her, and she already charmed her new owner. The white elephant is now brightening up the life of Karin Visscher, but not in Holland – where she’s from, but here in Sofia. We will be seeing them in the park!


1 осиновено бебе  рижко иванка магар (1) 1 осиновено бебе  рижко иванка магар (2)

Rijko too was adopted, so to speak, internationally. He is now the best friend of Ivanka Mager, a Bulgarian living in Germany. Ivanka came to the shelter on her visit here, she wanted to give a new life to a homeless Bulgarian dog, chose Rijko and took off on a plane together!


пинчи осиновен (1) пинчи осиновен (2)

Happy and loved in his new home – Roro – a little pincher found wandering in the Liulin district. The good boy found love and security with Vladislav Georgiev! You see him sleeping on the photo, because he was just neutered to recover in a more peaceful and calm environment in the new home.


1 осиновено бамби (2) 1 осиновено бамби (3)

8-month Bambi also went home! She lived in a foster family for quite a while – a great place with many dogs and cats. Now, she is in an even better place – in the home of Boryana Andonova and her two sons. The boys were allowed to make the choice themselves and we are thrilled that with so many cute puppies available, they fell in love with Bambie. Children always choose with their hearts and not with their eyes. Because they are pure.


If it weren’t for the shelter – Chester, Bambi, Rijko, Roro, Sparta, Kara, Baby, Tochitsa and thousands more like them would have been left alone in the street. Their place, “The Farm”, only exists from donations, who give a little every month so we can keep things running.

Help us help them, even by very little – your help is greatly appreciated.
Please, if you think our work matters, subscribe to a small monthly donation to our cause, every little support matters when lives are at stake.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Another 34 sad souls with a new beginning – an incredible transport to Holland and Germany

Posted on 27 November 2015

Finding homes for animals abroad is a hard and responsible job that we have been doing for over 5 years now. Every month our van makes at least two journeys to our colleagues in Austria, Germany and Holland – bringing our dogs to shelters and organizations that have space for them.

Preparing the dogs for a journey is not an easy task – both logistically and financially. We couldn’t be happier if our dogs would find homes here, but sadly the number of abandoned animals triples the numbers of the people willing to adopt. Thus – the bus becomes an only chance of happiness for great many animals.

Grown up dogs are most difficult to place, even abroad. At the same time the shelter admits many mothers, injured and abandoned grown-ups, some of which have to wait years for a chance of happiness. That’s the reason our mood is so good whenever even one adult dog gets a spot in the van.

Anna (2) Sara (2)

Here are Sarah and Anna, two hunting dogs, left alone with their babies on the streets, to fend for themselves. If it weren’t for their being admitted to the shelter they would now be hungry, cold and chased away, most of their puppies would have already died. Instead of this horror the huge families received love and care. The puppies are already in the hands of their new families and the two girls in mustache are German!

райна преди райна след

Also in Germany – love for darling Rayna. Treated with us for a very long time, this innocent creature blossomed in front of our eyes, she calmed down, learnt to love people and became a great beauty. Farewell, dearest, our tails wave with yours!

Zara (1)

Zara. Sweet, kind, Zara! This wonderful dog was given as a gift to a man, she was supposed to be a Bulgarian Shepherd, but wasn’t. So he gave her to another man. That man tied her up in a shed until he can figure out what to do with her. He couldn’t think of anything and Zara came down with a skin-disease. To put it short – that’s where we came in, Zara came to the shelter, was vaccinated, neutered, treated for her illness and now has her own sofa in Germany.

Lava беа плашливо куче сеславци

Little Lava was raised in a foster home, and you can see on the photo how frightened she is in the first moments at the noisy shelter. Otherwise – she is a happy, funny fluffy girl and will have loads of fun in her new life.
It was a shy, quiet departure for little Bea too. She is a tiny girl, picked up at the municipal Seslavci pound. She needs a calm and quiet environment to relax, which we cannot provide, so we’re really glad Bea has her chance in a foster home in Germany.

Lavon (3) Venera (2)

And last, but definitely not least – Lavon and Venera! Both of them have been with us since the remote 2011 – good, clever dogs, who spent years imprisoned without a crime. Both are the last of their litters to have remained with us, perhaps their only fault – not being so attractive. You cannot imagine how happy we are to see a dog that’s been with us 4 years find a home!

There were four cats who found love abroad on this trip. All were fostered in kind families.

Ferdi-male- 4 months Maya-4 months

Maya and Ferdy – found as newborn kittens – thrown cruelly in a river, wrapped in a plastic bag.

Ahil-6 months Charla Suzi-7-8 months

Also Charla Suzie, dumped in the yard of people who simply love animals. And Achilles – a pet cat, abandoned in a village near Sofia. Both of them – survived miraculously before the worst happened to them in the hostile environment.

As far as the babies go – you can hardly imagine how many abandoned puppies have passed through the shelter in the last few months. “Puppy season” seems to be never-ending, and the pups are the most difficult to prepare and take care of, as they need vaccines first. Hugs to the people who help by providing foster care for the babies, often in very difficult conditions. Each puppy saved is a tiny miracle, performed by many people. Here they are.

0Bibi female1-4,5 months 0boiko male3-5 months

Bibi and Boyko are sister and brother. Found outside, they lived in a foster home at Bobov Dol before we admitted them.

Dani, female Eliana

Also fostered, little Dany, a baby-girl found alone in the street. Along with her went Eliana – the last of her litter, they were found as tiny fur balls by a kind English family who raised them.

galabovci (1) galabovci (2) galabovci (3) galabovci (4) galabovci (5) galabovci (6)

All these pups are siblings. How did you guess? Yes, they were abandoned. Kind people fostered them in Galabovtsi before we could admit the whole lot.

seslavci (1) seslavci (2) seslavci (3) seslavci (4) seslavci (5) seslavci (6) seslavci (7)

12 little heroes were saved from the municipal Seslavci pound two months ago. Their condition was severe, getting them ready to go – difficult. The first half of the litter left the shelter on the previous journey, here is the rest – all Dutch! What a change…

jumbo jonny

Jumbo and Johnny are two inseparable and similar brothers we took from Pobit Kamak. Kids of yet another unsprayed yard female who will continue to give birth to unwanted children…

демодекоза male4-4,5 months Michael-6 months

It took three months to treat and prepare the sweet guy on the first photo. He had demodecosis – a bear hug to his fosters for dealing with everything. With him went smiling Mike, rescued from the municipal Bogrov shelter, also raised by fosters.

It’s important to note that these stories may seem simple, but aren’t. The fact these puppies are not only alive, but have families abroad is unbelievable. This is where they come from and where they would be, if it were not for you – the people who donate for the Farm:

1 преди 1 преди1 1 преди3 1 преди4 1 преди5 1 преди6

If the bus didn’t travel – stories like these would not end happily, but with illness and death. Sounds harsh, but these are the facts. We thank the people who help the animals by donating. You are the only reason we are able to do everything for them.

Gifts for the farmers from Stibi’s Hundeparadies

Posted on 26 November 2015

miro i marto se pribirat

Yet another great journey to a new life has been completed successfully and 34 of our sweet kids have new homes. The van didn’t come back to the shelter empty – drivers Miro and Marto stopped in Austria on the road back.

коледни зандра 2 натоварени подаръци 400кг храна от австрия зандра щиби (1)

Our colleagues of Stibi’s Hundeparadies sent bags of dry food, as well as quality wet pouches and treats to the dogs of Animal Rescue Sofia! They also sent tasty gifts to the humans at the shelter, we are touched, thank you so much!

осиновители 1 осиновители

People often ask us – what happens to the animals that are rehomed abroad. On the photos above – sent to us by Sandra Stibi, two furry Bulgarians with their Austrian families.

On the photo below, you can also see a very special guy! Bounty, rehomed about 2 years ago, has now become a true champion! He finished his Grassroots exam with an amazing score of 278,63 points! Great job!!!


A new beginning for Cara, Sarah, Biggy and Kiara

Posted on 16 November 2015

bichmeto (1)

We had a little baby that was very special to us – clumsy and friendly, maybe one of the most cheerful dogs at the shelter, a great little girl. She would always accept any interference by dog or human with great enthusiasm and good will. We are very glad she was adopted by Georgi Dimitrov who gave her the name Sarah and a promise to be friends forever. Major luck!


Biggy the beagle also went home! He will be driving crazy (being a beagle there’s nothing else he could do) Simona Ivanova. We’re sorry that it was a mad moment at the shelter, and happy that Biggy will finally get the love he was bred for, we forgot to take a photo of the new family leaving the shelter together. So, we will be waiting for an email to tell us how things are going at home.


Special regards to Slavyana Todorova! After a careful research of the dogs at the shelter, she chose to be best friends with the wonderful Cara. A very kind and gentle black girl, overlooked by every prospective owner because of her colour. Thank you, Slavyana, for noticing this good kid, this is a great choice – we know you will make a great team.

And we are super pleased that one of our tripods has gone home this week to Josephine Kuparanova. It’s the little white dog with a deformed leg from the puppy cage. What, you didn’t know her? She was the smallest dog in the shelter, se we put her with the youngest babies, and some of them double her size, that’s why you haven’t noticed her. Here she is among a crowd of babies:


And here – in the hands of her new owner – Josephina:

kiara (3)

Here is a short note about their new friendship: „This afternoon I adopted a dog from your shelter – she has problems with her front leg. I promised I’d tell you when we chose a name for her. Well, it’s Kiara. We just came back from our first walk together, everything was so interesting to her. She even picked up her tiny tail and waved it a little. We introduced her to our veterinarian, bought her a little bed and now she is happily napping in her new home, in her new bed, in my daughter’s bedroom. And, by the way, Kiara was absolutely fine with the cats, who are very interested to get to know her.”

A bright future for nine more heroes with a dark past!

Posted on 10 November 2015

There is no greater pleasure than seeing an innocent homeless soul, rescued from a nightmare, happily cuddled in the loving hands of their new people. People who will love and care for it forever.


White Ushi was dumped in the street at Novi Iskar. Scared, disoriented and in season – everything about her screamed “tragedy”. Most pets have no chance of surviving alone outside – they don’t know how to protect themselves, find food, water or shelter from the cold. Once with us – Ushi ate and slept, and then ate and slept some more, and just as she was beginning to realize how noisy and crowded the place actually is, Sergey Dmitrievich came and adopted her. What an excellent combination, we wish them great happiness together.


Tiny Merry, dumped in a village as a tiny bundle of fragile life, went back to her fosters after the adoption weekend at Pets&U. Unbelievable! – everyone who ever met her would say. Just as it should be! – would say Silvia Alexandrova, her new owner who came to pick Merry up at the Farm. An ancient shelter saying goes: “There is a person for every dog”. Also “adopters are angels”, we would add.

2×2 in Pets&U – the lucky cats!

It was the most successful cat adoption weekend at the Pets&U store. We are very glad to see more people adopting two cats together, not to mention how happy the cats are!

mike donna mike donna vkashti

Velichka stumbled upon the Adoption weekend ad accidentally. A friend had shared it on their Facebook timeline. She came with the idea of adopting Mike and had no clue she would be also taking home his sister Donna. What a stroke of luck for these two! They are now living their happy second lives under the code names Hensel and Grethel!

rijko gray vkashti rijko gray

Rijko and Gray are two of 20 poor cats, abandoned by their owners in the middle of nowhere. When we say you are doing miracles for the animals – we are not overdoing it. The amazing change in these guys’ destinies is nothing short of a miracle. They too were adopted together. And again – because the adopters realized how attached Rijko and Gray are to each other, how much they need the friend.

Congratulations to Claudio and Rachel who made the right decision. What a turnaround for these lucky boys! And no wander. Good things happen to good people. And animals.

Special hugs for the foster parents who care for so many puppies and kittens.
You are doing a great job, people!

Fairwell to the Giants of the Farm

November must be the month of d-r Stankova! Three of her most beloved heroes have found their new homes and she is the one who made the connection between them and their people. Matching the right dog to the right person is a talent, not every dog can win your heart, even if you have come to the shelter for adoption.

What is better than getting a dog that is difficult to rehome adopted? That’s right! Getting two difficult to rehome dogs adopted! “Difficult to rehome” – what a horrible stamp to put on an animal. It is a stamp on many of our most wonderful animals. They are either too large, or not young enough, or brown or black… and in the worst case scenario – all of the above qualities, all unwanted with potential adopters.

* brun2

Brunhilda and Ethan have a lot of everything. But most of all – love and loyalty, as the amazing Slaveyko and Emilia Petkovi realized after adopting them. The couple met our little farmers and heard d-r Stankova’s story about each one they asked for.

Right in the beginning they took a liking to Brunhilda – a huge Caucasian shepherd of middle age which we picked up panicked on a busy road a while ago. Slaveyko and Emilia had come for a single dog, but were deeply touched by the destiny and sad eyes of kind boy Ethan. There was no way they could leave him behind.

ethan - brunhilda (1)

Told in short Ethan’s story is nothing out of the ordinary. Adopted from the old shelter and then abandoned again at 4. But everyone that knows him – as a young boy from before, or as a gorgeous gentle giant now – also knows the golden heart, the love and longing behind the code-word “Ethan”.

We thank the Petkovi family for the comfort, love and care they will give these “difficult not to love” dogs. We know our ambassadors to their home will give back love and gratitude accordingly and with great enthusiasm.



Where are the fireworks? The amazing giant Kanto has finally found his happy place with Penka Chalakova, her husband, their two sons and daughter Yoanna. Penka and Yoanna came all the way from Plovdiv to meet our little Samoyed boy. But they simply blocked at Cage 1 where handsome Canto was giving his best vocals, attempting to drive them deaf with barking. “This is my dog!!!” Penka said. And that was it. But he is difficult, he is huge, he spooks people, he is not for an apartment, you have a cat… “We will manage everything, he is one of us, and we’re not leaving him behind”.

k4 12233359_10205665141733254_2051380492_n

All, except Marietta, were sure they wouldn’t come for a second visit. Then all, except Marietta, were sure that Kanto will be brought back to us the very next morning after the adoption. And all, except Marietta, were wrong. Because day after day Canto is more and more loved in his new home, learning to use the elevator, putting up a blank face for the cat, whilst swallowing meatball after meatball. Thank you to d-r Chalakova and her family for finding and recognizing him! Hurray!

k2 k3

The champions of the Farm – adopted animals and their people

Posted on 27 October 2015

We introduce you to a group of tiny farmers and their wonderful new families!
Our puppies leave the shelter vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and registered, and with an EU pet passport. Other than that – they are happy, healthy, handsome, clever, absolutely unique and most definitely – the coolest! So, we have found them people to match! Here they are:

yana stoilova F (3)

Yana Stoilova and her daughter didn’t take too long to decide who their best friend will be. They took home this sweet and joyful little girl. So the two little girls can play!


mihaela todorova M (3)

And this little guy is her brother. We hadn’t yet figured out what his name was, so he got a new one from Mihaela Todorova! Along with a ton of smiles, hugs and treats. And he will never again be cold, lonely or caged.


svetoslav hristov J (1)

Another gentle princess from the same litter went home with Svetoslav Hristov. The little angel will finally get all the hugs and kindness she craved for. What a lucky bunch!


Elisaveta Kafadarova 2F (2)

Elisaveta Kafadarova adopted two little kitty sisters!
The truth is that there is nothing better than owning two cats, not one (except perhaps – three). The idea that cats are OK living lonesome, boring lives is very wrong and there is nothing happier than a cat in good company.
We are happy to say that all our kitties currently have fosters and no one is under lockdown in the shelter storage. We are very grateful to the fosters who make this possible!


yavor georgiev M (3)

Yavor Georgivev adopted this little shelter boy. It is such a pleasure to see a love of first sight sparkle between a human and their new best friend!


теменужка павлова (1)

His brother is Archie. The little boy who didn’t find people to adopt him at our last adoption weekend now has a loving home with Temenouzhka Pavlova and her family. They were fostering for a few years and have now realized they can’t live without a dog!

We wish them all the happiness in the world!

Food for the young and old – thank you!

Posted on 21 October 2015

A week ago our new buddy Nayden asked for your help – and you answered, dear friends! We thank everyone that sent their donation so we can get better food for our heroes.

Special thanks go to our colleagues Gergana and Beat Senn from Tierhilfe Sofia in Switzerland! They sent our puppies 700 kilos of high-quality kibble and settled their feeding problem for this month in the most excellent way.


Another 10 bags of premium dog food were brought to the shelter by a kind lady this weekend, we are very sorry that we didn’t write down a name for this donation (please, if you are reading this, send us a note, we want to thank you in person), also we got 8 smaller packages from volunteers who came to walk our enthusiasts in the weekend.

We are always in dire need of dog food. And most of all we need good food for the babies, the oldest and the sick animals we care for. Our monthly consumption is huge and now in the winter we really need to give them the good stuff to keep them healthy and warm.

Please, have in mind that we are overwhelmed with puppies, and although the bus has been making several trips each of the last months – we still have many pups waiting – at the shelter, in foster homes, yards and etc. We thank you for your huge help! The animals really appreciate it.

nayden (e)

And as for this hero – he has already put on weight! And if you decide to come test our new exercise yards (yards!? What yards!?) this weekend – you will see a difference already!