Special Pets


Posted on 12 November 2013



Kimbo is two years old and has seen nothing but pain and loneliness in his life. He was dumped on us a  little baby and has ever since not been able to restore his health.

Kimbo has a case of polydermia – a combination of a demodecosis and mycosis combined with a poor immunity response that give him little chance of ever getting out of this nightmare. There is absolutely no way for us to succeed with his treatment in the shelter environment – if he is to get better, Kimbo needs a loving, clean, warm, well-feeding home and personal attention.

The way Kimbo looks at this point makes the happy end of his story virtually impossible. His only chance would be to find a caring person who would give a damn if Kimbo makes it or not.

Kimbo is a young male with a good spirit, he loves people and is eager to explore. We can only hope that this will one day happen to him. Until then it will be nothing but pain, cold and confinement for the poor fellow…

kimbo2 kimbo3

Three legs, three hearts, three dogs

Posted on 14 February 2013

We are special. Not because we had bad accidents, less legs or troubles with the walking. But because of ourselves. Because we have seen a lot in our short lives – good and bad. Because nevertheless our losses we are just as much of full value, craving for life, family and love as every other dog. We have big and gentle hearts destined to love and to be loved. We bring hope that even different we can be taken as even. We give an example that a weakness doesn’t make us less than the others but it can even make us much more. Because with or without it we are special. We are here to love you, to give you strength and to be your best friend. Only if you see how special we are and embrace us in your homes and hearts. We are..

Brownie – 03.2010

Brownie was found paralysed and with a broken spine by people who decided to give him a chance. Unfortunately, they took him to a clinic here in Sofia where the vets did a terrible job on him, leaving him on the brink of eternal paralysis after a whole months treatment…

DSCN4640 4 - Browny

So, after a whole month after the accident the kind people who helped Brownie sought our help and together we went to the Central Vet Clinic for a second oppinion from d-r Vladi Zlatinov.  He was quite shocked with Brownie’s condition and a surgery was performed on him almost immedeately. His chances weren’t big, but Brownie promissed to do his best. So he did!

DSCN1350 DSCN1351 DSCN1348

Since then it has been long months of recovery for Brownie – phisiotherapy every single day. And he is such a good dog – all he wants is to live and love. Brownie is an adorable sweet boy. He loves people with all his heart, always looking for someone to tease, someone to caress him. When outside he walks carefree, plays with the other dogs and enjoys every second of every walk. His big heart was made for loving only if someone could give him a hand, embrace him, love him and take him home.

DeeDee – 10.2009

Deedee came to us with the Ecobalance – for neutering. This poor girl had a very old fracture that has healed in the most horrible way, nearly in a zigzag. Thanks to all the people who responded to our cry for help, Deede had her leg amputated successfully.

DSCN1649 DSCN3843 DSCN3847

Today Deedee is perfect on the leash; she got used to her new situation and doesn’t even bother. Deedee is loving and kind; she meets everyone with big joy and enthusiasm. And besides all that she is also very curious dog. The first time she entered her new pen she spent like an hour going around barking and checking every single corner – that is how interested she was. And when she’s outside for a walk she’s the same – always sniffing around and exploring. Is there someone who will give her a new home filled with love to explore?

DSCN3845 DSCN3849

Chocho – 10.2011

He is just a little boy, extremely sweet and friendly, whom we found on the road with a necrotized front leg. Noone can tell what happened to him, but the facts are clear. Chocho is only few months old, but his faith has been set. He will walk his path in life on 3 legs.

DSC02383 DSCN3854

Chocho is such as sweet as Deedee and Brownie. A little three-legged boy full with life and love. Gentle, good-hearted and handsome – that is our Chocho. An innocent soul who found the pain too early but nevertheless kept it’s sunny and wonderful temper and his faith in people. Who will show him how special he is and will give him all the attention and love he deserves?

Chocho’s photos are made before his amputation. We will try to update them soon.

DSCN3859 DSCN3857 DSCN3855


Posted on 12 November 2012

Lorry was born march 2010. Her fron leg was amputated after she was hit by a car.

She is a very good girl, a little shy in the beggining, but very friendly and loving after she is sure no harm will come to her.


Greetings from your friend Riccardo!

Posted on 02 July 2012

A smile from your friend Riccardo

Can you recognize the poor tram victim in this smiling boy? This is Riccardo, the dog that you saved by donating for his surgery less than two weeks ago!

Riccardo is an amazingly sweet dog! Tender, delicate, clever, friendly and trustful. He has a wonderful temperament and is a joy to be with. He is also very young, not more than a year old.

Riccardo is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and now healthy. He is missing one leg, but – we are not perfect either. He is looking for the very best person to love, someone as smiley and kind as he is!

Riccardo before he had you on his side

Riccardo today

Harry and Dominic

Posted on 13 November 2011

Harry and Dominic are two sweet brothers who have gone through the most devastating illness of all – Distemper. Although they survived, unlike 7 of their sibling, both sweet boys have been left lame for life – they will have harmless spasms till the end of their lives. Those spasms are nither painful, nor dangerous, but they are reducing the dogs’ chances of adoption dramaticly.

Harry is the orange boy, his seasures are more visible, he is also a sweetheart – well behaved and friendly.

Dominic looks like a German shepherd dog and has very little seisures. He is a cute, friendly dog.

The boys were born in April 2011. You can see that there is almost no damage to their movement from the distemper, they are two playful, sweet doggies:


Posted on 03 February 2011

Trisha is about 12 years old. She came from Seslavci and was picked up from a hospital yard where she spent all her life. She is a calm, balanced dog who loves human attention and long comfortable naps.


Posted on 02 February 2011

Lambo is about 11 years old. We took him from Seslvci in the summer  of 2010. He has spent his life in a schoolyard where he learnt to be patient and love kids.

Lambo is an affectionate, friednly, well-behaved dog with a crazy appetite – he’d eat a stone as long as a human offers it. We love him very dearly, he is such a darling!