A pet dog “trains” to kill on a stray in Botevgrad

Posted on 10 January 2014


After the case from Varna, yet another video showing an owned fighting dog being “trained”on a homeless animal shocked the animal lovers of Bulgaria yesterday. The video originates from Botevgrad and was published by the proud owner on Facebook.

We remind you that currently, the Government is making efforts to change the Penalty Code, putting in smaller punishments and minor penalties, practically de-criminalizing animal fighting.

The video of the pet pitbull, encouraged and bated by its owner can be seen at, but be warned – it is horrid to see.

People from Botevgrad are needed to file the following COMPLAINT to the local police and prosecutors so that this crime does not go unpunished. These FILES should be also presented on a CD or memory card /the video and the two screenshots/.

balkanec1 balkanec2

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet signed the petition against the changes in the Penalty Code, regarding cruelty to animals, please DO IT NOW. Your voice and participation are the only things that can influence this situation at the moment. You will find more information HERE.

To learn more about animal fights in Bulgaria, see THIS INVESTIGATION by Nova TV, it dates from 2011. It is important to note that the referee of the fight – police officer Stefan Naydenov was only punished with a disciplinary act at his work after the film was broadcasted.

A pet dog slaughters a stray in Varna, the Police takes no action

Posted on 07 January 2014


Once again animal-lovers in Bulgaria are shocked, this time by a horrid video in which a pet pitbull kills a homeless dog on a city road in Varna. The footage clearly shows the dog is encouraged and under the control of an owner, with the face of the perpetrator clearly seen, a little child standing nearby, cars passing by the horrid scene.

You can see the video at this link, although we recommend you don’t, unless there is a chance you might recognize the man in it.

The footage was shot by a journalist from his car window, he called the police immediately and a patrol arrived at the scene. Despite the fact that a crime has taken place by current Bulgarian law – neither the owner, nor the killer-dog were taken into police custody.
The incident takes place as attempts are being made to change Bulgaria’s penalty code to introduce smaller penalties to people who torture animals, especially in the part on organized dog-fighting. Your voice needs to be heard – make sure to voice your disapproval by signing THIS PETITION, or even better – sending your personal opinion by following the instructions in THIS LINK.

Whilst Burgas is heading in the right direction in regard to the responsible dog ownership culture and the expertise of the administration, our other big sea-side city – Varna is ready to be proclaimed “Bulgarian capital of perversion”.

After introducing a mid-evil Municipal Ruling that fines every person feeding a homeless dog by 500BGN, the mayor has drawn a halt to the constructing of new dog-parks with the motive that “the smell and ticks” from the pets being walked there will disturb the public.

We say NO to: Decrease of penalty for animal cruelty

Posted on 03 January 2014


Drowned in our transfer logistics we nearly missed an event of great importance. You would find it hard to believe, but the Bulgarian government has created a plan for changes in the Penalty Code and in the part where animal cruelty is described they want to lessen the penalties even more.

We believe that cruelty to animals is a crime and should be punishable as such. If that is your opinion too, you can send a message to:

Unfortunately, our leaders have chosen to put out the project for “public discussion” between Christmas and the NY celebration – we only have till TOMORROW to let them know we are outraged with their proposal.

The full text of the changes can be read in Bulgarian HERE.

A Happy New Beginning in 2014!

Posted on 31 December 2013

A few hours remain till the beginning of 2014. We greet it full of optimism, enthusiasm and a hope for a better future. At the dawn of the New Year we take a last look back – to all that has happened in the last year, to the spectacular change this one brought us in its final months.

In the many events that filled our year there is one that completely overshadows everything else- our new shelter, our Farm is now a fact! We now have our own place under the sun – a place for all those homeless souls we have not yet been able to help. From today and forever on, we all – humans and animals – are permanent inhabitants of the Farm. The last working day of the year was also the day of our last “goodbye” to the Bogrov shelter – the place that helped us connect with you…

Allow us to take you for a little nostalgic, but more optimistic photo-walk-through of our last days in 2013, so we can close the door behind us together and continue on with an even stronger speed toward our truly humane, professional, non-governmental, European shelter for the homeless animals of our city.

Bogrov Shelter 2010-2013

DSC09247 DSC09248

Three long years have we worked in the shelter. 2500 left it to go to warm, loving families. 5 700 were neutered. The people who worked alongside us in this quest know the amount of love, care, sleepless nights each 1 in these large numbers have cost us.

DSC09124 DSC09128

And so, the time came to take a last look about the place where we worked over the last 1000 days. Without the shelter team, the volunteers and the dogs these are just a few rooms in two buildings and only we – the people who did their best so that this place to run – know what it caused to be ran properly…

DSC09121 DSC09129

This place has seen its equal share of happiness and grief. We left it with no regrets, knowing that the time has come for something better; the time came for us to move on to the Farm!

DSC09101 DSC09103

The Farm & The Franziska Clinic 2014-Forever

1488658_10152533751049498_2066528428_n 1505019_10152533752559498_1459339355_n

We are now in our permanent home – the Farm! It became a fact of life with the efforts of thousands, really thousands of people in Bulgaria and all over the world – accomplished by all of us, it is our Grand Miracle, our tool to save thousands of lives, our proof that Bulgaria is yet to experience the Big Change – chosen and fulfilled by the people, not by the institutions of our little country.

1510689_10152533749469498_856156894_n 1512561_10152533749504498_226094280_n

It will take time to turn the Farm into a shelter, but the process has already begun. Join HERE if you would like to take part in the reconstructions at our new shelter. Many things need to happen yet, so the Farm becomes the place we dreamed of, but we have all proven that we do not wait for the apples to fall into our mouths, we know how to work to achieve our dreams.

1506775_10152533750434498_1846726223_n 1535593_10152533749559498_244017281_n

Much work is still ahead of us whilst we reconstruct and register the shelter and clinic, before we begin working full steam again, before we begin to admit, heal and re-home animals again. The Bright Future is out there for us and we cannot wait to arrive there with you, dear friends!



Check out LINK-1 and LINK-2 to see more photos of the work in progress 🙂

Happy New Year!

To all of you who are saving Life, to all you People With Big Hearts, to every person who has contributed to another’s happiness even by little, we say:

Let 2014 be filled with joy and advancement!
Let the new year bring you true happiness and satisfaction in life!
Let there be more light to shine your way when hardships come!
Let us stand strong together in the fight of a better and more civilized future of Bulgaria!

We wish you a wonderful New Year’s eve, dear friends!
Together we hug our silent, loyal friends with a promise – to work even harder for their happiness in 2014!


More help for the Farm from Germany

Posted on 28 December 2013

775 Euro were raised for the purchase of our Dream Farm by kind Mrs Marion Lucchesi of Hundehilfe Limburg!

64435_503919606358350_921006313_n 934691_497510120332632_1165210727_n 1552867_573125382762471_274933328_n

Cordial thanks to everyone who pitched in so the dogs of Sofia can have their place under the sun! And best regards to Marion for everything she is doing for the homeless dogs of Bulgaria in her work!

Wir haben nicht Deutsch können, aber hoffentlich wird es einfach zu verstehen:
Wir danken Ihnen von ganzem Herzen, liebe Freunde!

Christmas miracles by the Karnigradska fairies

Posted on 26 December 2013

560136_625287850866372_1808348321_n 1509677_622408114487679_1882812381_n 1536688_625389597522864_1064738450_n

BGN 3223 were raised for the Farm by the girls from the boutiques on Karnigradska street in the last fund-raising event of the year! With this accomplishment and the colossal success of the sale last month Marinela, Rayna, Inga, Rosalin, Vyara and all the lovely ladies from the Karnigradska boutiques remain on the leading position in our fund-raising campaign for the Farm!

1488294_628245770570580_1865132083_n 1508632_749842115045313_667769070_n 1525224_749841528378705_343476380_n

It was another amazing gathering – a combination of what is pretty and comfortable, what is useful and lovely! The fact that these amazing women exist in this unusual place of our insane city is life-comforting and inspiring – you really are fairies, girls: so kind, so good-looking, so hard-working – we really mean it when we say we think you are fairies.

478075_447105848684574_1784412216_o 1011655_687491364613722_224087217_n

Once again – huge gratitude to all that visited the Paradise Garage Boutique and Muse Shop for their Christmas shopping! And to our magic friends a bear hug – we may be a different sort of people, and surely not so elegant, but our kind knows what a True Friend is J Loads of love!!! LOADS OF LUCK!!!

More help for the Farm from the Unicredit Holiday Bazaar

Posted on 24 December 2013

margreta prodava

Exactly 1 304 leva and 84 stotinki were raised for the Farm by our adopter and great helper Margreta Panovska at the Unicredit Bank Bazaar! But we will let her tell you about what she and her colleagues managed to organize herself:

Many colleagues took part – some by little, others were very generous, we even had those clever people who don’t like dogs donating – so that the animals come off the streets finally. Having in mind that our initiative was not the main cause I think we did more than well. My personal message reached 300 colleagues – we surely have touched a heart out there, a friend was made.

Our main cause – The Parents of Children With Down Syndrome was very successful too – we raised over 3 800 leva! We proved to every prejudiced mind that human and animal causes are natural and don’t compete, instead they bring out the best of the people with kind hearts where “there is space for everyone!”

A very happy Maggie


image001 IMAG0358 IMAG0354

The fact that the Farm now belongs to the homeless animals is one that you, not us should take credit for – the people who decided that this place must be; the ones who organized countless charitable events and sales; who bought a few tons of calendars, t-shirts, post-cards, cups, cookies and sweets; who came to our exhibition, lessons, concerts and flash-mob; who donated whatever they could from their pay-checks every month of the 3-month campaign; the ones who know that if you want to see change – you have to be that change yourself. Our neighbors have a great word to express it – Aferim!

Adoption Weekend and Support at Pets&U!

Posted on 19 December 2013

We are very excited to announce that Sofia’s largest pet store Pets&U has begun a campaign to help the homeless animals in this city!

Да-помогнем-заедно kucheshkiyat-mol-pets-u-otvori-vrati-v-sofiya

The wonderful team behind the store has developed a truly effective fundraising scheme to aid the work of Animal Rescue Sofia and 4 Paws!

During the whole of December brands Brit and Royal Canin will be sold with a 15 and 10% donation benefiting one of the two organizations (the buyer makes the decision)!

Besides this serious financial support, an amazing event is about to take place for the first time in Bulgaria:

Instead of piling up blood money from the “children” of the dirty animal-trade Pets&U are giving a chance to the orphans of our shelter – helping them meet their new people in the Sofia city center!

Each weekend puppies from our shelter will be waiting for you at Pets&U! We start this week December 14+15!

Donate whilst feeding your best friend quality food!

During the whole of December you can purchase dog food and thus help our work financially!

When purchasing foods of the brand Brit *adult, 10-25kg* you donate:

  • 15 BGN of the 20 kilo bags (cost: 60 BGN)!
  • 5 BGN of the 3 kilo bags (cost: 15 BGN)!
  • 2 BGN of the 1 kilo bags (cost: 6,50 BGN)!

When purchasing foods of the brand Royal Canin *all kinds and packages* you donate:

  • 10% of the cost of your purchase!!!

The initiative will continue on in 2014 with different brands showing their support every month!
By buying these foods you are feeding both your and a homeless dog at the same time!



10 of the largest bags of “our” Brit were purchased at Pets&U by a generous lady (who preferred to remain anonymous) last weekend! But that is not all – she donated all 10 bags for the hungry throats at the shelter!!  We are truly grateful to everyone who is helping us out by shopping at Pets&U!!!

Adoption weekends at Pets&U!

We all know what a horrible, bloody business hides behind the sweet faces of the puppies and kittens that look at us from the pet-shop windows. The horrible conditions in which the dogs and cats for trade are bred and raised are the reason we never work with, nor shop from live-animal salespeople. We greatly respect the decision of Pets&U to never sell live kittens and puppies, no matter how luring they are for the customers.

What is more: Pets&U is giving a chance for the unwanted babies of the shelter to reach their families more easily! By smiling at the passers-by from the window of their store by Hemus hotel!

You are welcome to meet angels from our shelter at Pets&U this very weekend!
This is how things will go:

Our dogs will await their candidates at Pets&U on Saturday. There will be a shelter representative present to carry on the interviews and fill out some forms. At the end of the day or the next morning the approved candidates will receive a call from us to come adopt their new pal and fill-out a contract. The third obligatory meeting between us and the adopters will take place at their home or in the shelter (it’s an open choice).

Lisa and Kally were the first lucky ladies to go home thanks to the great initiative by the awesome people at Pets&U!

885026_588912677848164_1582275629_o 1476572_588912551181510_1227486411_n


(We are far behind on the happy stories of the dogs rehomed, but we hope to get your understanding considering all that is happening these days – we promise to make it up to you!)

The angels this weekend – 21-22.12.2013

Punktchen and Anton came to us along with 5 of their brothers and sisters. Kind people had taken care that they arrive at the shelter vaccinated and safe from illness, but they had unfortunately forgotten one thing just as important – to socialize them. The whole litter was terrified of people and most definitely didn’t want to have anything to do with us.

We put them in the first compartment of our Babytory and began working with them – every visitor at the shelter was forced to firs feed the babies snacks before any tasks were done. Vessy spent long, long days of talking, petting, hugging, feeding and all in all convincing this dear family that we come in peace and are more specifically their best friends. And since Vessy can be rather convincing the little puppies only put up a fight for a couple of months and then gave in to her charms.


Now the whole group would jump up as a string when a person is in sight! True – they expect every hand that is reaching out should be filled with treats, but what an enthusiasm, what a hope for the human kind! Balance has been completely restored in their hearts and our little heroes are no longer the poor shivering mice they were once, they are happy, smiling youngsters that would like nothing more than to go home.

Punktchen and Anton were born in May – they are about 6-7 months old. Both are completely healthy and have their vaccines, passports and neuterings done. They are really sunny creatures who will grow strong and happy in their new homes! The kids are waiting for you this weekend at Pets&U!


Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-ladies are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK


We thank Pets&U for this incredible support and their principle position on the welfare of all animals!

We thank you all for reading and hopefully sharing this initiative so it can reach a maximum number of people!

Free Spay/Neuter in Sofia

Posted on 18 December 2013

We are happy that Spay/Neuter is becoming more and more popular with pet owners

Dear friends, as we will need time to register the new shelter and clinic after reconstruction it will take a few months before we begin to neuter animals again.

This is an updated list of the places you can use:

The Vier Pfoten clinic in Bankya works with stray cats and dogs. Address: Bankya, 37 Alexander Stamboliysky str., Number:  +359 888 40 44 47.

The “Nadejda” shelter offers free spay/neuter to stray cats and dogs. Address: Sofia, Hladilnika, 48 Luba Velichkova str, Number: +359882040143

The only place where you can neuter owned (not homeless) dogs is the Municipal shelter in Seslavci. Number: 02/9314160, 02/9314164

DSC02909 pitbulche-3-450x299

It is heartbreakingly often that we have to perform last-minute life-saving surgeries on owned animals with pyometra. Please, be cautious, neuter your female cats and dogs on time (before they are 6 months old). It may be too late when you finally understand how important neutering is.


Posted on 18 December 2013


Dear friends,
dearest most wonderful people,
it is an honor, a happiness, a huge pride for us to announce that from today on and for ever – the Farm belongs to the homeless dogs and cats of Sofia!!!

It’s not going to happen” – were the words of the PR and fund-raising specialists we asked for ideas to help us make it through to the goal.

The goal is impossible to achieve” – was the qualification this dream got from the rich foreign foundations we contacted for help.

This is absolutely impossible in Bulgaria” – were the words we got when we were sent away from the most successful companies in this country.

We will make it, whatever it takes!” – was your reply exactly 78 days ago when we began the collossal battle to keep ARSofia working for the homeless animals in this city!


With the huge effort of hundreds of volunteers. With the generosity and faith of thousands of donors in and outside of Bulgaria. With the huge help of hundreds journalists and media. With the assistance of our colleagues abroad. With thousands upon thousands of letters, notes, invitations, calls, talks, meetings, events, arrangements, pleas, disappointments and successes…

Sofia will have it’s first non-govermnental shelter:

  • independent from the institutions, humane and European;
  • ran by the people who truly care about the animals;
  • open to everyone – volunteers, visitors and adopters 365 days a year;
  • with a clinic that will work 24/7 for the saddest animals in the city;
  • and a team that knows what to do and puts the animals’ interest first!

To everyone who donated,
To the amazing people that fought alongside us in this battle – organizing events, engaging friends, working hard in the logistics and the propagation of our cause,
To all that became part in fulfilling this dream,
We say:

YOU ARE MIRACLE-WORKERS, DEAR FRIENDS! You are the living proof that this country has the strenght and resource to go forward! You are the ones who managed to unite whilst everyone else looks for ways to discriminate and divide! You offered a hand of salvation to the most miserable, helpless, poor creatures in a time when everything around is going down with a yell “let’s shut this country down”! You are the reason the Bulgarian parliament has the motto “United, we stand strong”! You are the Humans that will make Bulgaria a better place!



Friends, it’s either that the calendar has got it wrong (only showing the 18-th as the date for today), or the Dog Christmas comes early this year. Because you made the homeless animals the biggest gift you could ever give them. You gave them a Home, you gave them shelter, you officially handed them the chance to be healthy, fed, loved and reach their families. You took care of them!

There aren’t words enough to describe our appreciation. No pint to say that we are touched, bedazzled, inspired, grateful, astonished… words cannot translate even 1/10 of the euphoria that has gotten hold of all of us today – humans and animals. We can only feel  humbled and take strength from you – the mighty people who said “we will do all we can to make our Miracle work”.

Bless you all, guardian angels! And may the Good you do come back to you ten times in a hard moment, because that is just how it goes in this world – as we say in Bulgarian “a giving hand never goes broke”. Today we are all richer than the richest man on this planet, because our hearts are filled with Faith, Hope and Love – they are worth more than all the treasures in this world!

With respect and grattitude,
The ARSofia team

IMGP2498 IMGP2494 IMGP2499
P.S. We will be publishing all the information about the “siege” of our new castle in the following days! Today we take our hats off for the Man who gave us the opportunity to buy the Farm in time by lending us a no-interest loan to fill-in what is missing, begin the reconstruction and move over.

P.P.S. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love you!!! HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HP raises 3816BGN for a new shelter!

Posted on 17 December 2013


So, what did our people at Hewlett Packard achieve at their clever Hands and Paws Bazaar:

  • They sold cakes and cards for 1701 lv. over the two days of the charity bazaar!
  • Additionally, they collected 1455 lv. from selling merchandise provided by Animal Rescue Sofia and our pals at Cat Friends!
  • They also have an order for 66 more calendars for next week!
  • And 28 of the HP volunteers visited the shelter at Bogrov last weekend!!!

Well, it will be safe to say that HP are the best! Well done, friends, thank you for being with us so many years and helping out with such a great enthusiasm!!!

1462155_10201708817296121_938676959_n 1482012_10201708817016114_1165353613_n 1462185_10201708752614504_140901359_n

A successful flea market charity sale!

Posted on 16 December 2013

4 200 from the first and 4000 BGN from the second edition of our charity flea-market were raised for the purchasing of the Farm thanks to the huge efforts of Anie and Stanislava!

The thanks are for you – the kind people who donated and purchased stuff from our improvised sale! Our warmest regards to Master Class and the professionals who work there for the hospitality! To the golden helpers Polly, Pepy, Lilly, Zira, Natalia, Leo, Violeta and Damyan – well done! And a huge hug to the person behind this miracle – the tireless Annie – not only for the hard work, but also for being the most wonderful, loving owner of our sweet tripod Popeye! Hurray!


Dear friends,
we invite you to take part in a weekend flea market organized by friends and volunteers of Animal Rescue Sofia!



It will be a sale of all sorts of interesting stuff – clothes, bags, accessories, books, and all sorts of curious and helpful objects. Vintage bags and retro cottlery, old coats, novels, lamps and helwery – whatever your heart desires. You will find all sorts of stuff – from cheap to special – who knows what treasures you will seek out. Come to the sale if you are already thinking about clever Christmas gifts or the most comfy woolen sweater to wear at home.


November 23 and 24 after 2 p.m. ion the study hall of Master Class center at Slavyanska 24 street, floor 2.


886495_726194144074945_1653268581_o 1397336_725047167522976_1909083324_o 1464089_726522710708755_1628275765_n


You can bring your own goodies to the place on the 22-th between 2 and 8 p.m. You can also bring stuff to the sale directly. We will take anything you don’t need, but is good enough to be used by other people – clothes, preserved shoes, household items, good books… Just make sure everything you bring is clean and in a good condition!


Every stotinka raised by the bazar is intended for the purchase of a new place for the Animal Rescue Sofia shelter to move and continue helping animals in need.


1412790_725655784128781_665653562_o 1467447_727549487272744_280393198_n 1470131_727413113953048_945945149_n