The Farm: what, why and how we made

Posted on 04 February 2015

As you know, we’ve been working in the municipal shelter “Bogrov” for 4 years. Thanks to this, we now know how exactly NOT to build a shelter. This knowledge, combined with consultings with our colleagues with shelters from abroad, we managed to make the dog house in “The Farm” in a different and a better way.

This is from where we started:


Here’s what and why we did here:

1.       The capacity:

In “Bogrov” we had 500 dogs, many times – even 600. This is why we can say that:

–          The atmosphere in a place with 500 bored dogs is not good nor for the dogs themselves, neither for the visitors.

–          Doesn’t matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t give individual attention to every single dog. The lack of communication with people affects the dogs really bad – soon they start avoiding strangers and this makes them unwanted for adoption.

–          A lot of adopters couldn’t make their choice, when seeing 500 dogs in front of them. This caused what we called “fast choice” – people used to choose only the ones who are different. The rest of the dogs became unseen and stayed in the cages for years.

 And this is why we decided to make “The Farm” with a smaller capacity –for 200 dogs. In this way, each one of them will live better, but also it wouldn’t affect the big number of saved dogs, because of their bigger chances for adoption. And faster a dog is adopted, faster his place will be taken by a new one.

2.       The kennels:

Each kennel has an inside and an outside part.

Many dogs in one kennel is never a good idea – soon or later they start fighting. The only worse thing is the complete loneliness. So, the options for big kennels with many dogs or smaller single kennels were out of the discussion. Double kennels appeared in our minds, but this would cause a new problem – when one out of the two dogs would be adopted, the remaining dog would suffer for his buddy. This is the reason why the kennels in our Farm are for 3 dogs each. That way if one of the dogs is adopted, the remaining will still have a friend and time to get used to the new dog.


Of course, there are also dogs that don’t get along with other dogs. Usually these are ex-pets, not stray dogs. So, 8 of the kennels are single.

3. The canals are outside the kennels – to avoid infectious and spreading diseases. Beside, in Bogrov we couldn’t give them toys, because they always ended in the canals. This problem is also solved now.


4. The floors are by polyurethane inside and polished concrete outside – easy to clean and great for disinfection. The aisles outside are rugged, so that the staff and the visitors wouldn’t slide when it rains.

Two of the kennels are also rugged – especially for orthopedic patients, with unstable walk – to avoid slipping.

 5. Inside, the kennels are closed with windows, instead of bars. The reason is simple – in each premises there are more than 20 “doors” to go in the outside of the kennels – if there were bars, the dogs would live in a constant flow of cold air.


 6. The heating:

Practically, it is impossible to warm up a building this size. In Bogrov we tried everything – radiant heating, gas, electricity and none of them moved the mercury. This is why we decided not try warming up the air and we made floor heating – that way the dog could just lie down on the floor if wants to get warmth. The floor heating will help us to keep the floors dry in the winter.


Time for gratitude:

The warmest and sincere gratitude to Mr. Dennis Smith, who donated for the reconstructions of our brand new dogs’ guest house! Thank you, dear Dennis,  for helping the hundreds we have and the thousands we will have in this home!

Our boys and girls who helped with everything they could!

The volunteers who helped us paint!


Well, dear dogs, congratulations for your new guest house!




Changes in the law

Posted on 19 January 2015

Sorry, only available in Bulgarian.

Food! Food! 2nd edition

Posted on 15 December 2014

We already told you that thanks to your purchases in Pets&U we received money enough for 1064kg food.

Yes, but for one month we need at least 3000 kg…

And here it is – 3ooo kg for the doggies in the Farm!





From where came the rest, you may ask.
The people who work in UbiSoft Sofia decided to collect some money for Christmas presents of the Farm!
This is how 1600 levs look like in dog food:



Thanks to the support of these two companies we won’t think for food supplies until next year:)
Thank you!

Food! Food!

Posted on 10 December 2014

We are so happy to let you know, that thanks to your purchases from the shops of our friends from Pets&U, this month we received exactly 1064kg for the dogs in the Farm!

Until this moment the whole amount from the beginning of the campaign, we got from our partners  11 665 kg.!

When you buy food for your pets, don’t forget that when you do it  from the shops of Pets&U and from their online shop, 5% of the value comes in the Farm!



Vanity bazar

Posted on 09 December 2014

For 15 days our wonderful calendars, T-shirts, mugs and sweatshirts were for sale in the bazar in “Universiada hall”!

10805239_10205226544893864_1764873315_n (1)

We raised 2498 levs for the dogs and cats in the Farm!
We want to than Ina Cherneva, who organized it, to the volunteers, who were there in the weekends to sell things and speak with the people and to our Kremena, who was there in the week!
And, of course, we want to thank all the people who took something from us and helped the animals!

10805327_10205226543773836_1427504402_n (1)

10694972_10205226544773861_940705869_n (1)

Money raised, money spent

Posted on 10 November 2014

We thank to all friends, who came to our Halloween party!
It was such a pleasure to see you all!

Together, we have raised 2660 levs! Thank you!



(By the way, Vicky, this year you  were fabulous!)

And now we want to tell you, how we are spending the money. As you know, we are still under the threat of  distemper, so accepting new dogs is not an option. This is why we’ve decided to take in some cats, which wouldn’t survive without our help. Here they are:

The first hero is Matzorani. A small kitten that made a big mistake! He tried to find a warm place and chose wrong – he entered into the engine of a parked car. The driver didn’t notice him on time. Matzorani came with really bad burns on his paws. One of them couldn’t be saved and was amputated.

Dear drivers, please, have in mind that someone like Matzorani might be hiding in your car ! Check, before you start the engine!



Matzorani was operated in Central Vet  Clinic and now is in a foster home.





Annie is a sweetheart. But her sweetness didn’t stop someone to kick her badly. So bad, that she came to us with eventratio (which is torn abdominal wall). She was operated and her life – saved! Now she recovers in a foster home.


And here’s the reason why all our cats are in fosters. Because in our infectious ward, we accepted 8 kittens with calici virus. They are under treatment , let’s hope they will survive.





We are always in a need of foster homes for the cats – a cage is not a good place for a cat, even for a short time. If you want to become one of our heroes and foster a cat – write us at


For the esthetes

Posted on 10 November 2014

We thank to Blagovest Zerliev – an artist and owner of a gallery, who kindly offerred us his help!
From now on, 30% of the value of all his wonderful paintings will be donated to the dogs from the Farm!


Each of his paintings will not only be a wonderful gift for you home or friends, but will remind you every day of the ones you and the artist helped!

4032 5

The gallery is situated at 19, Parchevich str. If you are about to buy a painting, buy it from there and help!


The calendar of the Farm

Posted on 05 November 2014

This year our calendar is EPIC!

Again, made by the wonderful creative studio “Wings” and starring dogs from our shelter. And not only dogs, after all, we are “farmers” now:)



You can buy it at Pets&U shops – at 25A blvd. “Cherni Vrah” (next to “Hemus” hotel) and  35 “Neofit Rilski” street.

And if you don’t live in Sofia, or cannot reach the two shops, you can order delivery at email:

Buy our wonderful calendar, help us keep on helping them!



Posted on 24 October 2014

Masquerade, masquerade,
Grab your mask and don’t be late
Get out well disguised
Heat and fever in the air tonight…

Helloween “Halloween”

The bigger, the best party is coming! Halloween masquerade parties of Animal Rescue Sofia have always been loud and croweded, creepy and fun!


Come again… if you dare!


Grab your mask and join us on Halloween!

Where? Cafe&Bar Barista, 9A, Pozitano Str., Sofia

When? 31st of October, Friday, 18:30h

Why? Because of the dogs, the fun and the party!

Entarnce: 10 levs and 1 smile



Posted on 19 September 2014

It was amazing! Our fundraising concert yesterday was such a joy for all!

10612760_10152295994882051_2350060887227515310_n10341943_10152296231762051_3883017753427030995_n 10538566_10152296231767051_5712324372343270961_n

But don’t you think we have only had a great time together! Thanks to all of our guests we managed to raise 7780 levs for our future clinic! THANK YOU!

Many thanks to:

  • The groups that played all evening!
  • The hundreds of visitors!
  • Our hosts from Mixtape5!
  • The sponsors 60K,, and Rock School BG!
  • I Hate Mondays Radio to organize it all!!!




ZOOlympics Sofia 2014

Posted on 12 August 2014

60K and Animal Rescue Sofia

Proudly present



When? August 23rd, 13:30 – 20:00h.

Where?  23, James Bourchier Blvd

What? Tennis table, table football and board game tournaments;

Why? Three animal welfare organizations are hoping that a fan of theirs will win!

For whom? Animal Rescue Sofia, Wild Animals and Friends with 4 legs

Prizes? For each discipline: 1/3 of the income from the entrance

Rules? Every guest can run into one of the tournaments and plays for  direct eliminations. The winner in every tournament decides  which of the three organizations will take the prize.

Entrance fee: 10lv.


 Shedule:                                       13:30 – opening the ZoOlympics

14:00 – tournament “Table football” starts

16:00 – tournament board game starts

18:00 – tournament “Table tennis” starts

20:00 – awarding the winners

And if you don’t feel like playing? You are still welcome and we’ll party together!
Everyone is invited!


A concert for the clinic of Animal Rescue Sofia

Posted on 08 August 2014

We are so happy to invite you to a charity concert on September 18th, 19:30!

We thank to the bands who agreed to entertain you and help our animals, to Vlado Ignatov from IHMRadio who organized everything and Gery Stancheva who made the wonderful poster!

Best regards to the sponsors 60K,, and MixTape5 where it will be held!

Come, have fun and help us to create a clinic at The Farm!


We’ll be waiting for you!