Money raised, money spent

Posted on 10 November 2014

We thank to all friends, who came to our Halloween party!
It was such a pleasure to see you all!

Together, we have raised 2660 levs! Thank you!



(By the way, Vicky, this year you  were fabulous!)

And now we want to tell you, how we are spending the money. As you know, we are still under the threat of  distemper, so accepting new dogs is not an option. This is why we’ve decided to take in some cats, which wouldn’t survive without our help. Here they are:

The first hero is Matzorani. A small kitten that made a big mistake! He tried to find a warm place and chose wrong – he entered into the engine of a parked car. The driver didn’t notice him on time. Matzorani came with really bad burns on his paws. One of them couldn’t be saved and was amputated.

Dear drivers, please, have in mind that someone like Matzorani might be hiding in your car ! Check, before you start the engine!



Matzorani was operated in Central Vet  Clinic and now is in a foster home.





Annie is a sweetheart. But her sweetness didn’t stop someone to kick her badly. So bad, that she came to us with eventratio (which is torn abdominal wall). She was operated and her life – saved! Now she recovers in a foster home.


And here’s the reason why all our cats are in fosters. Because in our infectious ward, we accepted 8 kittens with calici virus. They are under treatment , let’s hope they will survive.





We are always in a need of foster homes for the cats – a cage is not a good place for a cat, even for a short time. If you want to become one of our heroes and foster a cat – write us at


For the esthetes

Posted on 10 November 2014

We thank to Blagovest Zerliev – an artist and owner of a gallery, who kindly offerred us his help!
From now on, 30% of the value of all his wonderful paintings will be donated to the dogs from the Farm!


Each of his paintings will not only be a wonderful gift for you home or friends, but will remind you every day of the ones you and the artist helped!

4032 5

The gallery is situated at 19, Parchevich str. If you are about to buy a painting, buy it from there and help!


The calendar of the Farm

Posted on 05 November 2014

This year our calendar is EPIC!

Again, made by the wonderful creative studio “Wings” and starring dogs from our shelter. And not only dogs, after all, we are “farmers” now:)



You can buy it at Pets&U shops – at 25A blvd. “Cherni Vrah” (next to “Hemus” hotel) and  35 “Neofit Rilski” street.

And if you don’t live in Sofia, or cannot reach the two shops, you can order delivery at email:

Buy our wonderful calendar, help us keep on helping them!



Posted on 24 October 2014

Masquerade, masquerade,
Grab your mask and don’t be late
Get out well disguised
Heat and fever in the air tonight…

Helloween “Halloween”

The bigger, the best party is coming! Halloween masquerade parties of Animal Rescue Sofia have always been loud and croweded, creepy and fun!


Come again… if you dare!


Grab your mask and join us on Halloween!

Where? Cafe&Bar Barista, 9A, Pozitano Str., Sofia

When? 31st of October, Friday, 18:30h

Why? Because of the dogs, the fun and the party!

Entarnce: 10 levs and 1 smile



Posted on 19 September 2014

It was amazing! Our fundraising concert yesterday was such a joy for all!

10612760_10152295994882051_2350060887227515310_n10341943_10152296231762051_3883017753427030995_n 10538566_10152296231767051_5712324372343270961_n

But don’t you think we have only had a great time together! Thanks to all of our guests we managed to raise 7780 levs for our future clinic! THANK YOU!

Many thanks to:

  • The groups that played all evening!
  • The hundreds of visitors!
  • Our hosts from Mixtape5!
  • The sponsors 60K,, and Rock School BG!
  • I Hate Mondays Radio to organize it all!!!




ZOOlympics Sofia 2014

Posted on 12 August 2014

60K and Animal Rescue Sofia

Proudly present



When? August 23rd, 13:30 – 20:00h.

Where?  23, James Bourchier Blvd

What? Tennis table, table football and board game tournaments;

Why? Three animal welfare organizations are hoping that a fan of theirs will win!

For whom? Animal Rescue Sofia, Wild Animals and Friends with 4 legs

Prizes? For each discipline: 1/3 of the income from the entrance

Rules? Every guest can run into one of the tournaments and plays for  direct eliminations. The winner in every tournament decides  which of the three organizations will take the prize.

Entrance fee: 10lv.


 Shedule:                                       13:30 – opening the ZoOlympics

14:00 – tournament “Table football” starts

16:00 – tournament board game starts

18:00 – tournament “Table tennis” starts

20:00 – awarding the winners

And if you don’t feel like playing? You are still welcome and we’ll party together!
Everyone is invited!


A concert for the clinic of Animal Rescue Sofia

Posted on 08 August 2014

We are so happy to invite you to a charity concert on September 18th, 19:30!

We thank to the bands who agreed to entertain you and help our animals, to Vlado Ignatov from IHMRadio who organized everything and Gery Stancheva who made the wonderful poster!

Best regards to the sponsors 60K,, and MixTape5 where it will be held!

Come, have fun and help us to create a clinic at The Farm!


We’ll be waiting for you!

The Farm under construction

Posted on 01 August 2014

We never pay money for something we could do by ourselves. In the Farm it doesn’t matter if you are a manager, a vet or a keeper – if you have finished your daily work – you help no matter what.



The Daughter doesn’t want to wait any more for her own room, so she checks if D-r Ilieva works fast enough.




As you can see, the metal parts are almost ready.






And all alone in the office, Grandfather Rick (our oldest dog who’s 18 years old) waits to interview the candidates for adoption…



P.S. May be you will find this post boring, but we are so proud I couldn’t resist to show you, too:)

THEATRE INVITE: A story of people and dogs…

Posted on 08 July 2014


All stories begin with “Once upon a time…” But our story is different. We write it every day. Every hour each of us adds new lines in their hearts. So that there are no “abandoned dogs once upon a time”, we will play a story in the middle of the Farm’s construction grounds on July 12 (Saturday) from 16.30!

We will play a tale so we can make a home for those who never had one!
We will play a tale of friendship, of support and of pain shared in love.
We will play a tale for the four-legged kids at Animal Rescue Sofia!
We will play a tale together with the dogs, so they know they have us and we love them!
We will play a tale about love!

I hope to see you all – friends – new and old, friends who still carry the child within. And their kids too! It will be colorful, it will be theatrical, it will be a puppet-show. And it will be real!!!

I want to thank Children’s Film Studio and their art director Tzvety Lozanova for her support. She will bring the magic of puppet theatre to the Farm and make this Saturday a special one. The Children’s Film Studio will stage their “Pay It Forward” so there is a Tomorrow for our poor, silent friends in need.

See you there!!! The dogs will be waiting! And not just them! The Farm is also home to many cats and kittens, Lilly and Naomi the piglets, Marcho the baby sheep and Tzonka, the goat who says “Neeee” – all great friends of the kids!

Kindest regards,
(volunteer and organizer of this adventure)

SEMINAR: Introduction to animal therapy and training of dog-therapists, July 12-13, Sofia

Posted on 25 June 2014

Dear friends,
we invite you to become part of the first Bulgarian seminar in dog-therapy training on the subject: “Introduction to animal therapy and training of dog-therapists”.

The seminar will be lectured by Maria Bakarjieva, founder and owner of the DaDog training school.

65035_10152246688414418_998326017_n 551971_10151390138789418_322593364_n

The seminar will be held at the ATM hotel in Sofia on the 12-th and 13-th of July.
The first day will be devoted to theory entirely, whilst on the second – for the practical bit, we will be expecting you with your dogs.

At the end of the course the participants will take a test, based on which they will receive a certificate of attendance.

There is no fee for this seminar. We will be grateful to the participants who decide to donate something on their own account to cover the organizational costs.

For more information and enrollment you can contact Maria Bakarjieva on: +34 626 946 339, or write her at, or visit her school’s website:

The educational seminar will be held in Bulgarian entirely.

You and your animals are welcome to attend!

A march to support the adoption weekend

Posted on 09 June 2014


“A parade of the lucky dogs” is what Trud daily called the great march to PETS&U on 08.06 and they were right. We thank all the adopters who came to support the wonderful initiative on 08.06! It has been long since we have seen Kremy so happy – weekend after weekend she is the person to meet and greet adopters of our beloved babies at the store, now getting the opportunity to meet them all together.

Besides the pure joy of meeting everyone together at the march there are many benefits from this event – people who aren’t involved in our line of work learned about the Adoption weekends and three tiny babies got new names from famous God-fathers (well, mothers) – Milena Slavova, Nicole Stanculova and our great friend Leo Bianchi.

With all the difficulties and tasks of the reconstructions and living in the filed with the dogs while it’s all done it has been long, long since we’ve met on a happy occasion all together. Many thanks to PETS&U, or as we call them “our place in the city”, who give us this amazing opportunity and – hats off – fight as hard as we do so that the sad little doggies will get their chance to go home.

And let’s hope the next time we meet there will be even more of us! Amen.

I know what you did last month

Posted on 05 June 2014

Besides all the animal-related work at ARS – rehoming, treatments, neutering and caring for the 200 heroes at the Farm, despite the madness and difficulty to find funding for the reconstructions, we also do other things at ARS – trying to connect people to dogs outside our immediate reach. Please excuse us for not being able to tell you everything that has happened straight away, here are– in short – some of the things that have happened these last few weeks.

60K awesome paint job


A huge group of volunteers from 60K (in case you don’t remember – 60K call centers were the biggest corporate sponsor for the purchasing of the Farm and made the most successful  Shared Giving donation campaign) came to the Farm for walks and painting.

60K 60k2 60k4

The warehouse became surprisingly fresh-looking and all the dogs were walked, hugged, treated and cared for – just like it happens in their best dreams. Huge thanks to the young and enthusiastic team at 60K, they really are an inspirational group of people!

Kremi and Max at the PR Trursday

PR Thursday: What is bigger in corporate social responsibility – the cause or publicity? – this is a question that was answered by experts under the watchful eye and thanks to the assistance of lovely sweetheart Max – the shelter’s most favoritest of dogs.

max1 max2

The meeting was at the Sofia University Aula and this is the second time a dog was allowed to enter – the first was also one of ours, Grado was a guest at THE KEY forum last year.

Thanks to the organizers at the M3 College and greetings to Kremi and Max who did wonderful in sharing the cause with “our kind” of people!

Finishing the yards outside

With the laying out of the last “huge concrete” we have finished the most difficult work at the dog building at the Farm. The outside yards are covered, the inside rooms floors are finished too. We only have the special flooring to lay out, along with the windows and bars.

remont2 remont3

Sadly, the wonderful person who was making all the iron-work for us free of charge has suffered injury in an accident – we wish him a swift recovery! For now he was able to finish half, for the rest we are still to find funding. It is approx. 380E missing to be able to finish each of the 36 cages and get the building to operate, we are working to find this money every single day. Next are the cess pits, the water pump and pipes.

Gifts from the American college

The dogs received food and donations for medications from the students at the American College in Sofia!

kolej1 kolej2

Students and teachers brought a total of 463,60 and almost 40 kilograms of kibble to the dogs. On behalf of all our animals – many thanks! Unexpected gifts are always the most fulfilling.

Stella and Hans with the NBU kiddies

With sweet Hans in one hand and booklets from our educational program in the other Stella went to visit the pupils at the New Bulgarian Children’s University.

hans1 hans2 hans3

This week the children learn about animals in art and Hans came to also tell them about the animals in the streets. The little people were very unhappy to hear about his sad destiny and were certain there will be no more of this when they grow up and take things into their own hands.