I know what you did last month

Posted on 05 June 2014

Besides all the animal-related work at ARS – rehoming, treatments, neutering and caring for the 200 heroes at the Farm, despite the madness and difficulty to find funding for the reconstructions, we also do other things at ARS – trying to connect people to dogs outside our immediate reach. Please excuse us for not being able to tell you everything that has happened straight away, here are– in short – some of the things that have happened these last few weeks.

60K awesome paint job


A huge group of volunteers from 60K (in case you don’t remember – 60K call centers were the biggest corporate sponsor for the purchasing of the Farm and made the most successful  Shared Giving donation campaign) came to the Farm for walks and painting.

60K 60k2 60k4

The warehouse became surprisingly fresh-looking and all the dogs were walked, hugged, treated and cared for – just like it happens in their best dreams. Huge thanks to the young and enthusiastic team at 60K, they really are an inspirational group of people!

Kremi and Max at the PR Trursday

PR Thursday: What is bigger in corporate social responsibility – the cause or publicity? – this is a question that was answered by experts under the watchful eye and thanks to the assistance of lovely sweetheart Max – the shelter’s most favoritest of dogs.

max1 max2

The meeting was at the Sofia University Aula and this is the second time a dog was allowed to enter – the first was also one of ours, Grado was a guest at THE KEY forum last year.

Thanks to the organizers at the M3 College and greetings to Kremi and Max who did wonderful in sharing the cause with “our kind” of people!

Finishing the yards outside

With the laying out of the last “huge concrete” we have finished the most difficult work at the dog building at the Farm. The outside yards are covered, the inside rooms floors are finished too. We only have the special flooring to lay out, along with the windows and bars.

remont2 remont3

Sadly, the wonderful person who was making all the iron-work for us free of charge has suffered injury in an accident – we wish him a swift recovery! For now he was able to finish half, for the rest we are still to find funding. It is approx. 380E missing to be able to finish each of the 36 cages and get the building to operate, we are working to find this money every single day. Next are the cess pits, the water pump and pipes.

Gifts from the American college

The dogs received food and donations for medications from the students at the American College in Sofia!

kolej1 kolej2

Students and teachers brought a total of 463,60 and almost 40 kilograms of kibble to the dogs. On behalf of all our animals – many thanks! Unexpected gifts are always the most fulfilling.

Stella and Hans with the NBU kiddies

With sweet Hans in one hand and booklets from our educational program in the other Stella went to visit the pupils at the New Bulgarian Children’s University.

hans1 hans2 hans3

This week the children learn about animals in art and Hans came to also tell them about the animals in the streets. The little people were very unhappy to hear about his sad destiny and were certain there will be no more of this when they grow up and take things into their own hands.

Stibi’s Hundeparadies visits ARSofia

Posted on 02 June 2014

We were happy to have welcomed Sandra and Miriam of Stibi’s Hundeparadies to Sofia. You don’t know them in person, but you surely know them by their deeds – their organization has helped hundreds of Bulgarian dogs find loving homes in Austria!


Sandra and Nadia at the Farm

Our friends came to visit the dogs at the Farm, help out and bring a donation for our Spay/Neuter program in smaller villages. Many thanks to them and their donors for supporting neutering – although prevention is the best possible solution to the stray animal problems – few people choose to donate for is, as the impact cannot be seen directly. Unfortunately, there are still obstacles with the registration of the mobile clinic – we are in awe that the government is not interested in making it work as soon as possible, but then – we are in Bulgaria after all, hold on to your nerves.

Sandra and Miriam made sure to meet all our doggies, make photos and do their best to find loving homes to as many as possible in their country – Austria. Although it seems like something ordinary to the people here – it is much easier said than done, plus – our dogs “compete” with the poor animals of Romania, where they are being slaughtered by the thousands and the dogs of long-since-existed organizations in Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Once again – many thanks to the team, donors and volunteers at Stibi’s Hundeparadies for their lasting support and excellent care for our animals!

1922220_477949768998028_326280289_n 1662002_496685213791150_5962304768205408124_n

Miriam and volunteers at the Austrian Farm

WE INTRODUSE YOU TO: Lillemor the piglet

Posted on 30 April 2014

What is a Farm without a little pig in it?
We don’t know! Our Farm has one!!!


Dear friends,
it is an honor and great joy for us to introduce you to Miss Lillemor, a young new inhabitant of the Farm, who is a representative of the Sus scrofa domesticus species!


The lovely Lillemor is a wonderful, amazing piglet  – smart, social, kind, very curious and of course – hungry. She is about a month and a half old, but is already smarter than 10 dogs – an incredibly sweet and easy-going creature. She lived at Nadia’s for quite a while and all this time she used a newspaper for her toilet needs – from minute 1! Plus, she waited for Nadia to fall asleep so she can creep into her bed and cuddle at night!

DSC05141 DSC05142
DSC05138 DSC05143

Lillemor is a domestic pig – one of those who will live a short life in stench and darkness, just to be eaten up about Christmas time. She and her sister from the photos will not have the same destiny! The little sister has an adopter waiting and Lillemor is staying with us at the Farm – till the rest of her days.

DSC09605 DSC09610

In time, the Farm will provide a home not only to Lillemor the piglet, but also other farm animals. This way the kids who come to the shelter will learn about the animals, stoke a goat, cuddle a donkey, throw some corn to the chickens.

Especially for you, a touching video of Lillemor from her short stay at Stella and the poodles in the Sofia city center:

Could she be any more sweeter!?

Charity sale results

Posted on 28 April 2014


BGN 3150 for the Farm, its dogs and reconstructions were raised by the participants in the Spring Charity Sale this weekend!!! The funds will be used to purchase medications and materials for the reconstructions going on at this very moment.


– director Ana Vaseva (to us she is Ani, the “mom” of Popeye the tripod) – organizer and director of the charity sales!

– the smiling Diyana Ilieva from TEAM BG property sales company who let us use her office space for the event!


– the volunteers who helped with the sorting of stuff on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

– the people who donated their stuff for the sale!

– everyone who came to get something and scored such a large donation!

May your kindness come back to you triple!!!
From all our doggies – a wet, but sincere kiss for you all!

With your great help we hope the next big event we host will be in early summer – a sunny party to celebrate the opening of the first non-governmental shelter for dogs in our city! And meanwhile – our darling pupils will be expecting you for walks as usual – every weekend. You are always welcome!

Canals and heating laid out at the Farm

Posted on 16 April 2014

10170916_10202923514142524_4419689567836643107_n 10171150_10202923513902518_174950348711702222_n

After finishing the cell walls and digging up the floor, the workers at the Farm have begun to place the drains and floor-heating tubes.

The heating plan has a simple concept – since the building is too large, high and with many openings, it would be a useless waste of energy to try warm up the air. Having already tried gas, infra-red lamps and regular heaters at the old shelter, we have decided on a safer and more energy-efficient solution.

1013589_10202923515222551_1531189366827091627_n 1970714_10202923516022571_7875814763005318309_n

The large dog building is divided in two halls. Both of them will have a floor heating system circulating through every cage, creating a warm area for the inhabitants to sleep on in comfort and speeding up the drying process after cleaning in the winter. Combined with an adequate artificial flooring that keeps infection out and heat in, we should be able to provide sufficient, yet thrifty heating for the dogs. The estimated running costs of this concept are reasonable and hopefully, we will finally be providing all our animals with a nice warm bed for the coldest months.


We thank ANGRO construction materials for giving us the canals and floor heating pipes at a great discount! It is with the help of kind people like them that we manage to advance the works in such a great speed.

Reconstruction updates

Posted on 07 April 2014

Things are moving pretty fast in the Farm now that we have most of the permits and a big team of workers on the spot:

DSC04987 DSC05011

The cages are being built and the metal worker has already produced a good number of doors that will be put up as soon as the first hall is finished:

DSC05013 DSC04988 DSC04998 DSC05002

As you can see on the photos above – the human bath for the keepers and volunteers is finished – many thanks for the tiles, toilet and shower – all of them from a generous donation – we have only paid for the work. We also have some half-used water resistant paint that came in handy form Austria. And the doggy bath is being made just now as well:

DSC05000 DSC05003

The Farm yard is beginning to look different and much bigger as some dogs had to be moved to clear the space where the cesspit will be:

DSC05004 DSC05005

Here you can see the workers cutting the concrete floor for the sewage pipes. The canals will be outside the cages with separate pipes for each cage to avoid spreading infectious disease.

DSC04992 DSC04993

Our thanks once again to our great friends at KIROV professional equipment for the machines which we are using free of charge!

interest1328878232logo Kirov EN

BGN 5 567,33 from the old phones!!!

Posted on 07 April 2014

A whole container, or putting it to correct numbers – a total of 5 202 old phones were collected by you, dear friends, to aid the homeless animals through the most unusual and nature-preserving fund-raising campaign we have ever seen!


The mobile appliances were collected in total by the amazing Reusum Charity back in February and are now all priced and neatly packed on their way to Belguim for renovation or recycling. As you know, for every old, priceless phone, the company donated 1 BGN, the rest were bought at an international pricelist.

Thus – you didn’t just save nature hundreds of kilograms of toxic waste, you also made a great contribution to the Farm reconstructions – a huge donation of 5 567, 33 Bulgarian leva!

3 2

The Reusum Charity team and their little assistant Biggy are happy with your phenomenal achievement at the company’s office.

Thank you for joining us, dear donors!
Your activism and level of participation are tearing down the apocalyptic predicaments for our future on a daily basis. We are happy to know you, to be counting on you, that our dogs have such determined friends on their sides.


We thank the wonderful team at Second Life Electronics (the company behind the Reusum Charity brand) for their dedication and support!
Dear people, you’ve been more than awesome – it is rare to meet a team so hard working and friendly. A team of persons who care not only of their own success, but also for the development of the world around us, as pompous as it might sound – progress was always fired by engines like you. We wish you loads of luck!


We thank the kind people at, who gave up their share of phones to aid The Farm!
Just like us – “ – laws decoded” is a social project created people by people who want to change our reality. What they do is to “decode” the laws in a way that everyone can understand them, making people more aware of their legal rights. Their “Rights” sector gives you a specific situation and give you an idea of the rights you can use and the obligations you have: what you can do if you are stopped by traffic police; what’s a leasing and what needs to be known in advance about it; what your employer is allowed to fine you for; what are your rights as a rent-holder and many, many more – important stuff from our everyday lives – easy and free of charge. We use this website with a great relief and wish it a great future!


Dog’s life by Denis Buchel at Zoombox

Posted on 05 April 2014

1000 Bulgarian leva were raised for the dogs through the wonderful art exhibition of Denis Buchel photos at ZoomBox!
We cordially thank Emanuil Trayman and Rozalina Petrova from the ZoomBox center – the exhibition was all their idea and realization – a flawless event. The raised amount has already been transferred to us and it was used to buy medications and vaccines for the doggies at the Farm.


Denis Buchel is a young photographer with an extraordinary talent – you see yourself what a warm and unusual outlook he has on the world. It was our pleasure to see his lovely photos once again, we thank him for the help and enthusiasm, wishing him great success in the future!

1540513_772818072748080_129940760_o 1932725_772818069414747_839673490_o

“I was walking down the street and saw a dog. I stopped to take his photo. Then the next one appeared, and the next, and the next… I arranged them all together and that’s how the Dog’s Life cycle was created. I remember and recognize each of my “models” here in Sofia. My life has taught me to distinguish one person from another. There are good and bad, sad and cheerful, noble and greedy dogs. Just like people. Lately, I have preferred to take photos of dogs, instead of people. They don’t lie. And they don’t belong to anyone else, they are their own. They are free and that makes them different.”

Denis Buchel


There are still smaller prints of the photos available (the size of a postcard), pricing form 5 to 10 leva – you are welcome to drop by ZoomBox and chose your own. The photos are really very touching and real, each time you look at them, you find something new.


Spring charity sale – April 26-27

Posted on 01 April 2014


Dear friends,
we invite you to take part in a weekend flea market – a Spring Sale – organized by friends of Animal Rescue Sofia!


It will be a sale of all sorts of interesting stuff – clothes, bags, accessories, books, and all sorts of curious and helpful objects. Vintage bags and retro cutlery, old coats, novels, lamps and jewelry – whatever your heart desires. You will find all sorts of stuff – from cheap to special – who knows what treasures you will seek out!


April 26-27, from 12:00 to 20:00 at the “TEAM BG” office, on 23 Angel Kanchev str. (just where it crosses with Patriarch Evtimii)  SEE MAP

If you have any questions – just ask here, at THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK or write to Annie, the adopter of Popeye, who is organizing the event for us:


 An image from our last sale

You can bring your own goodies to the place on the 25-th between 12:00 and 20:00.
You can also bring stuff to the sale directly (on 26 and 27) – when you come to get something you like. We will take anything you don’t need, but is good enough to be used by other people – clothes, preserved shoes, household items, good books, trinkets… Just make sure everything you bring is clean and in a good condition!


Every stotinka raised by the bazaar is intended for the care of the 200 dogs at the Farm and our Spay/Neuter program which is to be restarted this month when our mobile clinic is registered.


First changes in the scenery

Posted on 27 March 2014

The cool team of Megaconsult Group Bulgaria don’t need to be urged and the dog building is starting to resemble a dog building. The kennel walls are being put up – each will have a little space inside and a little yard outside. The kennels are intended for no more than 2-3 adult dogs or a litter of babies, individual cells are also planned for the dogs who need to be alone.

1977471_10202786411075033_976686389_n 1017710_10202786410835027_268786641_n
It was surprisingly difficult for the constructor to figure out where the doggy-doors should be for the yard exits. The wholes are being made – most are under the windows.

1798414_10202786411795051_1659633803_n IMGP8306

With a mobile clinic at hand and many injured animals who need our assistance every day – we will try to find a temporary solution, at least for traumatology. A room in the building that will house our clinic when the funds are found, will host a number of injured animals whilst the reconstructions are going on.

IMGP8308 IMGP8311

It is a small space, for a few foldable crates with patients in them, but this way we will be able to help injured animals who need permanent care and cannot be fostered for treatment. To avoid disappointments, please note that we will not be admitting infectiously ill or skin-diseased animals.

We have a mobile clinic!

Posted on 22 March 2014

Dear friends,
we are very happy to announce that Animal Rescue Sofia now has a mobile clinic!

It is large, it is fully equipped, it is on the move, it is just what we needed!


As you know – it will take time and means to create our high-profile Franziska clinic. To have a well-equipped high profile dog hospital in the shelter will also take a lot of money – we are searching for it.

Meanwhile, in the three months that we haven’t been neutering (01-03.2014) it tuned out there are many, many people who count on us for the neutering of owned and homeless dogs – we even have a waiting list for “when you start operating again”.

Well, we will be “operating again” very soon! For now the mobile clinic will be parked in the yard of the Farm, so that our Neuter vets can begin working again, although in little rough conditions. And when  the Franziska is ready – the mobile clinic is going on tour to places where people don’t even know what the word “Neuter” means.

Our new mobile clinic used to live in Berlin, where it treated animals for many years. It is a Renault. It moves slowly, because the equipment is very heavy, but it came to Bulgaria on its own. The clinic is in excellent condition – very well preserved and spacious.

It is also completely autonomous! The water is held by two reservoirs – clean and dirty. There are solar panels on the roof which allow full independence, even if there is no electricity nearby.

03 04 08

Welcome, darling Tierambulanz, we wish you to be strong for many years and help thousands and thousands of animals!

The reconstructions have begun!

Posted on 21 March 2014

After we met and talked to a whole load of reconstruction companies. After we saw all sorts of pumped-up prices and vague promises. After we tore our nerves with people who for some reason think there is “plenty of cash in the dog-business”, it turned out that we had the right people at hand all the time.

1901134_10202623692167162_1883636649_n 1625509_10202745327767976_455408640_n

We are glad to inform you that Mega Consult Group Bulgaria will take on the most important part of the reconstructions. They are people whose professionalism is known to us, we just didn’t know they also deal with our kind of needs.  We are very glad that things turned out this way – precious money will be saved, their offer is almost twice cheaper than the next in line, but they are also great friends of the animals and do good work.

Before they begin to put up the cages, a careful marking must be put out where things will be – the floor heating pipes, the corridors, walls and etc. First we will raise the walls (transparent after 1,50m) with the concrete blocks we have purchased, then we will make the floor with the angle needed for proper washing (each canal must be separately tied, so that infections don’t pass from one cage to another), finally we will place the canals and the special floor covering (no more cold concrete!). Meanwhile we have the first “portion” of metal bars and doors ready made by our fab ironman (it is much more difficult to put holes all over a building than you would think), and for the windows we are still waiting for a better offer, but they are the last to be put in anyway.

1187276_10202745326647948_2084543914_n 1939446_10202745325887929_1608131550_n

That’s it, folks! We are on the move! First we will do one side of the building, then the other (it is separated in 2 blocks), so we can get as many dogs in as possible as soon as we can.

Again, we thank all the companies that have minimized their prices for us; we thank Kirov for giving us the special instruments we need free of charge; we thank our awesome volunteer ironman Stanimir – who has been making doors and cages after work for quite some time now; to all of you who help any which way you can.

In the days ahead we will try to tell you more about the centers we visited in the UK (Dogs Trust) earlier this year when we were planning our shelter. Well, of course, this is not Britain, but we promise you that together, we will have made the best Bulgarian shelter!