Anti-Violence Campaign – Support Mima

Posted on 04 April 2010

Mimi’s sad story has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in Bulgaria and arround the world. A huge campaign to incriminate animal abuse is in action – many NGO’s are working together to change the Penalty code.

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Off we go – on the road to Germany

Posted on 31 March 2010

Tierheim Kranenburg welcomes 10 survivors to a new life! Marcey, Mirca, Marry, Sally, Ully, Kate, Ushi, Fluffy, Blacky and the only boy on board – Freddy are granted a chance for better and safer life. Special thanks to Mr.Tenbieg and the crew for giving them the opportunity to start over again.

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Back from Austria with 2 tonnes of food!

Posted on 30 March 2010

The bus has come back from a long journey to Austria where 10 dogs found their new chance for life in the capable hands of Andrea Krieger and AnimalHope Nitra.

Our warmest thanks to ATIN Aktion Tiere in Not e.V. who’ve sent us 2000kg food for the dogs of Seslavci and Bogrov!!!

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Vaccinating the dogs in Seslavci

Posted on 29 March 2010

The 120 dogs of Seslavci were vaccinated by volunteers. Seslavci has a permanent set of illneses for the dogs and vaccinating is extremely important. The governtment only vaccinates them against Rabies and the rest is up to the illness to decide…

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Posted on 26 March 2010

5 year old Mimi from Drianovo got her legs chopped off with an axe and all the criminal can get is a small fine.

WARNING, еxtremely graphic:

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Our banners are here to share

Posted on 21 March 2010

You are more than welcome to help us by spreading the word about our work.

Save our banner by right-clicking on it. Please, re-direct it to :

Thank you!

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URGENT: fosters needed!

Posted on 11 March 2010

We are in URGENT need of foster families – please contact us to offer a temporary home to some of the lovely babies below. Continue Reading

ARS: Children & Dogs

Posted on 10 March 2010

There is a strange trend of thought in Bulgaria – that it’s “children VS dogs“. We at ARS beleive quite the contrary is true. And here are some lovely drawings by children from the Netherlands whose families have adopted Bulgarian dogs. They are so heartwarming: Continue Reading

550kg of food have arrived from the Nerherlands

Posted on 23 February 2010

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Our Partners from the Netherlands visit Bulgaria

Posted on 12 February 2010

Feb 3rd to 7th, 2010:

Eight Dutch volunteers of Animal Rescue Sofia came to Bulgaria for a 3-day visit during which various issues related to helping homeless pets were discussed. Continue Reading!

Posted on 11 February 2010

At last we have a web-page… We care more for the dogs, than we do for publicity!
The launch is on 20.02.2010 – come back and see all the information we’ll be adding for you.
Warmest regards,
ARS team

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