Stubborn enough to work

Posted on 19 September 2018

Dear friends,
Did you know that there are no homeless cats in Bulgaria?

You may see and hear them all the time, but they don’t exist. Or at least this is how Bulgarian food safety agency says.

These cats don’t exist

And, because they don’t exist, they don’t need treatments, castrations or homes. These were the motives we were denied permission to rehome 5 cats in Holland.

If anyone didn’t get it. Our rehoming program for cats was banned by Bulgarian food safety agency – Sofia, because THERE ARE NO STRAY CATS IN BULGARIA!

Dear friends,
You know us. We don’t expect the institutions to help us in our work, although our work is for the good of the society as well. But we are so tired of working despite the efforts of the authorities to stop us!

“Franziska” clinic needs you! Part I

Posted on 10 August 2018

Summer in the city. There is a vet clinic nearby. This is “Franziska” clinic – a place, where the only chance of many stands.

Even in the hottest weather, when people think of seaside and sand, there is no stop for “Franziska” – so many animals are in need of help!


This adorable little girl is sick. She has parvovirosis. Probably that was the reason she was thrown away. Literally thrown. In a way, that she broke her paw.

Now the poor baby not only fights with the deadly virus, but with the pain of her broken leg, too.
We have waited, until her life is not endangered by the parvovirus but the bones of the puppies heal so fast, that we must make the surgery as soon as possible.

Gergana’s operation will cost about 250 BGN and the puppy will deeply appreciate your help!


Actually, Sparrow has no idea he is in a need of help. Take a look at his photos – he wants to run and play and sometimes, just sometimes, when his paws does not listen to him, he falls down and wonders what is happening.

His condition is inherited and, unfortunately, will get worse and worse while he is growing. If we don’t do anything for his legs, he will end up like Emma (see below).

Sparrow must go for corrective osteotomy in the Central Vet Clinic and it will cost not less than 500 BGN. Or may be more. 

And the worst part is – it is not going to be his only operation.

Sparrow’s paws are getting more and more curved…

…and if we don’t do something, soon he won’t be able to run – something he loves!


We heard of Emma for a first time on Facebook – she was dragging herself on the streets of Petrich.

Normally, we all have decided she was hit by a car or something. After her arrival at “Franziska” and the scanner, we found out she wasn’t – she was born with her condition and through the years it came worse and worse, until the moment she couldn’t walk any more.

She can get much better, if the golden hands of Dr. Zlatinov do their job right. But it will cost a lot.
Emma needs your financial support, dear friends! Her surgery will cost about 500 BGN…

We don’t always take cats in our dog shelter, but when we do, they are in a desperate need of help and no other chances.

No surgeries will help Malina. Her spine is broken and she will never walk again.

We have some wheel chairs here, but none of them is cat size. If you want to help Malina to live better, please donate for her wheelchair, which costs 300 BGN!

Dear friends,

Summer is anyway difficult for us, but with so many patients in our clinic – keep on working looks impossible!

Gergana, Sparrow, Emma and Malina are only a small part of the animals in need – we will soon introduce the others as well.

Please, donate  and help us help them!

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Two weddings and a supermarket

Posted on 08 August 2018

We don’t hide it – without your help, our “Farm” wouldn’t exist. Every rescued animal in our clinic, every new home found – this is only, because of people like you!

People, like Diana Nedkova-Butanska, Victor Butanski and the guests on their wedding!
Helped by their furred best man, they donated 600 BGN to the Farm!

Victoria and Ivan also thought of our dogs on the happiest day in their lives! Instead of flowers, they raised 300 BGN for the doggies!

One more “Thank you”we want to say, but this time to a… supermarket.
Our dogs deeply appreciate the canned and dry food and the treats they got from “Billa”!

Thank you, dear friends! Only together we can help!

Our wonderful wonder making T-shirts are here!

Posted on 11 July 2018

New summer, new edition of our charity T-shirts, new option for you to support “The Farm” and the clinic!

All sizes and colors can be find at Zooland!

The address there is Sofia, 6, Parvan Toshev str.

For now there is no option for online order, but we thank you for the effort to support us, by buying our T-shirt!

Hospital at the end of the city

Posted on 18 June 2018

When your job is your mission, there is no day off. Summer holidays are something for the other people – the vets and the dog carers in “Franziska” clinic are needed here.
At the moment we only accept patients in life-threatening conditions, but even though there are 36 dog and 12 cat patients.
You know part of them. We will introduce another part. And a third part will not even mentioned, before they are fully recovered (or pass away) and their places are taken by the new ones…


Whose heart didn’t tremble and abandoned this sweet girl and her puppies on the street – we don’t know.

What we know is that Beba is a young and sweet pekingese, abandoned after she gave birth to her non-Pekingese puppies. Small size pet with puppies wasn’t going to last long on the street…

She has one eye that may be is blind forever. But yet, we prefer to consult the ophtalmologist d-r Maria Savova, before we say more.


Foxy is an amazing girl. Beautiful like a doll, she came to us with a broken paw.

X-rays proved she was shot. There was no time to wait – the bone has already started to heal and we wanted to avoid the need of breaking it again. So, today she was operated. We still need to pay 250 BGN for her operation.


Bonny and Clyde recently came in our neighborhood after castration, although we have never seen them before that.

Soon after that we received a call for an injured dog. The story is long, and we don’t know for sure any part of it – the police though promised to give us details later.
For now we know someone shot Bonnie and started beating her with a metal pipe. Thank God, people saw it and called the police. We will keep you updated on any information about the case.

Meanwhile, we must take care of Bonnie – her shoulder was broken into pieces and nothing would be worse than waiting more…Which means 250 unpaid levs more…


Emma is unusually nice, small size girl. We saw a video of her on FB few days ago – a small paralized doggie, crawling on the streets of Petrich on her front paws. We knew we have no money or place for a dog like her, so we waited, hoping someone else will help her. On the third day she was still on the streets and our hearts were broken, so she came to us. The X-ray didn’t give us answers – we must invest 200 levs into a scanner to know if there is something that can be done for her.

No doubts, Emma is a difficult case and will only stand a chance to stand up, if the best of the bests operates her – Dr Vladislav Zlatinov from the Central Vet clinic. A place, where we are too ashamed to step – with or without Emma – because the amount we must pay for Xrays and examinations is over 3 500 levs…


Brooklyn is only one of the many skin patients we take care of.

They all will very much appreciate some special food for skin ill dogs.


There are too many puppies in need. The blind one from the above doesn’t even have a name – we call it just “one of 8 from a school”… It also needs to visit Dr.Savova…

Dear friends,
We know this post is too long and probably – too heavy to bear.
But, trust us – if it is too heavy for us to write it and too heavy for you to read it – they must live it!

Please, help us help them! We don’t even want to sum the amount we need, but if you think they deserve it, please donate:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

Thank you!

Oversea Behaviour Workshop – 21.06-24.06.18

Posted on 25 May 2018

Dogs trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, caring for over 15,000 dogs a year across 21 rehoming cenres.

Dogs Trust’s sister charity Dogs Trust Worldwide, focuses on sharing their experience with other animal charities around the world to improve dog welfare.

They will be delivering a free Overseas Behaviour Workshop (OBW) in Sofia, Bulgaria, in partnership with Animal Rescue Sofia.


The 4 day workshop taught by qualified Training and Behaviour specialists focuses on understanding dog behaviour through theoretical teaching and practical demonstrations, covering topics ranging from training methods, assessing body language and stereotypical behaviours; to dominance theory, enrichment, socialisation and improving adoptions.’

The speakers:

Steve Goward:

Steve Goward is currently the Behaviour Development Manager at Dogs Trust, in the United Kingdom, where he is responsible for identifying and managing staff development needs specifically in Dog Training and Behaviour across different areas of Dogs Trust activity. Steve started as a volunteer at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, back in 2000, whilst studying animal welfare as a mature student at a local college.  On completion of his diploma he became a full time canine carer where he built up his experience working with dogs in a kennel environment, and in 2004 he took over as the Training and Behaviour Advisor for the Shrewsbury centre. After 6 years in this role, he was promoted to Deputy Head of Canine Behaviour & Training where he supported all of the Dogs Trusts centres across the UK with staff training and advice on behaviour and welfare.

Steve has studied canine behaviour to enable him to help dogs that are struggling to cope, both in the kennel environment and once they go to new homes, as part of the aftercare offered by Dogs Trust.  He has presented case studies and spoken at seminars including the Dogs Trust International Companion Animal Welfare Conference (ICAWC), the Scottish Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Association of Charity Vets, The National Dog Welfare Conference Chennai India, Cancun University Vet Dept. and the National Dog Technical Support Group.  He has spoken on subjects including stereotypical behaviours, learning sets, dog aggression & learning theory, welfare and quality of life, positive training methods and safe dog handling.  Steve has presented workshops on behaviour at shelters in many countries all over the world.

Jenna Kiddie PhD, Canine Behaviour Manager

Jenna Kiddie is currently the Canine Behaviour Manager at Dogs Trust in the United Kingdom, where she works collaboratively with colleagues across Dogs Trust to create and review dog training and behaviour materials and to advise and implement policy changes.

Jenna’s interest in shelter animal behaviour and welfare developed during her time at Bristol Veterinary School, UK, where she completed a Senior Clinical Training Scholarship in Cat Behaviour and Welfare, funded by Cats Protection. Since then she has developed this interest further by gaining a PhD in the assessment of kennelled dog quality of life at the Royal Veterinary College, funded by Dogs Trust, as well as working as an Education Officer with the Scottish SPCA and as a Scientific Officer for the RSPCA’s Companion Animal Department. While she was a Teaching Fellow at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, and then as a Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Anglia Ruskin University Jenna began to share her knowledge and skills with students, academics, and other animal behaviour and welfare stakeholders internationally, as well as in the UK, through lecturing, presenting at scientific conferences, and running behaviour workshops at local animal shelters.

The course will be entirely in English and the places are limited.
If you are interested in attending the course, please contact us before June 5th at:

Living on the edge

Posted on 02 May 2018

We don’t hide the situation of “The Farm” is close to a disaster – it has been like this for months and gets worse each day.

Medicines, dog food, supplies – we decide either we buy them or not on spot – day per day and our unpaid bills only become bigger.

Most of the dog carers already left – because of the constant delay of the salaries. Thank God for the really devoted people who stayed despite all.

We even consider reducing the number of the staff members and the dogs at half in order to survive during the summer…

For every expense out of the anyway low budget, we ask for your help.

And in this situation, we must decide:

To bring them home or not?

Transporting dogs to Germany is an expensive task.

May be something we should from now on consider luxury and stop doing it?
Or, may be, it is something that you, our donors should decide?
Here are the ones that have a chance to travel:

Fitz and Sivana

Fitz and Sivana are brother and sister. Their owner abandoned them back in 2011, when they were 5 years old. Several years later a chance appeared for Fitz and he was adopted.
We were very, very happy, but… Sivana stopped eating. She was depressed and sad. Only a week after Fitz was adopted, she was exhausted and we had no choice, but calling the adopters. The information they gave us wasn’t good as well – Fitz was depressed and howling all the time.
As the adopters couldn’t take Sivana, we had no choice but taking Fitz back. The happiness of their reunion was something that proved – the only way we would again rehome Fitz and Sivana was together.
Finding a home for one old dog is very hard. Finding a home for 2 old dogs together…well… impossible. Until  now. Fitz and Sivana have a home in Germany – visited and approved by our partners there.



                                                              Axel Bently

Someone found this wonderful dog roaming the streets of Sofia. We took him immediately – he looked like he was hit by a car and the X-rays proved it. But it was a long time ago and his spine was broken. Why is he walking was an enigma for the vets. And because they couldn’t say why he was still walking, they also couldn’t predict his future condition. Probably the lack of guarantees for his health is the reason he couldn’t find his people in Bulgaria.


She is young and beautiful – an easy goal for rehoming. And she was adopted. And then turned back to the shelter. And then adopted again. And then we took her back, because living on a chain was not how we were promised she’ll live. Pollyana has a chance for a new beginning. Finally.


She came here with her puppies and as often happens – they were adopted and she stayed. Big, black dog – normal.

The teenagers

Dogs aged from 7 to 11 months. They have different backgrounds – some had homes, some foster homes.




The common between them is they can go to Germany…or stay in Bulgaria and spend the next few years waiting, like Fitz and Sivana have waited for their chance for 7 years!


Dear friends,

We try to avoid being overdramatic, but this time your help is a question of survival for us.

Not only for the transport, but for The Farm as well. Thank you!

Please, help us continue our work by donating:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)


Together we help!

Posted on 05 January 2018

Sometimes we feel so alone and desperate – all the medical cases and people who abandon their pets makes us feel we fight windmills.

But moods like this pass really fast – because the good people we meet are more, because the animals we help together are getting more and more every day!

We haven’t met the holidays alone – you, dear friends, helped us in keeping our animals well fed, warm and happy!

So many of you came to walk the dogs, to buy a calendar, to make a donation or just to take a look, that we have forgotten all the bad thoughts.

Once again the teachers and the students in the English-American School didn’t forget the 200 farmers! They have collected and donated 560 BGN and also spent some time with the ones they are donating to!

The fan clubs of Arsenal and New castle in Bulgaria proved they care not only for football, but for good causes as well – they donated 740 BGN! With the money we have bought much needed tests for infectious diseases! Lets’ hope these tests will always be negative and the mood of the donors – positive!

“Raven and cannonball” bar have donated 484 BGN!

And all this money were only spent on the dogs, because there was no need to worry about their warmth this winter!
And this happened, because we have received this amazing view:

10 tones of pellets! The amount, needed for the clinic and the shelter for the whole winter!
This miracle happened thanks to Kamen and Velislava!

On behalf of the sick and unfortunate,
On behalf of the sad and abandoned,
On behalf of the hundreds who get a chance for health, happiness and new homes
through us,
we want to tell you THANK YOU FOR CARING!


Calendar 2018 – a fairy tale that helps!

Posted on 29 November 2017

Wait no more – our amazing charity calendar is on sale!
Once again the awesome Creative Studio Wings have made a miracle!

All dogs in it are from our shelter “The Farm” and through purchasing it, you help us help them!

The price for a calendar is BGN10. If you decide to order online – there are also transport costs.
Please note, the shops that sell it do not profit, they are only doing it to help the suffering animals on the Sofia streets.


Bulgaria MALL

69, Bulgaria blvd at INFORMATION

Zooland Strelbishte

Major Parvan Toshev 6 str.

зооленд стрелбищезооленд лого

Pets&U Hemus
Cherni Vrah 25A blvd.

петс хемуслого петс

Pets&U Neofit Rilski 
Neofit Rilski 35 str.

петс неофитлого петс

Pets&U Mladost
Alexander Malinov 91 blvd.

mladostлого петс

Online shops

The charity calendar can only be purchased by cash on delivery.
Since the earnings are a donation and are not part of the shops’ ordinary item exchange it is not possible to pay by bank or credit card.


Zooland Online


Delivery is paid by the buyer, cash on delivery method only.
The store works with RAPIDO  by the company price-list.


Pets&U Online

logo pets

Delivery is paid by the buyer, cash on delivery method only.
The store works with DnD courier services.


Delivery is paid by the buyer, cash on delivery method only.

Thank you!

A cry for help: Rayna

Posted on 30 October 2017

Close your eyes! Remember! Remember the human, the shotgun, the horror, the pain! Be afraid! Run! Survive!
Rayna. Shot in the face with a shotgun. Horrible pain, caused by a human being. A postponed death in agony…

When we met Rayna for a first time, she was petrified by fear of humans. For her any human was the monster with the shotgun, the ogre from Opitzvet village.


Close your eyes! Remember! Remember the human, the caring hands, the love. Enjoy! Love! Live!

It is again Rayna’s life, but here, in The Farm. Her entire body is filled with love and joy and her tale never stops wagging.

We already told you the story of Rayna before. It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? To survive with such a wound, in such a pain, with severe infection; without an upper jaw, without any hope. And yet… there is hope. And this hope is in our hands – mine, yours, hers…

To live a normal life, Rayna cannot stay like that – there are too many infections with an open wound like that. After long discussions, X-rays, scanner, Dr Vladislav Zlatinov has an idea – bold and innovative, and also – expensive.
But an idea, that is Rayna’s only hope.

Dr Zlatinov would try to do the impossible – titanium implants grafting, blood-supplied bone grafts from fragments of the lower jaw, which will replace the upper jaw and will not only prevent the constant infections she is having but will also help her breath and eat normally. The whole procedure is a precedent in the veterinary medicine and can only be compared to important achievements in a very progressive humane medicine.
The price of the titanium implants and the surgery is too much for us – about  1000 – 1500 Bulgarian levs (500 – 750 euro).

We can’t help her alone. Could you help us help her?

If you want to be part of Rayna’s only hope, you may donate at:

Via bank transfer:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF
IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG

еРау: 2326683315
Or at spot in
Thank you!

04-11.09 Spay/Neuter Marathon with the Worldwide Veterinary Service

Posted on 30 August 2017

Well done, people!

We expect you at the Farm at the right day and time!

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that this year the awesome vets from the Worldwide Veterinary Service are back for not one, but two Spay/Neuter Marathons! The first one is already open for appointments.

Spaying and neutering is free for both homeless and owned cats and dogs.
Dates available: 05 to 10.09
Make an appointment: 0879 022 672


The Worldwide Veterinary Service helps people like us all over the planet, by sending volunteer vets to support the local groups. This is the second neutering campaign we are doing together. Last year besides the two teams of lovely nurses and veterinarians they also sent us an autoclave – we use it to sterilize the clinic’s surgical instruments.

We are really happy to be working together again and are expecting you and the animals you care for at our clinic. If you don’t manage to make an appointment now, you can make sure you’re ready for October.

The next Spay/Neuter Marathon with WVS will be: 10-20.10.2017

GALLUP: 50% of the dog owners dump their unwanted pups

Posted on 27 August 2017

A poll by Gallup International, ordered by animal welfare NGO Animal Rescue Sofia shows there are 2 400 000 owned dogs in Bulgaria in total. The number of dog owners equals the number of smokers in the country, two third of the dog-owners also have a cat.

Two shocking facts have surfaced in this study:
-80% of the owned dogs in Bulgaria are being cared for outside the house;
-50% of the owners admit that they dump the unwanted puppies their dogs produce.

The stray dog problem in Bulgaria will not be solved until true control is enforced on dog owners and responsible dog ownership is introduced through an education program, Animal Rescue Sofia comments.

“Only 17% of the owned dogs are neutered, and that is only in the cities” said ARS spokeswoman Stella Raycheva for Btv. She adds: “In the 4 years since the efforts to decrease the dog population began, the Ministry of Agriculture has not fined a single person for pet abandonment.”

– – –

A more detailed analysis of the survey can be found PDF HERE (sorry, Bulgarian only)

S. Raycheva comments the poll for Btv – VIDEO HERE (sorry, Bulgarian only)