ARSofia – ladies first

Posted on 24 September 2010

A survey we made to find out more about our supporters showed that 3/4 of ARS supporters are women! Allmost all of our supporters are between the age of 20-34. The education of ARS fans is 2/3 university degree, and most of our friends with elementary and highschool education are still in school.

See the whole presentation:

Animal rescue sofia survey sept 2010 engKind regards to Martin Miliev who went all the way to make a survey, collect and analyze data and make this useful presentation!

Studio WINGS – photoshoot for the 2011 ARSofia calendars

Posted on 22 September 2010

Our kindest regards to the wonderful people at Creative studio WINGS who’ve offered to make us a beautiful callendar for the year 2011. It was a photoshoot to remember – 15 dogs and 2 kids + a huge crowd of adults, all guided by the 2 photographers with nerves of iron! With a great attitude and a great mood the nearly 10 hours of shooting had a fabulous result: beautiful photos for our upcoming callendar for next year. Can’t wait to see what Wings will create this time! THANK YOU, girls!!!

ARSofia in Trud weekly

Posted on 22 September 2010

“Taking care of dogs as if they were little kids” is the title of a whole page article devoted to our work in Trud weekly:

ARSofia in Dnevnik daily

Posted on 21 September 2010

Shelter Bogrov features in Dnevnik’s “Big photo” under the headline: “Offering a home to a homeless dog”. See the whole bit HERE. Kind regards to photographer Krasimir Yukseseliev for the lovely photoreport.

ARSofia on TV7

Posted on 20 September 2010

A report on TV7 about our great Food party can be seen HERE!


Posted on 20 September 2010

1650E were collected by the guests of Animal Rescue Sofia’s culinary party for the dogs of Bogrov! Our kindest regards to all our 164 friends who came this sunny Sunday afternoon to show that they care and have a good time with us. Thank you for the tasty food, the funny games and the great atmosphere!

For those of you who couldn’t make it – the concept of the party was that everyone can bring something tasty they made at home and than each guest would get five stickers with which they could mark the dishes they enjoyed most. The champions are as follows: 1-st place – Tzvety with her amazing truffels; 2-nd – Misheto with her sculpture-cake; 3-rd – Helena with her cake. We had some really amazing entries, the food was whiped out! A few huge bottles of wine still remain, what a shame, we’ll have to finish them for you!

Our big thanks to Leo Bianchi who was our special guest with TV7 and to Mihaela who once more did a fabulous job making special earrings and kechains for us! Thanks to everyone who bought one of our cups, jewlery or t-shirts. Thanks to Rose Valley winery for the lovely wine! We’re already planing our next party for Helloween – still looking for a place, chip-in with any seggestion where we could do it for free…


See some short clips from the party, made by our friends at! The atmosphere:

Friends and volunteers of Animal Rescue Sofia associate “Homeless animals” with one word – comapssion, frendship, misery, castration…:

The guessing game – contestants have to try 3 foods and 2 drinks with eyes and nose closed and write on a peace of paper what they tasted:

The spitting game – contestants have to spit a nut as far as they can:

24 chasa daily follows Benjy’s story

Posted on 16 September 2010

Thanks to THIS article about the work of Animal Rescue Sofia by Mrs.Darinka Ilieva in 24 hours daily newspaper our sweet Benjy got his chance of a lifetime! A wonderful family called, came to see him and loved him! Benjy was never supposed to come to Bogrov, he was intended for Seslavci, but did his best to be noticed and loved from first sight when the Ecobalance municipal car came to drop off a mother with babies…

TODAY 24 chasa follows the story of Benjy in his new home with his owner Kosta! Kosta and his family love Benjy very much and say he is very good and obedient. Benjy sleeps in their bedroom and loves the attention and long interesting walks. Thank you Kosta and Darinka!

Doggie walk for some of the ARS dogs adopted in Holland!

Posted on 15 September 2010

Warm regards to Mrs Birgitta Machielse who organized a doggie walk for Animal Rescue Sofia dogs, adopted in the Netherlands through the work of Animal Rescue Sofia – Holland! What a pleasure and joy it is for us to see so many dogs from Seslavci living such a happy life with wonderful people, safe from harm. THANK YOU!!!

Food and a laundry machine

Posted on 14 September 2010

Our warm regards to Mrs Heidy Bernhart for the new load of food she sent for the dogs of Bogrov and Seslavci. Warm regards to our friends in the Netherlands who’ve added food and bedding to the goods on the journey back from them. Thank you to Andrea Krieger for the laundry machine! Here is all the stuff we got today:

Mayor Fandakova visits Bogrov

Posted on 08 September 2010

The mayor of Sofia Mrs.Fandakova came to Bogrov shelter today for a personal inspection together with deputy mayor Mrs. Boyajiiska. The mayor was impressed by our work and talked to the media about the need for a more widespread Spay/Neuter campaign and pet registration.

See photos from the mayor’s visit:

Vier Pfoten and Animal Rescue Sofia offer 1000 BGN for information on Jessy’s murder

Posted on 05 September 2010

Vier Pfoten and Animal Rescue Sofia offer a 1000lv reward for credible informaion leading to the killer of Jessy – the puppy that was skinned alive in Bogrov shelter on August 28. The reward will only be given to someone who is willing to testify infornt of the police and court.

We are absolutely determined that cases of such horrid cruelty are occuring so often because of the lack of any consequence for animal offenders. While cruelty to animals remains unpunishdble in Bulgaria we will continue to witness and suffer many more acts as arrogant and sadistic as the brutal killing of 3-month old Jessy who was skinned alive on the shelter ground, her head and skin left behind as a message to all animal wellfare organizations and friends.

Information can be received on the Vier Pfoten and Animal Rescue Sofia e-mails: and, as well as phone number (+359 2) 953 17 84.

Supporters and friends are urged to print out our “WANTED: Your neighbour” poster.


ARSofia in HER magazine

Posted on 03 September 2010

Kind regards to HER magazine who will publish some of our happy-end stories! Here is the first one – the story of Nando, a young boy who was in the grasp of death, but is now living happily with a wonderful family in Sofia!