World stray animals day – April 3 procession – Sofia

Posted on 29 March 2011


Dear friends,

the organizer of the procession, Mrs Karatzaneva has accused us of “stealing her event” by inviting you with the text below. We have quoted her video, her Facebook page, but haven’t quoted her name. We have appologised, but the Mrs is certain we want to “steal her initiative”…

Therefore we will not take a part of the procession as an organization.The dogs of Bogrov will surely enjoy us staying there.


* * *

Dear friends, April 04 is the World Stray Animals Day.

Join us next SUNDAY APRIL 03 on a procession in Sofia. See more about the event on Facebook.


11.30 Gathering at the National Palace of Culture, pilonite
12.30 Start of the procession forth to the Parliament
14.00 End of the event

Envite all your friends and print-out some posters. Don’t forget to wear your Animal Rescue Sofia t-shirts :)! ‘

700 Spay/Neuter surgeries in Bogrov!

Posted on 25 March 2011

D-r Stankova laughing at the cake she recieved for her 700-th Spay/Neuter surgery at the Bogrov clinic.

Spay/Neuter and Release is the only humane and succesfull method for decreasing stray dog overpopulation. 700 neutered and mostly females, means thousands of unborn puppies have been saved from suffering on the streets of Sofia. Here is the lucky girl with the lucky number:

ARSofia in Trud daily

Posted on 17 March 2011

Bulgaria’s biggest daily newspaper – Trud, has published an article by our  S. Raycheva about the causes and means of control of stray dog overpopulation.


ARSofia has a car!!! Interview with the donor

Posted on 15 March 2011

Peter and d-r Nikolova enjoying the fabulous new mini-van!

We are thrilled to announce the purchase of an ARSofia vehicle – thanks to the kindness and generocity of Anita and her husband Jean-Louis from Belgium. The family has made a generous donation in order for us to be able to buy a car for the needs of Animal Rescue Sofia. We found the perfect vehicle – a spacey, hard-working Ford Turneo, sold to us with a discount by Moto-Pfohe.

We can never thank Anita and Lowie enough. We have prepared a small interview with Anita to let you know how we got this fabulous donation:

Lowie and Anita among their crowd of rescued dogs in Belgium

– Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your family?
– I live together with my husband Jean-Louis in Belgium. I got 2 grown kids, they left the house. I got now 8 dogs / 7 cats / 2 indoor little pigs / 4 big outdoor pigs / 2 donkeys / 2 goats / 2 geese / 40 chickens… Most of the animals are saved from awfull situations, slaugtherhouse, killingstations etc.
Since I was a kid, animals have been always very import to me, they are so innocent and helpless. We just want to do everything to help and save animals. 5 years ago we became real vegetarian, the idea that 23 animals are killed for me every year for food makes me sick. And Jean-Louis became also vegetarian some years ago, since that day he tries to convince everybody to be a veggie. He is selling potatoes and vegetables and he is driving in a big truck to his customers with on the side boards text standing like: animals are our friends, don’t eat them.

– Would you tell us about your dogs – the photo shows so many happy tails – who are they and where do they come from?
-I want to introduce first the 4 dogs from Portugal; they are adopted some years ago via a shelter/ngo in Portugal.
Marja ( looks like a sheperd) was raped many times, they broke some of the ribs and they tied her at a doghouse next to a bowl of food.. but because the lash was always to short, she could only see and smell the food.  Then when she was almost dying they gave her the bowl with food… Petra she was found on the street as a puppy, she was trowned full of tar.. she was sticked on the road. Because she was so young and looks full of live in her eyes the NGO deciced not euthanise her but save her. Henny was thrown from a balcony from the 4th flour and broke many bones. The 4th dog from Portugal was just a lucky guy.
Lies and Sjonnie and the other dogs are from a shelter in Belgium. Lies got only one eye and is deaf, Sjonnies leg was broken and can not walk very good. Some dogs I saved from the shelter are so old (12 years old and older) , I just want to give them a last nice peacefull place to die.
And all my cats are also handicapped, they are blind, 3 legs, 1 eye etc.

-How did you get to know about Animal Rescue Sofia?
-I know Animal Rescue Sofia via my friend Birgitta. I think that the work you are doing is just fantastic!
You realised so many things in one year time! e.g. the castration/sterilisations of dogs, you are working together with the municipality / media and of course very important you are trying to convince people in Sofia that they have to adopt a dog from Animal Rescue Sofia instead of buying a pedigree dog. This is the only solution to stop the streetdog problem/suffering.

– How did you decide to make such a donation?
– We are not rich but we are working hard and never go on a holiday, so that we can give this money to animals (help and save lives and stop suffering)  We gave this donation to you because you are doing such a great work and we hope that more people will see that you can do this work only if you are getting support and donations!
You are making a difference for animals in Sofia! and because we learned that you need a car to help more animals, we deciced to give this money to you. Please continue the great work and we hope that on one day there are only happy dogs with an owner :))

Anita, Lewie and Marja infront of their veggie truck saying: Animals are our friends, don’t eat them!

Animal Rescue Sofia thanks Anita and Lowie, wishing them long, healthy lives in happiness – we are thrilled to be recieving this amazing help from such wonderful people.


Feeding in Kremikovtzi – here comes the sun

Posted on 14 March 2011

The dogs of Kremikovtzi greet Vessy as she arrives for the routine feeding at the factory grounds.

We go tho the factory two times every week. Each time we leave we take two or more dogs for medical help and neutering at the shelter. As the weather grows warmer we are planning a neutering of all the remaining dogs on the factory grounds.

Photos from last week:

Neutering dogs in the Roma neighbourhoods

Posted on 11 March 2011

Animal Rescue Sofia, Sofia Municipality, Four Paws Bulgaria and BSAPP have launched a coordinated campaign for the neutering of owned dogs in the Roma neighbourhoods of Sofia. The campaign will last a month, and ARSofia is first to begin it, starting monday 07 of March.

100 dogs will be neutered at the clinic of Bogrov during this campaign. The dogs will be neutered humanely and then returned to their owners.

This is how the procedure goes:

The dogs are voluntarely submitted by their owners and arrive at the clinic by municipal transport.

Each group of dogs is placed in separate cages and checked if they are healthy enough for a Neuter surgery.

Doctor Stankova neuters the dogs and monitors them for 24 hours before they are given back to their owners.

Our warm regards to Dr.Stankova and all our staff and volunteers for this great effort. Many lives will be saved by this campaign – unwanted litters are a major source of stray dogs in Sofia.

ARSofia on National TV – the barbaric ritual in Stranja

Posted on 09 March 2011

Stella Raycheva was a guest in “Denyat zapochva” on the dramatic topic of the animal-abuse case with the ritual in Brodinovo, Stranja.

Our warm regards to the BNT journalists, who are demanding justice for animals and law-abading in the remote Bulgarian region.


Villagers from Stranja refuse to follow the Animal Protection act

Posted on 06 March 2011

Photo by:

Despite that this traditional act of cruelty was banned by the vilage mayor, the croud of 300 people, full of mothers and their children, gathered for this barberic ritual called “trichane” for another year yet. Dogs from different households are being rollercoasted into a river as means of making them “better guard-dogs”.

Videos and images show the so-called “tadition” being pulled-off unpunished once again. See HERE for the full report made by

Although this ritual is absolutely prohibited by Bulgarian law, the authorities do nothing whilst the villagers explain:

“In Spain they hang their dogs after every hunting season, they kill tens of thousands of bulls in coridas… The EU has no right to tell us we’re barbaric – the dogs don’t get hurt at all.”

Despite all the promices and efforts, animal cruelty is still not a crime in Bulgaria.

Sping is at the door!!!

Posted on 02 March 2011

Happy March 01 from Savvina Akmanidou and her family

March 01 is a speciall holliday for Bulgaria – we give ech other red and white strings or pendants, wishing each other health and happiness, it is like a promise of spring.

Our thanks to everyone who purchased our lovely “martenichki” for their two-legged and four-legged friends. The income will benefit the dogs in Bogrov shelter.

Animal Rescue Sofia wishes you HEALTH AND HAPPINESS!

Maria Dincheva’s Lea

1 700kg of food donated by at the end of the FEED A DOG initiative

Posted on 28 February 2011

2 dogs – Karaman and Stefany were adopted, 70 new volunteers were recruited, 1700 kilograms of  dry food were donated thanks to your efforts and the support of the wonderful team of! We are thrilled this campaign had such a positive outcome, it’s great to have met so many new people!

Warm thanks to everyone who joined the campaign and fed the dogs by clicking on their profile. Above you can see the “real” food you’ve gathered for all our lovely dogs.

Support from VIRTU furniture

Posted on 18 February 2011

Our friends at VIRTU furniture store have changed their location. They are now easier to be found – 113 Goce Delchev blvd – here is a MAP.

VIRTU offers a special deal in the “love months” – February and March. If you purchase a bed or mattrace from them, they will donate 5% of the price to the dogs and cats of Animal Rescue Sofia!

VIRTU also gives a 10% discount at the store for anyone who donates for Animal Rescue Sofia in their donation box.

You can also add VIRTU in your Facebook if you have any further questions.

Our fabulous Wine party!

Posted on 15 February 2011

The fabulous Wine party has passed. 189 wonderful game players collected a total of 1780E for the dogs of Bogrov!!!

It was really amazing – we think it was by far the best party we’ve ever had. Thank you all so much for comming!!!

Special thanks to:

  • The volunteers who helped us with the organization;
  • Tzvety Evtimova who made lovely Valentine cards;
  • Vanya Andreeva from Plovdiv (see her wonderful work on Etsy HERE) who made us the most wonderful pins and keychains;
  • Mihaela Vlaseva, winner of out T-shirt contest – not only for her lovely design, but also for the great dog bandanas she made with our logo;
  • and most of all to ROSE VALLEY WINERY who donated 100 litres brilliant wine once again for the comfort and joy of our party!

See all photos in the GALLERY

See more photos from Nadezhda Stamenova HERE

Thank you!!! Can’t wait to see you again!!!