A special offer frоm Usmivka kids centre

Posted on 28 July 2011

Dear parents,

our friends at childrens centre Usmivka have 5 places available for child daycare this August!

They have a special offer for all friends of Animal Rescue Sofia who’d like to enroll their child:

Monthly care offer

Standard price:                               520 BGN
Promotional price:                        260 BGN
Donation for ARS:                          130 BGN

Weekly care offer

Standard price:                             160 BGN
Promotional price:                        80 BGN
Donation for ARS:                          40 BGN

Daily care offer

Standard price:                               36 BGN
Promotional price:                        18 BGN
Donation for ARS:                            9 BGN

(the offer is valid for newly enrolled kids only)

For more information contact manager Elina Cherkezova at:
0895 775 668 and

>>> Continue to the USMIVKA website

Our fabulous Kids Party II, July 16

Posted on 18 July 2011

Once more – our thanks to Danny Vassileva for organizing this wonderful event!

  • We thank Elina and Krassy Velevi – our hosts at Children’s center USMIVKA for the wonderful time and all their effort.
  • Great work again by Katina and Krassy – leaders of the two teams.
  • There were two exceptionaly sweet nannies helping out with the kids thanks to
  • We thank Raya Georgieva who took care of the puppies and made sure they were feeling as good as everyone else on the party the whole time.
  • We thank NESTLE Live actively! for the tasty treats they provided to the children.
  • We thank Zhivko for his beautiful photos.
  • We thank Granddad Mony for the enclosure he made for the puppies!

We thank the wondeful families who joined us this lively Saturday afternoon in support of the doggies! See the GUEST LIST. Not only did the team manage to make it a truely friendly and inspirational afternoon, but there were 400 BGN collected for the dogs and puppies of Bogrov! It was such a wonderful event – full of bright smiles and good attitude. The kids loved the puppies and visa-versa – the party couldn’t have been better.

The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful at children’s centre USMIVKA and the kids were wonderfully taken care of by the sweet ladies from!

This time it was WATER FUN! The kids had went crazy in the swimming pool! An hour or so into the party it actually started to rain, so we switched indoor and had a fun lottery and some games. It was a day to remember, everyone went home with presents, happy and exhausted!

The full set of Zhivko’s beautiful photos can be found HERE!

Thank you all for supporting our cause! We hope to see you again soon!

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VIVACOM’s gift to the dogs of Bogrov!

Posted on 27 June 2011


To celebrate the new puppygarten fans of VIVACOM suggested names for the new puppygarten inhabitants. The names were chosen – you can see all the lucky babies here.

Angel was named by Albena Haralampieva who is our big friend and sponsor

Animal Rescue Sofia is grateful to VIVACOM for the support and care!  We hope to be doing more projects together in the future – connecting people and animals 🙂

A donation from LIDDL – fed in Kremikovtzi

Posted on 24 June 2011

Thanks to the generocity of LIDL supermarket – the dogs of Kremikovtzi received 200 kilograms of kibble and canned food!

It is great to be getting help from LIDL and we hope to continue this into a wonderful tradition. The Kremikovtzi gang enjoyed the food allot and munched it down in no time!

To help us feed the Kremikovtzi dogs, donate for food HERE.

ARSofia on Slavi’s show!

Posted on 17 June 2011

Thanks to Ivan Kulekov and Slavi for the wonderful 10-minute film they aired on Bulgaria’s most wached talkshow – Slavi’s show. We are very happy to get so many positive comments and hope more people will join the effort to help stray animals, neuter and adopt.

Watch Ivan Kulekov’s film HERE

– the film is about our work at the shelter and in Kremikovtzi

sorry Bulgarian only, we’ll try to translate it

It is very rear to hear and see positive images about stray dogs in Bulgaria – we are grateful to be able to speak to such a big audience.

If the above link isn’t working, watch the film in lower resolution on YouTube:

A dog-walk in Holland

Posted on 15 June 2011

Our Dutch colleagues have organized a dog walk for the Animal Rescue Sofia dogs adopted in Holland and their friends!

We are very happy to get such wonderful news from our dogs rehomed with families abroad!

Marto Miliev’s presentation for children

Posted on 14 June 2011

Our own Martin Miliev had the opportunity to talk to 50 kids from Bulgaria and Germany at a seminar, hosted by Sofia Municipality on the topic of solving the stray-dog problem. The kids were all between the ages of 14-18 and were there to learn more about stray dogs. Matrin was there to tell more about the way we work at Animal Rescue Sofia.

His presentation is available in Bulgarian only:

Consequences for Jerry’s death

Posted on 08 June 2011

Mrs Sylvana Stierschneider-Penkner of Tierhilfe Seuden had pressed charges against the vet, responcible for the euthanasia of Jerry – the dog whose legs were chopped off by a savage in the village of Traykovo. As you know – Jerry’s case touched the hearts of many – he was taken in to Bogrov shelter and found a wonderful home with Sanny Schulz at Kleine Tiere by Mrs Sonya Mitreva of Tierhilfe Seuden. The tragedy happened on his journey to safety – he was stolen and euthanised “for humane reasons” by a lady who was supposed to keep him for 2 days before his new owners took him. Since Jerry was in the formal ownership of Tierhilfe Seuden, chairlady Mrs Stierschneider has filed a lawsuit against the veterinary who put the dog to sleep without the TS written concent, thus killing him illegaly. We will keep you informed on the outcome of the trial.

There were many questions raised about the wellbeing of Tommy – the dog that Jerry travelled with. We want to emphasize one more time that it was not Tommy’s adoptee Manuela Auberle who put Jerry to sleep as some have misunderstood. Tommy is safe and sound with his family, sending tail-wags:

A fabulous kids puppy party!

Posted on 06 June 2011

Our thanks to Danny Vassileva – the party was her idea and organization and it worked out fantastically!

  • We thank Elina and Krassy (Red Lions team leader) Velevi – our hosts at Children’s center USMIVKA for the wonderful time and all their effort.
  • We thank Boyana Nenova, Rady Ivanova and Katina Boteva (Blue Dragnos team leader) who worked hard to have everything well organized and with a great attitude.
  • We thank Raya Georgieva who took care of the puppies and made sure they were feeling as good as everyone else on the party the whole time.
  • We thank the very talented children photographer Pavlina  Samokovlieva for her beautiful photos.
  • We thank Granddad Mony for the enclosure he made for the puppies – only one bandid managed to escape it.

And special thanks to VEDENA beverage trade company for the generous donation they made for this party!

The team games led by Danny and the two team leaders – Kraddy and Katina were a great success – football with a huge ball; the mummy game; the balloon games – of course everyone went crazy in the part for balloon-popping; the quiz… Of course – there were no losers in the games, how else would it be :)!

The kids loved the snacks that were set out for them; they were running around all the time – where do they get the energy!? And the puppies got so much hugging and petting – even more than they hoped for!

Enjoy Pavlina Samokovlieva’s fantastic photos, and we hope you don’t miss the fun next time:

Thank you Danny, Eli and Krassi for this wonderful day! May our kids grow to be tolerant and kind to everyone and everything in this world 🙂

6 months in Kremikovtzi

Posted on 31 May 2011

The orphans of Kremikovtzi. They have no one else, but us. 300 dogs locked inside a monstorus 25 square kilometer abandoned factory. 300 dogs with no food source and no chance to get out. 300 starving prisoners.

What have we achieved in 6 months of work at Kremikovtzi:

  • 6 000kg of food distributed
  • 53 females neutered
  • 9 dogs rehomed
  • 37 injured taken care of
  • 300 lives saved

Peter feeds dogs on a routine visit last week of May

We pour sunflower oil onto the food to give it a calorie boost

We need YOUR SUPPORT to be able to continue our life-saving work in Kremikovtzi. Spare a crump or two for these hungry friends, you would be saving their life with your donation.

THANK YOU for saving me!

360kg of food through ZooZona

Posted on 26 May 2011

360 KILOS OF FOOD came to Bogrvo today – collected thorugh the  Zoozona online shop!

As you know – ZooZona donates 5% of EVERY ONLINE PURCHASE to Animal Rescue Sofia.

The 360 kilograms of food you see come form 2 months of your online shopping at ZooZona. Thank you for thinking of our doggies while you care for your pet. The 3 ZooZona stores also have our t-shirts and other stuff.

LOVE ME – a charity concert for ARS

Posted on 24 May 2011

Kind regards to Radio Cafe for having us and to Anita Petrova for organizing the event! It was a fabulous evening, we all enjoyed it very much.

We had the pleasure of hearing:  Macrophone, Airbag, Ogi 23, AudioVelvet and Sugar DJ’s feat. Yavor (Gravity Co), DJ Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Britspotting Dj Team) and friends; hosted by Roro Kavaljiev.

Some of the lovely photos can still be found on display and for sale in the garden of Radio Cafe! Kind regards to RAKURS print for sponsoring them.

Photos from the event: