Romania has voted: EUTHANASIA

Posted on 23 November 2011

Romanian parliament has voted – death for 3 million dogs

The Camber of Deputies has voter 168 votes for and 111 votes against giving romanian municipalites the option of euthanasia. With this decision the Romanian Parliament ignores the advice given  by the European Parliament.

Since the end of the communist regime of Ceausescu EU member state Romania developed a serious stray dog problem. For decades authorities failed to intervene properly. Dogs were inhumanely caught and killed randomly.

In the 90’s The World Health Organization proved scientifically that killing dogs has no effect on the root cause of the problem. The W.H.O. stated spay/neuter is the only effective way to reduce the number of free roaming dogs besides informing the citizens about responsible dog ownership. Stray dogs are not the problem itself; it’s the irresponsible dog owners who continuously deliver new fertile dogs in combination with corruptive authorities which sabotage spay/neuter projects to make money.

Besides the fact spay/neuter is the only effective way to deal with a surplus of dogs, it is humane and much cheaper than the endless catching and killing of free roaming dogs.

In Romania stray dogs are seldom euthanized humanely. Dogs are being caught violently and beaten to death with baseball bats, shot, poisoned or starved to death.

The last decade Romania has spent 40 million Euros on tax payer’s money on the stray dog problem, but due to corruption the money ended up in private pockets. The stray dog problem turned into a very profitable business for many politicians and their relatives.

There still are some petitions to sign if you want to show you disagree with this barbaric decision:

Poor souls…

More animal horror urevealed in Ukraine (Warning!)

Posted on 21 November 2011

Please consider before you read on: This post contains graphic images.

Dear friends,

a few weeks ago we urged you to sign the petition to stop the brutal massacre of stray animals that has been unraveling in Ukraine in the years before the Eurofutball 2012. Animals have been poisoned, shot and even burnt alive – kulled in the most horrid ways, just to hide the total lack of care from the Ukranian goverment.

See a video on Russia Today:

Hundreds of thousands of people accross the globe have sent mails and signed petitions in defence of Ukraine’s tormented strays.  Do SIGN THE PETITION if you still haven’t done so.

Thanks to the feedback received from all around the globe, Ukranian authorities state that they will halt the culling and begin building shelters – another totally useless, but at least much less cruel action. The way to sold a stray animal problem is by Spay/Neuter, not by building shelters. At least this “new measure” shows Ukraine has been told the world will not tolerate this horror:

One of the mobile incenerators used by the Ukrainian authorities to burn dogs and cats alive

Last week – another horrid case of animal cruelty has sprung up in Ukraine as the police has finally caught up with a teenage vivisector who had killed more than a 100 animals and posted videos of the murders on the internet. Animal rights groups had long before identefied the monster, had his name and address, but the police was unwilling to take action.

The murderer and one of his victims

19 year old Alexey V. (his full name is unrevealed by the police) had skinned/vivisected animals alive, tortured them, suffocated them, thrown them off buldings, strangled, crushed and ets. more than a hundred puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats. He was a member of a 3000 member strong online forum that they used to communicate ways and share photos and videos of brutal killings of animals. Life News, Russia

This is a small part of the photos shared in the forum by the murderer :

Few people know that in Ukraine, February 2011 – KETAMINE – the most common sedative for animals, was officially forbidden for sale and use by the authorities. They are saying this measure is intended to figh against drug use in humans. In fact it was one of the measures used by authorities to legalize the mass poisoning of dogs by the use of Strichnine – an extremely painful rat-poison that leaves the poisoned animals in hours of exctrutiating agony before a horrid death.
Animal cruelty is not only left unpunished by the Ukranian government. It is encouraged.

Pirin Lodge, Bansko – special discounts for animal lovers

Posted on 17 November 2011

Pirin Lodge invites you to a lovely holliday in Bansko – on and off season, using a fantastic 25% discount, with an additional 10% donation going to the cats and dogs of Animal Rescue Sofia!

Enjoy a lovely holiday with your pet in the lovely 2-room appartments with a living room-area that hosts an open kitchen. There is cable TV, internet and a big terrace to further comfort your stay.

Pirin Lodge is located in the beautiful mountanous town of Bansko and is a starting point for tourism in both winter and summer. Based in the underhills of the most astonishing Pirin Mountain, Bansko offers a fabulous holliday to active, nature-loving people.

Prices on leasing an appartment at Pirin Lodge can be found here:

+359 897 311 381
+359 749 91266

Please Note: The Animal Rescue Sofia discount is NOT calculated in the official price-list.

This opportunity is available through Animal Rescue Sofia friend – Mr.Frank Nadler.

Frank and his wife Maria welcome you to Pirin Lodge, but first – maybe you’d like to know something about them.
Here is a short interview with Frank about himself, the family and other animals:

– Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your family Frank?

Frank: I am a Bavarian mountain man and have lived as a stock broker and financial manager in many places around the globe. My partner Maria is from Sofia, a teacher by profession and one of the most good-hearted persons I have ever met. Otherweise she probably would not have been able to put up with me. We moved to live together in Sofia at the beginning of 2000 and in 2004 decided to move to Bansko permanently. My idea for a main job was to keep some pigs and produce rakia. Maria worked in an office.  When the boom in Bansko started I got involved in building the apartment complex Pirin Lodge and since 2007 am managing this complex. I like the spirit of Bansko and the people here and am proud to be with a local male singing group “Star Merak” that holds up traditions and sings only songs from Bansko.

– How did you get involved with animals in need?

Frank: When Maria and I moved to Bansko there were a lot of street dogs around.  We fell in love with a dog family that lived in an abandoned garden nearby. The mother was very, very shy and would no human being come close to her. So she continued to give birth and we fed all the puppies and partly found homes for them with friends from Sofia. From time to time some “nice” people poisoned them. Two times all the puppies died but the mother always survived.  In the end she let Maria touch her and Maria took her to our vet and had her castrated. Only a few days later someone in the neighbourhood managed to poison the dogs, this time also the mother (we called her Marushka)  and only two puppies survived.   With the help of a German friend we managed to find a home in Germany for ome of them and the other one lives with us now. The first dog we took some years ago was a female  puppy with a little brother that lived next to our supermarket. Everytime I went shopping I fed them. One morning the puppy was trembling because its brother lie on the street smashed by a truck. That’s when we decided it needed a family and we took her home.

We’ve known Frank as a kind and able person – a friend to anyone in need

– Who is the bigger “animal maniac” – you or your wife?

Frank: Maria is definitely the “Mother Theresa” of the homeless animals in Bansko. It takes me quite some strenght to keep her from taking all cats and dogs from the streets into our house.

-How many dogs/cats do you look after?

Frank:We have 5 dogs and 5 cats. In terms of cats we were up to 11 but some died or disappeared. All our animals are, of course, castrated. Apart from that there are a few streetdogs that Maria visits and feeds on a regular basis. Oh, we also keep a little tomcat at Pirin Lodge – our talisman Fritz.

-How did you get involved with Animal Rescue Sofia?

Frank: Last December we saw the ARS calendar somewhere and we decided to buy a few of them for family and friends. As the little pet shop had only one calendar they called Anelia – which brought the required amount to the shop. Anelia told us everything about ARS and we were so impressed and said that this is a project that we must support. I have never met such enthusiastic people so far in Bulgaria. ARS gives me hope for the future of this country.

The family animals have all been rescued from a sad destiny

Animal Rescue Sofia friends are very welcome to Pirin Lodge!

An incredible Halloween party!

Posted on 31 October 2011



As you know, VIVACOM had promissed to DOUBLE all donations in the VIVA-box! Thanks to you that ammount went as high up as 1528 BGN! As the entrance fee totals 1670 BGN, that means you have collected 4726 BGN for the animals of Animal Rescue Sofia!!!

Winners of this years best Halloween costume: first place went to Captain Jack Sparrow; it was a very close score with runners-up: Mrs. Velichka Pukalova and her daughter Debbie

There were sixty(yes, 60!) children at this party!!! Danny Vasileva and Elina Cherkezova from USMIVKA children’s centre made it an unforgetable evening for them with games and fun!

GINGER turned out to be the bestest of places – our thanks to manager Sasho and his friendly staff for having us!


Yes, this was a night to remember! HUGE thanks to Mrs Charakchieva at VIVACOM who has been involved with the work of Animal Rescue Sofia for a year already, helping us greatly and offering her home to two of our dogs.

It is amazing to know how many wonderful people are involved in our good cause. Your support means the World to us!

Special thanks to the girls who made it all happen! Ladies, you were OUTSTANDING:

  • Victoria Mincheva, Alexandra Mincheva and Zornitza Tzvetanova were at the entrance, smiling and welcoming everyone. Vicky and Alex also made some amazing pumpkins for the decoration.
  • Our fabulous Anelia Nikolova – sales lady №1, with the help of Miroslava Rakiovska – the two ladies were restless at the merchandise stand!
  • Fanny Mihaylova – who drew wonderful faces for the kids – they absolutely loved it!
  • Michaela Vlasseva who made us wonderful jewels and doggy bandanas once more, as well as some amazing pumpkins.
  • Silvia Koleva – our chef in charge who also happened to be the evening’s witch.
  • Pavlina Samokovlieva – our wonderful photographer who also made instant photos at the party.
  • Danny Vasileva and Elina Cherkezova from USMIVKA children’s centre – would not be enough to say they were increadible!

5 days tied up and drugged for reporting animal abuse

Posted on 20 October 2011

An unbeleivable act in an arbitrary manner has taken place in Plovdiv on the 13-th of October – a cat friend who had filed complaints against the district procecutor was held tied and drugged by force at a mental institution.

See the story on the BTV – NATIONAL NEWS.

The man who had filed official complaints against the district procecutor of Plovdiv for shooting at stray cats from his balcony has been detained  5 days in a mentla institution on the basis of the complaints of 4 neightbours. He was then tied up and given Diazepam (a strong sedative) by force and without any medical assesment or conviction. Ivan Balinski, who is a cat lover and active citizen was held with no court rouling or check-up by psychiatrist against his will.

Behaind all this stands a long-stretched arguement between him and his neigbour, a district procecutor who had been shooting stray cats from his balcony:

The victim will sue his tormentors in European court.

You can stay in touch with the story by following the activity on FACEBOOK and CHIPPING-IN for Ivan’s attourney.

We are being denied access to Kremikovtzi

Posted on 17 October 2011

ЕDIT 18.10.2011

We have reached an agreement with the security – they have promissed to continue to let us feed the animals.
Our efforts to contact the managers of Eltrade Company and Nadin Metal Trade continue.

Dear friends,

there are some very disturbing news about the Kremikovtzi dogs – we are being denied accsess to the facility without any explanation, information or negotiation whatsoever.

It has been a week since we’ve put the new oners’  “NADIN” phones on fire and we still get no reply onto why we are not let in and what is to be with the hundreds of dogs we care for.

We are very worried that the dogs there may be harmed or simply starved by the new owners who are refusing to give us any answer as to what is going to happen to the animals at the torn down factory. We have been denied contact with the managers and have heard nothing of their plans or perspectives on the animals at the facility.

Since there are also very worrying news about NADIN’s wanting to cut off the water supply of 11 towns because it runs through their property we are becoming increasingly conserned that there will be NO COOPERATION any longer for the sake of the animals.

We will keep trying to regain our access wich concerns the dogs only with watever means we can find. We will keep you informed. Press-releases will be sent out to all big media in and out of the country.

2 fabulous days at the PetBiz Expo!

Posted on 05 October 2011

What a splendid weekend for Animal Rescue Sofia at the Inter Expo Center! We had hundreds of visitors, destributed 2 000 leaflets and stickers and had great donation support. Kindest regards to the people who got our t-shirts and small merchandise to support our animals in need!

A big hug to the volunteers who made our precious handmade stuff – from jewlery, through magnets to postcards – allmost everything was instantly grabbed off our stand. Thank you to: Biliana Valova, Alexander Dimitrov, Martina Savova, Yana Venkova and Mila Malachkova, Nadia Borispasova, Betty Tzerovska and Chris Enchev. You have such wonderful ideas, everyone was impressed!

Heroes of day 1: Anelia Nikolova, Raya Georgieva and her wonderful dog Zara, our own Svetlio Petrov. Heroes of day 2: Pavlina Samokovlieva, Martin Kolev, our own Stella Raycheva and her dog Grado. Well done to us, what a busy bee hyve it was!

We want to thank the wonderful crew of PetBiz 2011 for having us free of charge, your organization was fantastic and the show was perfect. We hope to be working with you more in the future and thank you for having us.

Dogs Trust training 27-28.09

Posted on 01 October 2011

Allison Russel and Hollie Sevenoaks in action

We thank the worlds biggest dog charity Dogs Trust and their wonderful education officers Alison Russel and Hollie Sevenoaks for the fabulous seminar they held here in Sofia. It was our pleasure to be your hosts and we really appreciate you shering your knolege with us.

During the 2 days of the seminar Alison and Hollie covered every topic on child education on animal wellfare in schools and outside. The delegates also had the opportunity to see areal live lesson, hosted by the wonderful 201 “St. Ciril and Methody” elementary school.

The kids loved the lesson and had a great time

The delegates were mostly from Bulgaria, there were people from Romania as well. Everyone received many educational materials, as well as samples of leaflets, booklets and diplomas for kids. Alison and Hollie helped the delegates figure out their key points, make up a lesson plan and adjust the material to our own environment.

Moments from the days of the training

Overall the seminar was very useful and practical, a fantastic opportunity for us to learn from the most experienced, our colleagues were thrilled as well.

Thank you Alison and Hollie for teaching us how to teach, you were both fantastic!

The story on SOFIA ECHO

Working group at Sofia Municipallity

Posted on 08 September 2011

Stella Raycheva, Stanislava Stancheva, Robert Smith, Nadia Stancheva and Nathalie Klinge last year in Sofia

World reknown experts in the Catch/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return – CNVR methodology Robert Smith and Nathalie Klinge have come to Sofia for the second time after the very successful seminar we held together with the Ministry of Agriculture last year.

The experts came to Sofia to work together with the municipal authorities – the aim was to get their oppinions and suggestions on the new Program for the control of stray dog population in the city. Once again they suggested a nationwide military-style campaign, the purchase of mobile clinics/field hospitals, the running of strong educational and information campaigns. Robert and Nathalie had a meeting with the Mayor and her counsil and came to the Bogrov shelter.

There was a very strong message layed out to the municipallity – there is no chance a Municipallity can manage on it’s own – every municipality needs the NGO’s to work together with them, financed by the authorities. Robert also expressed his serious concerns about the endless building of shelters throughout Bulgaria, worrying that not only will there be a money waste, but the making of concentration camps often cruel to the dog inhabitants.

Our representative at the work group was Stella, who also made a presentation about the work of Animal Rescue Sofia and the necessary measures that need to take place in order to solve the problem faster. You can see the presentation here and read the text below, or simply DONLOAD it.

Animal Rescue Sofia – working to solve the stray dog problem in Sofia, 2009-2011

A presentation by Stella Raycheva, Animal Rescue Sofia coordinator

Animal Rescue Sofia – 3 years of work

Animal Rescue Sofia exists from the year 2009. Back then we were simply volunteers doing all we can to help the dogs in the Municipal shelter of Seslavci. We rehomed dogs in Bulgaria and abroad, neutered dogs on our own account, rescued injured dogs from the streets.

In 2010 we took over the running of the Municipal shelter of Bogrov. For this to happen we registered again, this time as a foundation, called Animal Rescue Bulgaria. We are a fully Bulgarian organization, although we do work with many organizations abroad. Animal Rescue Sofia is funded solely through personal and private donations from animal-lovers we call out to through the Internet and the Social networks.

We have been operating the Bogrov shelter since the spring of 2010. During this time we were able to rehome (both in Bulgaria and abroad) over 700 animals. We registered a medical clinic at the shelter in June 2010 and thus began our own Spay/Neuter program which has achieved over 1400 Spay/Neuter operations since then.

Besides the above activities we run our own educational program. We also work in the closed-down 25 square kilometer factory of Kremikovtzi, were over 300 dogs were starving and cannibalizing each other, stranded and without any food source.

Animal Rescue Sofia – 1 year in the shelter and Neuter center of Bogrov

Bogrov is a municipal shelter. It is the largest shelter in Bulgaria, intended for 500 animals. Although we believe that is too many dogs in one location, we are still forced by circumstances to presently keep over 550 dogs at the facility.

The shelter is co-funded by Sofia municipality; I will get back to that later. From our side the running of the shelter means finding the money to pay: 6 keepers and 4 vets; all necessary medications and materials for the surgeries; 4 tons of food per month; transport costs and etc…

It is important to note that the Foundation team itself works voluntarily, although 24×7, the only people on payroll at Animal Rescue Sofia are the people on the shelter staff.

We have 2 Spay/Neuter vets working full time at the clinic. At the moment we have a joint campaign with Sofia Municipality to promote the microchipping and neutering of pets. People can bring in their dog for a free neuter surgery and they get a free microchip as well.

We have signed an agreement with which Sofia municipality commits to provide the materials for 120 Spay/Neuter operations. Unfortunately the supplier procedures have taken very long, and we have not received the materials since May.

This means that we were unable to grow our neutering numbers, although we do have 2 extra vets at hand – we invited practitioner vets from the University of Utrecht in Holland, and they are already here.  Hopefully with the settling of the Spay/Neuter medicines contract, we will be able to dramatically increase our numbers.

Up to date we have no catching team of our own. The animals being neutered in the shelter are brought by their owners, or if stray –by compassionate volunteers. We also take in dogs for neutering from the Municipal Company “Ecobalance” every Wednesday.

Animal Rescue Sofia in Kremikovtzi

Our work in Kremikovtzi is lifesaving. There are over 300 dogs roaming the huge territory of the closed-down factory.  They are prisoners and have no food source anymore. Nevertheless, they had continued to breed, with the weak and the puppies cannibalized. That horror is stopped for the moment, our efforts are great, but we do need support.

Since October 2010 we have been on feeding visits at the factory at least 2 times every week. We distribute food and bring back bitches for neutering. Rehoming dogs from Kremikovtzi hasn’t been successful – we don’t have the necessary time to re-socialize the nearly wild dogs living there.

If Sofia municipality decides to pitch in by supplying the necessary materials for a huge Spay/Neuter campaign, we would be able to neuter the females left there in short notice. Unfortunately we do not have the money to be able to buy the needed medicines on our own.

Animal Rescue Sofia – Educational Program

Since we ourselves needed to be educated on education and needed to create many supporting materials our Educational program has truly began only recently in comparison to our other activities. Still, we can proudly say that we have begun a very large project. Also, the end of this September Animal Rescue Sofia is hosting a Dogs Trust Educational Seminar in Sofia – we hope to have as well as many international, many Bulgarian NGO representatives.
We have created a school lesson for children in 4-th and 5-th grade on dog welfare and the stray dog problem. The beautiful booklet you see in this slide is made through the ideas of the FPCC booklet and is printed with the help of Sofia Municipality. The lesson has been approved by the necessary authorities and practitioner teachers will be presenting it to kids in schools starting this year.

With the help of other organizations to fund the printing (all donations to Animal Rescue Sofia go to the dogs directly), we managed to print a number of educational and informational brochures such as: “It’s easy to be a responsible owner”, “Castration is not a scary word”, “Adopt your best friend” and so forth.

We make children’s events regularly, where parents bring their young ones to meet homeless dogs in our care. We talk to kids about the ways to treat a dog and responsible dog ownership.

Animal Rescue Sofia – Working together with the Municipality

Sofia municipality supports our work at the Bogrov shelter by taking care of all overhead expenses, as well as the rent. Through a contract agreement we receive about ¼ of the food we distribute, as well as Rabies vaccines. As already mentioned, we also take in dogs from the municipal mobile units every Wednesday and also work together on larger Spay/Neuter campaigns such as the one we did for the Roma neighborhoods.

The contracts we have signed with the municipality (besides the Shelter Agreement) are the previously mentioned ones: For the provision of materials for Spay/Neuter materials already mentioned; as well as the free microchips in question.

Animal Rescue Sofia – Overview of the main factors of the Sofia stray dog problem

To be able to completely understand the stray dog situation in the city, some very important points need to be made:

The counting of the dogs that our work is based upon (as well as previous 2 counts on 2006 and 2009) hasn’t been done in a proven methodology. This means that up to date we are working in an unclear picture.

We need the counting to take in account not only the roaming stray dogs, but also all those animals that have not been neutered and live under some form of human care in unclosed yards, factories, warehouses, building sites etc…

As there is no official record on the numbers of owned dogs in the city, we can only quote unofficial data, stating there are approx. 150 000 owned dogs in the city (not “responsibly”, just “owned”). If we use the Netherlands numbers of dumped dogs (and we can be sure they are much higher, but just for illustrative purposes) – 10% of dogs dumped every year; that would mean an influx of 15 000 new dogs on the streets of Sofia every year.
Our current legislation states that all dogs need to be cleared from the streets and placed in shelters until 2016. Would a strong and rich municipality such as ours, be able to offer shelter to new 15 000 dogs every year? I honestly doubt it.

Besides the locally dumped adult dogs and puppies, there is one more factor to consider – and that is dogs being dumped in Sofia from other neighbor municipalities. This problem will grow in time, as the deadline for the solving of the problem grows near.

Working with dogs, we must never forget the human factor. People, and people only are responsible for the huge population of stray domestic animals – cats and dogs. Even in a big city such as ours there is no proper culture of owning pets. There are too few educational campaigns being held out. We tried a joint campaign with the Sofia municipality in the city’s subway, but it was too short-lived.

As a Foundation our main problem with campaigning is that we work through the Internet and Social Networks mainly.  So the target groups most in need to educate are beyond our reach currently – we lack manpower to be able to educate on the spot in the more distant suburbs.

Animal Rescue Sofia – What needs to be done to improve our current line of work

Many efforts have been made already, but what is still to be done yet in the process of solving the stray animal problem? (The term used is animal, not “dog”, because as soon as we decrease the dog population we will witness a rapid growth in the stray cat population – it has already begun.)

Much has happened on the way to increasing the numbers of neutered dogs. The municipality has signed neutering contracts with NGO’s; the new stray dog Program has a clause for increasing the numbers of the mobile units; new Spay/Neuter centers are being built.

It is necessary however to begin working on a massive informational campaign. We need to convince the public of the necessity to register and neuter their pets. Still, there is much that is unclear in the registration issues, and if we don’t have a common database to sign the dogs into, our efforts are useless.

Meanwhile it is of great importance that the control organ of the municipality – Sofia Inspectorate lay out a tight control also outside the central areas and parks were they currently roam for the checking of documents. The problematical spots in the city are the suburbs and poor neighborhoods at the edge. We need mobile operational units to go door-to-door, enforcing registration and offering free microchips and neutering.

And of course, we must immediately make ten times the efforts we are already making in order to educate our most important target – the children. If we do not invest efforts into education we will live with this problem forever. Changing attitudes and the way people think has always been the major issue and task of solving a stray animal overpopulation problem. Educating the children in responsible ownership is the most important step to make in an effort to durably solve the problem.

* * *

Thank you for your attention,
Stella Raycheva

Killing dolphins – not a crime according to Bulgarian authorities

Posted on 04 September 2011

Bulgarian public was shocked to read the personal account of Atanass Rousev called “The dream of the dead dolphin“.  Atanass has layed out his dealings with the desinterested authorities when the body of a shot dolphin was washed ashore.

The dolphin washed ashore in Tzarevo with automatic bullet wounds

The “protected” animal was shot with an automatic weapon. Earlier this summer the mayor of the same municipality explained that dolphins are a menace and need to be gunned down. Nevertheless the mayor and his neigbour mayor – in Ahtopol who supports his views on killing dolphins – claim to have “nothing to do with it”. (Have in mind it it the same region where tormenting dogs is considered “tradition“).

After being nearly wiped out in the 70-ties by barbaric killing squads, the Black sea dolphin population is slowly increasing back to it’s normal population. The intelligent animals have quickly learnt that there is fish in the fishermens nets and often hoard them, tearing the nets to eat the fisg. Many dolphins lose their lives getting caught in these nets. Witnesses claim that fishermen often kill dolphins tangled in their net. But having them wave automatic weapons and shoot dolphins is something new even for Bulgaria.

Police “inspect” the body from a distance of 8 meters, then report “it’s all OK”

After calling every possible authority, finally the police came. They didn’t look at the body closely, nor took bullets for a ballistic expertise. According to the local state prosecutor – there is no crime. Shooting a protected species; severe cruelty to a mammal; automatic weapon misusage: 3 crimes we can think of immedeately. But not for Bulgarian authorities.

Only after a wave of rage sweapt through Facebook is it that former head of Ecobalance and current Minister of agriculture Nikolay Naidenov ordered a check-up. In the matter of days the media finaly started to report the cases of murdered dolphins at Bulgarian shores. ( The Ministry of Agriculture is also responsible for the Veterinary authority – the people who should be implementing control under the Animal protection act, but are certainly not doing their job.)

Stories from the last few days: These dolphins were most likely murdered as well (the one on the top right was butchered together with her baby).

Locals from the same beaches report that killed or stabbed dolphins are commonly washed ashore. They are forced to burry them in the sand themselves…

Iliana Dimitrova – 24 chasa daily – Asks why there is no official investigation on the case writes: Bulgarian European MP requests help for local fisherman “devastated by the horrible beasts”

BTV reports – a mother dolphin and her cub – shot and washed ashore in Chernomoretz

Bulgarian reality.

People who are involved with Animal Rescue Sofia remember the cruel and savage murder of Jessy the puppy at our shelter. Jessy was skinned alive by an unknown maniac on August 28 2010.  Of course, we called the pollice immedeately. The police investigators were “quick”! They came on February 17 2011. Of course there wasn’t anything left to investigate, thank you, bye, case closed…

And is it necessery to say at all that our call for help on the selling of dog skin at the Ilienci market lead to a dead end? We got a responce from the European Comissioner, but our local veterinary authority was just too busy and important to do their job. Our complaint was transferred from one authority to the other until it was made clear to us – “nothing will come out of this, stop bothering us with silly issues”.

It is disgraseful.

LIDL supports ARSofia

Posted on 11 August 2011

200 lilograms of dry and canned food have arrived form LIDL supermarkets! That makes a total of 1 200 kilograms in two months!

We strongly appreciate the help of LIDL and hope to continue our fruitful relationship.

All this food has been donated by LIDL for the dogs of Bogrov and Kremikovtzi in the past 2 months:

THANK YOU for your kindness and generocity! Our dogs can only wish for more friends like LIDL!

Spay/Neuter at full speed: welcome to new vet d-r Stayanova; 1300 neutered!

Posted on 10 August 2011

Dear friends,

as you know Spay/Neuter has always been the top of our priorities. No matter how many animals we rehome or help in a crisis situation – if we don’t stop the flow of newly dumped adults and puppies – our work would have no point at all.

Many of you know that when Animal Rescue Sofia took over the municipal shelter of Bogrov the facility didn’t have a registered vet clinic. With he great help of our friends at Good Idea vet clinic – a local ambulatory was registered and the Spay/Neuter work began. This  happened in July 2010. Since then our own d-r Marietta Stankova performed single-handedly over 1200 spay/neuter surgeries, preventing the suffering of thousands of unwanted litters.

Today, a year later we are proud to have a second neutering surgeon on board! We say a warm welcome to doctor Rossi Stoyanova. D-r Stoyanova is a young vet with allot of love for animals. We are very happy to have her join our team and hope to be able to do even better at neutering homeless and pet animals at the shelter.

D-r Stayanova performing one of her first sergeries under the watchful eye of experienced surgeon d-r Stankova

After several months of negotiations with the municipallity we have reached a very important milestone: the municipality has signed contracts with our and 2 more neutering centres in Sofia. The concept is simple: the municipality agrees to provide most of the medications so that as many as possible dogs are neutered in Sofia. After a successfull test month we are now waiting for the action lot to go through official channels and for the medications and materials to start flowing in steadily. We will make good use of this opportunity! As you know our spay/neuter has always been free of charge to the public, but now we will be able to do even more. Dogs will be brought for neutering to Bogrov instead of Seslavci every Wednesday.

Meanwhile – we have reached a strategic point: 1300 neutered!!!

We are also continuing our Free Microchip program. Every pet, neutered at Bogrov or another facility can be microchipped for FREE at the shelter. Many people have already used this wonderful opportunity, so can you. Just call the shelter and make an appointment for your pet: 0884125670 READ MORE to learn the details.

Spay/Neuter is the only humane and successfull method of dealing with stray dog overpopulation. It is a proven method, supported by the World Health Organization.