LIFE for the dogs of Romania!!!

Posted on 11 January 2012

A happy day for animal friends in Romania – the Constitutional Court has ruled that the new law, passed by the Parliament in the end of 2011 is against the Constitution of the country! The law, voted by 168 romanian members of parliament allowed municipalities a choice wether they will be using euthanasia or Spay-Neuter-Return as a method of decreasing stray dog overpopulation. This is a major win for dog-lovers both in Romania and abroad, bringing a clear conclusion to a strong debate among romanians.

Since the end of the communist regime of Ceausescu EU member state Romania developed a serious stray dog problem. For decades authorities failed to intervene properly. Dogs were inhumanely caught and killed randomly.

In the 90′s The World Health Organization proved scientifically that killing dogs has no effect on the root cause of the problem. The W.H.O. stated spay/neuter is the only effective way to reduce the number of free roaming dogs besides informing the citizens about responsible dog ownership. Stray dogs are not the problem itself; it’s the irresponsible dog owners who continuously deliver new fertile dogs in combination with corruptive authorities which sabotage spay/neuter projects to make money.

Besides the fact spay/neuter is the only effective way to deal with a surplus of dogs, it is humane and much cheaper than the endless catching and killing of free roaming dogs.

In Romania stray dogs are seldom euthanized humanely. Dogs are being caught violently and beaten to death with baseball bats, shot, poisoned or starved to death.

The last decade Romania has spent 40 million Euros on tax payer’s money on the stray dog problem, but due to corruption the money ended up in private pockets. The stray dog problem turned into a very profitable business for many politicians and their relatives.

Our beautiful holiday cards are here

Posted on 17 December 2011

Once again we thank the amazing team of WINGS CREATIVE STUDIO for making the most wonderful greeting cards for us:

The beautiful cards are sold with an envelope and cost 1 BGN each. All income from the cards goes to the dogs of Bogrov.

You can purchase our cards ONLINE at and

In Sofia you can find it at the following locations:


113, Goce Delchev blvd, MAP

Everyone who makes a donation for ARS at Virtu gets a 10% discount in the store

* * *


Geo Milev, 29 Lidice str, MAP

Zoozona also donates 5% of every on-line order at their online store.

* * *


67 Simeonovsko Shose blvd, MAP

Animal Rescue Sofia adoptive families get a 10% discount on all dog-stuff!

* * *


Reduta, 2-4 Bratovan str, MAP

* * *


Strelbishte, 26 Mayor Parvan Toshev str, MAP

Equipment for our clinic from Dogs Trust and Kamor Auto!!!

Posted on 14 December 2011

It is with DEEP GRATITUDE that we say THANK YOU to Dogs Trust and Kamor Foundation for sponsoring our clinic with most necessary medical equipment.

The new equipment will let us provide a much better medical care to the dogs and cats of Animal Rescue Sofia, making medical help faster, cheaper and much more accurate. Words are not enough to express our appretiation for this generous gift, it will be deeply cherished and extremely overused!

With Dogs Trust‘s and Kamor Foundation‘s generous donation we managed to purchase:

  • a biochemistry machine;
  • a blood screening machine;
  • stethoscopes;
  • 4 Spay/Neuter surgery sets + some smaller surgery instruments;
  • an othoscope;
  • a microscope;
  • an infusion pump;
  • an electroknife;
  • a laboratory centrifuge;
  • a second surgery table!

We were able to buy so many new items for our equipment thanks to the work of our own Svetoslav Petrov who got the help of importers and prodicers of medical equipment. The following companies were touched by our work and decided to help the Kamor Foundation and Dogs Trust donation provide the maximum benefit for our animals:

BIOMED medical equipment gave us generous discounts on the machinary and microscope. Not only that, but they also donated 500 reagents for the machine.

Mr.Ivan Terziev of BITA-2 for this second surgery table he made for us without proffit.

ALFAVET gave us a discount on the surgery sets.

KENTAMED – a local manufacturer of medical equipment gave us a great discount on the electroknife.

The wonderful new equipment we have purchased will make the shelter health care much better and allow us to react to illness much faster.

Dogs Trust and Kamor Auto have fulfilled a dream of ours. It will not only dramatically improve the quality and speed of health care at our clinic, but also help us save money on medical bills wich we have had to pay to outside clinics due to lack of equipment. This is a day to celbrate!

New volunteers coordinator. Welcome Viki!

Posted on 13 December 2011

A warm welcome to our new volunteers coodinator – Viki Mincheva!

Those of you who have come to Bogrov or to our events already know Viki for the ever energetic, smiling, lively person she is. She has been coming to the shelter absolutely regularly for a year now and has been doing some miracle work together with her wonderful sister Alex and hardworking friends.

We thought Viki had two sisters – Alex and Zori. Well, she does in her heart

Viki will be answering the “volunteers” e-mail for us and organizing the walking, coordination and volunteer events at the shelter. She has also taken on the hard task of making adds for the shelter dogs at the website – something you probably know has been totaly neglected by us and really needs a caring hand. Hopefuly in a couple of weeks we will have many more dogs visible online.

Viki has taken over Martin Miliev’s work, who unfortunately no longer has the time to help out at the shelter. Good job, Martin for this year of hard work.

Thank you Viki for always being so open, caring and hard-working! Thanks for always being there for the dogs!

Pay it Forward – charity online bazaar

Posted on 13 December 2011

UPDATE 22.12

Dear friends, due to an unexpected complication the bazaar is put on hault till the first week of January.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understaning!

Trinkets, knick-knack’s, doggie accessories, cat stuff, clothes, garnishes, jewelry and all sorts of pretty little things. Each and every one of us has at least a pile of those that we don’t actually use.

Let’s all collect our trinkets and re-distribute them in help of the animals!


PAY IT FORWARD is a charity knick-knack flea-market. It happens online at our Facebook page. Anyone can participate! We collect and sell trinkets and all sorts of stuff in benefit of the animals. It’s very simple:

To buy something:

1.    See the album;
2.    Like an item;
3.    Write “I want this!” in the comments;
4.    You will be contacted by our friend Anelia from VIRTU and decide whether you will pick up the stuff at her shop or get it by post.

(Deliveries take 3 to 5 days for both Sofia and the country. Delivery costs vary slightly, but are generally below 5 BGN)

To sell something:

1.    Send an e-mail to Anelia:
2.    Make photos of the items if it’s possible;
3.    Bring them to her at the VIRTU shop;
4.    We will put them in the album and offer them!

If you don’t have a Facebook account, simply send an e-mail to Anelia at and let her know what you like to have.

Kind regards to Anelia and VIRTU interior store for organizing this wonderful event.

PAY IT FORWARD is a charity bazaar. ALL the income goes for the dogs and cats of Aniamal Rescue Sofia. The items at the bazaar are donated. Participation in the bazaar is voluntary.

Please, only donate goods that you yourself would like to receive as gifts – new or almost new, clean, good-looking and functioning.

5 days at the Book Fair

Posted on 12 December 2011

It was 5 fabulous day at the Sofia Book Fair! Kind regards to the Bulgarian Book Association for giving us a place for free!

Many beautiful 2012 calendars found their new owners and it was wonderful seing you! Special thanks to our volunteers for stepping in for the weekend.

Hope to see you again soon!

Buy an eco-candle and 10% of the cost will benefit the Bogrov shelter

Posted on 06 December 2011

You can get an original and environmentally friendly gift for Christmas and in the same time help our doggies!

Our friends at ECO CANDLES will donate 10% of every sale to Animal Rescue Sofia.

All the candles are made from real beeswax and environmentally friendly decorations.

NO to shale gas and hydraulic fracturing in Bulgaria

Posted on 06 December 2011

US corporation Shevron has won a contract with the Bulgarian Government – to study the shale gas deposits in North-Eastern Bulgaria. Shale gas extraction (through fracking) is proven to be harmful both to the environment and to the people, living in the area.

We are AGAINST the signing of this contract for many reasons – to begin with Shevron corporation has been badly popular in Ecuador where they have poisoned both people and nature for decades and are now refusing to pay for the much neaded contamination recovery. We beleive shale gas drilling in the Varna region – Bulgaria’s wheat production zone will be extremely damaged. There will be centuries of consequence for the people in the region  in comparison to just a few short years of drilling.

Information about the latest on shale gas in the country can be found on the webpage of citizens intitiative group For a Clean Bulgaria.

You can help also by signing THIS PETITION.

Some of the basic arguements AGAINST the drilling for shale gas (wich WILL happen after this research is being pulled-off):

1.It’s proven that 1 in 20 drills crashes. Shale gas extraction needs many more drills to extract gas, therefore making the risk of a crash times higher. A drill crash means that dangerous chemicals will be leaked into the underground water lakes and rivers, in particular – the water of the whole north-eastern Bulgaria will be contaminated.

2. Contemporary shale gas extraction methods cause series of micro earthcuaqes that are very damaging for the infrastrucure and buildings close to the drill-sites.

3. Each and every drill requires infrastructure leading to it. Since many drills are necessary – large perimeters of quality farm land will be unusable for agriculture.

4. Each drill requires vast containers for the contaminated water left after the drilling – chemical and toxic substances can easily leak back into the environment, thus poisoning all land and wates supplies in the perimeter. And don’t forget shale gas needs HUGE quantaties of drills installed.

5. Shale gas extraction at a certain point takes about 3 to 8 years. In comparison with earth gas this is times less. This means that for just a few years of extraction we would be destroing nature for centuries upfront.

We now have a DMS – SMS donations!

Posted on 29 November 2011

We are glad to inform you that Animal Rescue Sofia has been registered with Donors Message Service!

Owners of Bulgarian mobile phones (VIVACOM, M-tel, GLOBUL) can now send a message to short number 17 777 with a message saying: DMS DOG

The message costs 1,2 BGN (tax included).

Do CONTACT us if you would like to place a benner on your website or have another idea how to spread the word about this initiative.

We now have a FORUM!

Posted on 28 November 2011

Not much use to the English-speaking croud on this web, but still worth mentioning – Animal Rescue Sofia now hosts an online forum for our adoptive parents and volunteers.

We are very happy that to be able to add another useful tool to our communication and hope this will help us be more coordinated and in touch.

Human of the year 2011

Posted on 25 November 2011

Every year the Bulgarian Helsinki Commettee holds “Human of the year” awards.

Of the very interesting people nominated this year, stands out our friend D-r Mila Bobadova. D-r Bobadova is a veterinary who has been a leader in the efforts to criminalize animal cruelty in Bulgaria.

We urge all our friends to support d-r Bobadova’s nomination. You can do so by clicking LIKE on this Facebook page.

By helping d-r Bobadova win this wonderful award you will be helping to spread awarenes on animal cruelty in Bulgaria.

D-r Bobadova is a lively, intelligent, positive person

2012 ARSofia calendar

Posted on 24 November 2011

Dear friends,

our 2012 calendar is now available!
It contains 12 stunning photos of dogs from the Bogrov shelter and their stories – made by the fabulous team of Creative Studio Wings and printed with the help of VIVACOM.

The price is 10BGN or 5,50 EUR. This year the calendar is smaller sized – 35×50 cm. We have also improved the “calendar part” wich is more visible and easier to read.

By purchasing our calendar you are donating 10BGN (5,50 EUR) to the Bogrov dog shelter. 500 dogs thank you for your care and kindness!

The fabulous calendar has 12 inner pages, one for each month. On every page you will find the photo and story of a dog from the Bogrov shelter.

You can purchase our calendar ONLINE at:

In Sofia you can  find it at the following locations:


Centre, 125 Kniaz Boris I str, MAP

* * *


113, Goce Delchev blvd, MAP

Everyone who makes a donation for ARS at Virtu gets a 10% discount in the store

* * *


Centre, 11 Iskar street, MAP

Leo donates 1BGN of every pizza sold on the 15-th of every month!

* * *


ZooZona I

Geo Milev, 29 Lidice str, MAP

ZooZona II

84 Slivnitza blvd, block 173 (just before Lidl), MAP

ZooZona III

Gorubliane, 42 Samokovsko shose, MAP

Zoozona also donates 5% of every on-line order at their online store.

* * *


67 Simeonovsko Shose blvd, MAP

Animal Rescue Sofia adoptive families get a 10% discount on all dog-stuff!

* * *


Reduta, 2-4 Bratovan str, MAP

* * *


Strelbishte, 26 Mayor Parvan Toshev str, MAP

* * *


68 Neofit Rilski str, MAP

* * *

Terrarium PLOVDIV 

47 Christo Botev blvd, Capital City Center, MAP

We also have calendars at the shelter!

For a delivery OUTSIDE of Sofia contact Anelia of VIRTU – anelia[at]

For our calendar in GERMANY, contact Frank Nadler – fank[at]

Our kindest regards to the wonderful team of WINGS who made this masterpiece.

Once again – thank you VIVACOM for supporting us in our work!!!