Maya from Bogrov won the first place at an international Agility contest!

Posted on 12 March 2013


Maya, who was adopted from the Bogrov shelter, led by her fabulous owner – Atanas Yanev, has won the first place in class A0 at Serbia’s biggest Agility event – the Singidunum Winter Cup!

The wonderful mix-breed lady has scored the highest points at level A0! What is more – Agility Club Bulgaria, where Maya trains, brought back 2 golden and 2 bronze medals! And both of the gold medals have been won by adopted ladies without a breed!

Congratulations to Atanas, Yana, Michaela and all of their dogs!

Read more about Nasko’s achievements with Maya.

A charity evening at McCarthy’s Irish Pub in Sofia!

Posted on 01 February 2013


1650 BGN were raised for the dogs and cats of Animal Rescue Sofia at the charity evening, organized by the team of McCarthy’s Irish Pub! ! !

We thank all the dog-people that came by – the bar was full and we all must have had quite the drink to be able to raise such a sum with no entrance fee, hahaha… We couldn’t make any photos, since we were too busy holding our glasses.

The evening was loud and fun, the seats were all taken after 7 p.m. and all the way till midnight – our dogs are lucky to have so many drinking friends, hahaha!

★ We thank the wonderful Jamie McDonald for the music and the spirit, it was a real pleasure.

★ We thank Jim & Sibeal Reynolds; Gus Worth and Paul & Sinead Quinn for the treats they surrendered to the charity raffle. We also thank the generous people who entered the raffle.

★ We thank our host Jonny O’Leary and his wonderful bar for the hospitality.

★ And huge hugs to the wonderful lady behind the bar – Teddy Nojarova who organized the whole evening at McCarthy’s!

The funds we raised on 30.01 will be used to cover the most urgent medical needs of our 500 dogs. We are happy to have seen the ARSofia people for the first time this year. See you again soon, friends!


Dear friends,
the fabulous people working at McCarthy’s Irish Pub have organized a loud, jolly fundraiser for the dogs and cats at Animal Rescue Sofia!

It will be a fun evening with superb live music, provided by Jamie McDonald and a wild raffle organized by our kind host John O’Leary!

John will donate EVERYTHING that the bar makes that evening!
Brace yourselves, some heavy drinking lies ahead of us this Wednesday!

Jan 30, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
McCarthy’s Irish Pub
Alabin 50 A – Second floor

SEE MAP HERE. The bar is right next to the vegetarian restaurant, you have to pass through the shopping center below, enter the first door on the left-hand-side and go up a few stairs.


Take a peek inside the pub
See photos from past events

We have made working calendars!

Posted on 11 January 2013

Dear friends, our working calendar (with 3 zones for the past, current and coming month and a “header” of our sweet Mr.June from the full, 12-page calendar) is now available!

The working calendar can be found in ZOOZONA and ZOOLEND (online and and on the spot) and at the shelter.
Each working calendar costs 6 BGN and is a full donation to the work of Animal Rescue Sofia.

raboten kalendar

Our full, 12-page calendar (with a dog from our shelter on each page) can be found still in VIRTU, ZOOZONA, ZOOLAND and our shelter.

You can find both our calendars ONLINE at:



ZooZona I
Geo Milev, 29 Lidice str, MAP

ZooZona II
84 Slivnitza blvd, block 173 (just before Lidl), MAP

ZooZona III
Gorubliane, 42 Samokovsko shose, MAP


Zooland Reduta
Reduta, 2-4 Bratovan str, MAP

Zooland Strelbishte
Strelbishte, 26 Mayor Parvan Toshev str, MAP

GALLUP: 50% of the dog owners dump their unwanted pups

Posted on 03 December 2012

A poll by Gallup International, ordered by animal welfare NGO Animal Rescue Sofia shows there are 2 400 000 owned dogs in Bulgaria in total. The number of dog owners equals the number of smokers in the country, two third of the dog-owners also have a cat.

Two shocking facts have surfaced in this study:
-80% of the owned dogs in Bulgaria are being cared for outside the house;
-50% of the owners admit that they dump the unwanted puppies their dogs produce.

The stray dog problem in Bulgaria will not be solved until true control is enforced on dog owners and responsible dog ownership is introduced through an education program, Animal Rescue Sofia comments.

“Only 17% of the owned dogs are neutered, and that is only in the cities” said ARS spokeswoman Stella Raycheva for Btv. She adds: “In the 4 years since the efforts to decrease the dog population began, the Ministry of Agriculture has not fined a single person for pet abandonment.”

– – –

A more detailed analysis of the survey can be found PDF HERE (Bulgarian only)
S. Raycheva comments the poll for Btv – VIDEO HERE (Bulgarian only)

The 2013 calendar is here!

Posted on 29 November 2012

Dear friends, our working calendar (with 3 zones for the past, current and coming month and a “header” of our sweet Mr.June from the full, 12-page calendar) is now available!

The working calendar can be found in ZOOZONA and ZOOLEND (online and and on the spot) and at the shelter.
Each working calendar costs 6 BGN and is a full donation to the work of Animal Rescue Sofia.

raboten kalendar

Our full, 12-page calendar (with a dog from our shelter on each page) can be found still in VIRTU, ZOOZONA, ZOOLAND and our shelter.

You can find both our calendars ONLINE at:



ZooZona I
Geo Milev, 29 Lidice str, MAP

ZooZona II
84 Slivnitza blvd, block 173 (just before Lidl), MAP

ZooZona III
Gorubliane, 42 Samokovsko shose, MAP


Zooland Reduta
Reduta, 2-4 Bratovan str, MAP

Zooland Strelbishte
Strelbishte, 26 Mayor Parvan Toshev str, MAP

Dear friends,

our 2013 calendar is now available!
It contains 12 stunning photos of dogs from the Bogrov shelter and their stories – created by the fabulous team of Wings Creative Studio and printed with the huge generous help of our friends at VIVACOM.

This year the calendar is the same size as last year, only horizontal – 35×50 cm.  The price is 10BGN or 5,30 EUR. Every calendar is a 10BGN (5,30 EUR) donation to the Bogrov dog shelter. 500 dogs thank you for your care and kindness!

The fabulous calendar has 12 inner pages, one for each month. On every page you will find a photo of a dog from our shelter. The calendar motto is “GOING HOME” to signify one of our main activities – rehoming dogs and cats abandoned in the streets of our city.

Thank you for helping us!

You can find our calendar ONLINE at:


(delivery available)

113, Gotze Delchev blvd, MAP

Virtu also has various Animal Rescue Sofia merchandize!
You could mail the shop owner Anelia on if you
would like the stuff delivered to you in another city or abroad.
Please note that the mailing costs will be at your expense.

Christmas cards with envelopes (1BGN):

More stuff will be available the second week of December.


ZooZona I
Geo Milev, 29 Lidice str, MAP

ZooZona II
84 Slivnitza blvd, block 173 (just before Lidl), MAP

ZooZona III
Gorubliane, 42 Samokovsko shose, MAP


Zooland Reduta
Reduta, 2-4 Bratovan str, MAP

Zooland Strelbishte
Strelbishte, 26 Mayor Parvan Toshev str, MAP


Lozentetz, Maleeva sports, 57 N.Vaptzarov blvd  MАР


Knyajevo, 475 Tzar Boris blvd MAP


Centre, 125 Kniaz Boris I str, MAP

* * *


68 Neofit Rilski str, MAP

* * *


You can also find calendars in our office!


We thank the wonderful team of WINGS for the masterpiece!!!

Yet again we thank VIVACOM for their great support!!!

4000 castrations at the Bogrov shelter!!!

Posted on 01 November 2012

A huge “CONGRATULATIONS!” to our vet d-r Marietta Stankova who has a huge thing to celebrate: 4000 Spayed/Neutered at our clinic!

D-r Stankova with the cake she got for the celebration

When we began working at the municipal Bogrov shelter there wasn’t even a clinic registered at the premises. With the help of our friends at the Good Idea vet clinic we managed to do the complicated registration. So, in July 2010 on a surgery table donated by the Golden retriever club we began neutering.

Today, 2 years later, we have 2 surgery tables at the clinic. Every month veterinary students from Utrecht, Holland and Gent, Belgium come to volunteer and help our vets for the Spay/Neuter program. We have 4 vets working with us.

Our main task and something we are proud of was to convince the Sofia municipality that the Spay/Neuter procedure should be also made free for owned animals, as they are the key to solving the problem in our region. Strays mostly come from dumped yard puppies and dogs.

Dog  4000 was brought by volunteers, she is a good girl who lives on the street

The Bogrov shelter turned into the most popular place for the neutering of owned animals. Even now, we have all appointments booked till the end of this month. Also many volunteers bring dogs for neutering from all over the city.

Our Spay/Neuter center works 7 days a week, and on Wednesday and Thursday we neuter dogs brought by the Municipal Ecobalance company. We also take emergency cases of pregnant dogs and cats without an appointment, all people have to do is phone in advance.

Spay/Neuter remains to be a large expense for us. If you would like to support our program DONATE for materials and medications. It is the most adequate way to join forces if we want the stray dog problem solved.

THE MIRACLE or How we got food for a whole month

Posted on 31 October 2012

It’s been two years since we’ve been in Bogrov. Three since we began working together.
Whether this is a long, or a short time… probably both.
“Long!” will say our families, “Long!” will say the thousands of animals we’ve helped.
“Short” would be our answer, “Short!” will be the cry of those cats and dogs we’ve not yet reached.

But the road is never-ending, full of obstacles and difficulties.
The largest of those known as LACK OF MONEY.

ARS id funded through donations only. The translation of this phrase meaning – constantly penniless. Seems like we have now become used to working in a permanent shortage. And maybe we ourselves don’t manage to communicate to the people all the needs a shelter has. The ones who follow us seem to think that because of the good work we do – we have money. But ARS is not a company. And the dogs we rehome, the dogs we neuter, the dogs we save from harm and suffering – they do not bring any profit. It is just the contrary.

So, when we turned up in the insane situation to not have food even for the few days ahead – we were absolutely terrified. There are not that many people who help the shelter every month, most of our donors chip in when an animal needs medical assistance. So, what then?

With our hearts shrunk we asked for your help, we were hoping to somehow patch-up the week. What followed was not only exciting, it was magical. It inspired us, we remembered who we were and what we stood for, we realized how many friends were around. So many people responded to the cry for help, that the problem was solved almost instantly. And not for a week, for a whole month ahead!

First we would like to thank the people who sent money to buy food.  We thank you for your trust, dear friends! We thank for your kindness, generosity and compassion. BTW, this is the best way to donate for food, because we buy it in large quantities and get huge discounts. So, we can buy more and better quality food for the same money to the delight of 500 hungry dogs at the shelter…

We also thank everyone who brought food to the shelter, to Lozenetz and to the party. The food is of course most precious to the ones who will eat it – the hungry shelter dogs. But it “fed” our souls too – seeing all the different bags and picturing all the kind people who brought them… it is fantastic to not feel alone in this! Thank you for donating enthusiasm!

Despite the common expectations, large companies also responded to our call for help. Our thanks to them! We know how hard donating for our cause is these days – people’s opinions have become so polarized and sometimes aggressive that most other companies fear the affiliations.  VIVACOM, BIOMET, LIDL – you are pioneers for Bulgaria and we are sure many others will join you in time.

Our huge thanks to the people who came to the Halloween party! Smiles on and with a drift of informality we managed to raise the money to finally secure the doggies food completely.

We are not religious, nor superstitious, but we are certain that such a gathering of kindness and good energy in the same place will give the Force a definite push to the Bright side. No occult thoughts, but we can guarantee the following:
the kindness you have done will go back to you.
Not because of karma. It’s just the way things are.
Good is the only thing that grows larger the more you give of it.


Posted on 29 October 2012

And so, here is a recapitulation of our fabulous VIVA-Halloween party that rocked the Lozenets neighborhood till late night:
2956BGN were collected by more than 180 friends of Animal Rescue Sofia at the great party!
The funds we raised will be used to buy food for the animals, as well as the donations we received in the days between 24.10 and 29.10 (including).

You were great!!! We can only be very proud to have such cool friends!

It was a fabulous crowd, full of fun kids. We had witches and pirates most of all, and the contest winners were:

Sergeant Sexy; count Dracula and the Blue Fairy
To be honest, we have been organizing parties for quite a while now, but it was the first one that didn’t make us nervous in all 3 years! We don’t know how, but we didn’t find the time to be nervous and worry about the event, it was much too fun for that.

We thank our friends at VIVACOM who took care that the event be welcoming and fun! It was also great to see so many people who work at the company. Come again!

A huge THANK YOU once more to our friends Danny, Elly and Krasy from USMIVKA children’s party center! Yet again they made sure to make a magical and happy atmosphere for the smallest animal friends. They had a pinata, coloring, games and a kids disco! Ladies, you are one of a kind!

For a third year in a row we have been having our parties at this nice caffe at Bourchier blvd and it keeps getting even more cozy and nice! We thank our host Maggie Aslanska who not only had us feel at come, but worked side by side with all of us.

Our thanks to the Take A Cake bakery and Zlati who came to bring the cupcakes! They were over before we knew it… Can you beleive that we actually talked about having leftovers, haha!

A special greeting to the ladies who donated stuff for the Charity bazaar – we are still selling it and making money for the animals!

The party wouldn’t have gone smoothly without the help of:

  • Andrea and Anelia who did their magic at the merchandize;
  • Eva and Kris who were the party magicians;
  • Ilina for the lovely drawn stones, Michaela for the doggie bandanas;
  • Vicky, Alex and Zory for the superb pumpkins.

Thank you, dear people for always being so helpful, hard-working and cute!

LOADS OF PHOTOS can be seen on this link

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear friends,

We invite you to a Charity Helloween Party for the dogs and cats of Animal Rescue Sofia! Come have fun with us and you will help the hundreds of animals that we care for together!

The party will be on a Saturday evening – October 27 at 06 p.m. It will be a colorful carnival, we have games prepared for both the kids and adults. Make sure you come with your most impressive costume – 2 years in a row you have stunned and bewildered us with your amazing ideas. Will you get ahead of yourself again?!

The winner and the vice-champion of our 2011 VIVA-Helloween party

As usual – the entrance is 10BGN – all to benefit the 500 dogs and cats at the shelter. We will be treating you with the finest wine and delicious sweets. You can bring your own if you like to brag!

For the little ones – we have the special team from the SMILE children’s center. Danny and Elly will be coming again, we can’t wait to see what they will do after the last year amazing success of their piñata

For the adults – we challenge you to compete for the most impressive outfit! The winner will get an ARS t-shirt of their choice, the second and third prizes get one of our lovely cups and next 3 contestants will get to bring home one of our amazingly carved pumpkins each! Have we said enough to convince you?

Two spectacular contestants in the 2010 Helloween party costume contest

Dogs are allowed, but only if they are wearing costumes as well!

The event will take place at our favorite location – at the James Bourchier caffe that has a garden. So  have in mind that there is an open and a closed part there – make sure to have adequate clothing not to freeze or boil.



Sofia 1164, Lozenetz
23 James Bourchier blvd

Look for us on the second floor of the office building, there will be signs and posters to guide you, it’s an easy to find location.

See some photos from a previous party THERE.

Open a larger map

P.S. Unfortunately, the bestest, most amazing costume has already been booked this year:


Raya won 500 kilos of food and donated them to the shelter!

Posted on 20 October 2012

The food! The food!

Our favorite news site Dnevnik organized a wonderful pet photo contest with a wonderful award – a 500BGN voucher for pet food and accessories at Carrefour.

There were 3 animals adopted from Animal Rescue Sofia in the contest – Yoda the cat; sweet dogboy Murphy; and Bamby –  a Bogrov gird, along with her other adopted friend – Zara. Raya, the owner of Bamby and Zara made up her mind to donate the award to Bogrov if she won. And so she did!

We called for your help and you responded! 660 people voted for Zara’s and Bamby’s gallery, securing them the first place in the contest. We are so grateful for your help! It has successfully materialized and is already distributed to the dogs at the shelter.

The contest winners – Raya has Bamby, Zara is dressed in pink

Thank you, Raya! Thank you, people! We thank Dnevnik and Carrefour! You are all great!

Raya, Zara and Bamby at the Dnevnik office

Raya and her dogs with the food at Bogrov;
Lilly checking the food out before it is stored


P.S. Don’t read the disgusting comments in the forum. We should be happy about the good news, not annoy ourselves with the petty comments of people whose hearts are too small for compassion.

End of our Kremikovtzi project

Posted on 11 October 2012

We entered Kremikovtzi for the first time exactly 2 years ago, October 2010. What we saw there shocked us – the survivors of the metal giant were wondering around it like little shadows, emaciated, wild and starving.

In the begging the dogs were too skinny to be neutered, so we needed to feed before we could neuter any, it also helped us gain their trust, so we were able to catch them more easily

We decided we couldn’t live knowing that these dogs are dying of starvation, cannibalizing the puppies of others to survive.  We began feeding them in order to prepare them for neutering; they were too thin for us to begin without it. With your help in 2 years we managed to neuter most of the females in the area. Over 15 tons of food was gulped down by the hungry dogs of the closed factory. Many animals received medical help for their conditions. One of the 21 shelter cages was always full of dogs for rehoming from the factory.

A few of the dogs we rehomed from the factory

Today we put an end to this campaign. In time we lost our old romantic idea that we could completely solve the problem locally. New animals began appearing at the scene whilst donations grew scarce – our work there became old news. What is more, our work there began to affect the work we did in the shelter, in our Spay/Neuter center and what is worse: we began questioning ourselves – whether we are not worsening the situation with our presence, since too many new animals were being dumped there.

Emergency cases that we will never forget: The 3-legged boy survived miraculously, but the poor German Shepherd dumped there to be picked up by us died from the after-efects of his fall in an asphalt pit

We put an end to this project and we almost feel as we are traitors, but we are too few and have too little to spend it on something that doesn’t have a long-lasting effect. What is more – we work by the Neuter&Return “laws”, however difficult the “Return” part is for all of us. So we thank you. We thank you honestly and from our hearts for the help you sent to the factory dogs. You can be sure of it – it was not in vain. The lives of hundreds of dogs were saved through the food, Spay&Neuter, the medical treatments, the new homes we found. The permanent residents of the area are mostly neutered, pups are no longer being born to die inside the metal monster.

We had to set up a local Spay/Neuter clinic on two occasions, because there were too many emergency females and we needed to hurry. Most dogs were neutered at the shelter, though.

It is with the adoptions of two girls from Kremikovtzi that we want to mark the end of this campaign. Mandira and Granny Bonka, as well as tens of their “brothers in arms” are living in Heaven with their new families:

Granny Bonka arrived in Germany last week. This tiny sweet old dog is one of the few oldies we found in the factory. Smart, calm and careful she managed to survive long years in the hostile environment for long years. She deserved to be happy, even though we knew she would be hard to rehome. She remained in the shelter for quite a while, but the magic worked and she finally begun living her dream life. We are so happy we managed to secure a happy ending for this great lady, she truly deserved it.

Two weeks ago the happy bell also rang for our Madira. A sweet and incredibly beautiful dog that has so many special marks – her blue eye, her amazing color and of course – her crooked leg.  Everything about her says “choose me, I am special!” and she did manage to speak to Mrs Iliana Karatoncheva who offered her love and care. Now Mandira is known as Karry (From Caramel) and is enjoying her apartment life together with the 10-year old family cat.

The amazing two-legged dog Nenny from Kremikovtzi when we picked her up and in her own wheel-cart, happily rehomed in Belgium

Fabulous Zumba charity class!

Posted on 02 October 2012

We had the greatest, most amazing party at the Zumba class – so energizing and enthusiastic – we totally fell in love with Zumba and Zumba trainer Danny Ikonomova!

The amazing dancers raised the total of 482BGN for the dogs at the Bogrov shelter, we danced for more than an hour and a half! To the dog people’s great shame – there were only 3 people representing us, but we did compensate with great enthusiasm! And Zumba did turn out to be our new thing, haha!

We are greatly in debt to Danny and all her fabulous friends who made this possible. This must be the healthiest and most fun way to raise donations!

The evening ended as all good evenings do…

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, DEAR FRIENDS!!! Hope to see you again soon!

Zumba is a dance fitness program for people of all ages.
It is a fun, healthy way of keeping in good shape. SEE VIDEO
Experience a ZUMBA class and help the animals at the same time!

Our hostess Danny Ikonomova is a friend for the animals and a qualified Zumba instructor.
We thank the “Dance” studio for having us.

Friday, September 28
7p.m. to 8:30p.m.

“Dance” studio – Ljulin 10, 26 Maysky Den str.
The place is easy to find. There is room for 50 dancers.

The charity class ticket is 10BGN each.
All profits are a donation for the dogs of Animal Rescue Sofia.



Charity bake sale at the US embassy

Posted on 28 September 2012

Another great charity bake sale happened at the US embassy this week. Once again our friends there supported the Bogrov shelter cause and helped raise 650BGN for the shelter.


Animal Rescue Sofia ambassador Grado with our hosts at the embassy

The raised amount will be used to build new outside pens; we will be organizing a construction volunteer day together with our friends from the American community later on this month.

Our special thanks for the great people who made this possible:

  • The Girl Scouts: Hannah, Elena, Holly and Emma;
  • Sanders, Selena and Chenuse Aitchedji;
  • Rachel Denyer for the beautiful earrings;
  • Bryan and Anandaroopa for the adorable dog biscuits ;
  • Cathy Siegel for kindly organizing the event;
  • The bakers and the generous donors.

It was great sharing this morning with you, our good-will ambassador Grado had the greatest time. Hope to see you again soon!