Mountain climbing for ARS!

Posted on 18 November 2013


23 tourists led by the sweet Elitsa Antonova have raised 325 BGN for an ARSofia shelter. The funds have already been transferred to the account where the amazing 60K double every donation. This means that the dogs are getting a total of 650 BGN from this wonderful initiative!


We want to cordially thank Elitsa from “Mountaineering with Ivan” and all the people who joined her hike to the Skaklya waterfall. We will succeed. We will succeed together, dear friends!

– – – – – – – – – –


Dear friends,
Elitsa Ananieva of the wonderful “MOUNTAINEERING WITH IVAN” invites you to a doggy hike to the Kaklya waterfall with a charity participation fee. You can enjoy the last days of the golden autumn and in the same time help Animal Rescue Sofia raise the funds for a new shelter.


1458814_10200825123018294_63400315_n 1465024_10200825122978293_819883980_n

For more information:

  • 0895 426 554 Elitsa
  • 0898 663 703 Ivan

A Street Show for ARSofia – November 16-th, Sofia center

Posted on 12 November 2013


The Machines hip-hop band, the Acrobatic and Cheer-leading teams of the First English Language School invite you to an amazing Street Show! There will be many cool participants, unique dancers, great music, and a worthy cause to support – ours!

The event is planned in support of the Animal Rescue Sofia shelter – so we can purchase our Dream Farm and continue working for the city.

You are welcome on Nov 16, Saturday, at 4:30p.m. at the Sofia University underpass! Come, have a great time, dance with us and help our dogs get a roof over their heads and hundreds more others find the love and comfort of a good home!


904887_160050034162692_868644735_o ccc2011 1391882_583455231713856_1577237244_n


Organized by:

PTPI The Doves Chapter

ARSofia & Friends Flash-Mob

Posted on 10 November 2013

“True friends are not those who stand by you when it is time to laugh, they are the people who will be by your side when you are weeping”

P1630857  P1630858 P1630875 P1640416

You could say that in the last few difficult months each of us has felt lost, and not once, many times. Every single one of us has tossed and turned at night, uneasy with questions “What should we do?”, “Maybe we should just quit?”, “Why do these people hate us?”, “Is there any point to this never-ending struggle?”…

And this is how you, dearest adopters, answered us. This is how you managed to wipe away all doubt from our minds – by coming and not only showing your support, but also bringing along the real reason that makes it all worthwhile.

P1640343 P1640358

Counting the dogs rehomed is one thing. But it’s a whole other story to see 150 of them in one place with their owners by their side. It is not likely that we would be able to put the feelings of our hearts into words and describe the feelings this meeting provoked. The happy, well cared for and greatly loved dogs speak louder than any words could do.
They seem to be our dogs, but are not anymore. They seem to be the same, but are completely different.


Seeing Jack, who got his first real hug at 7 years of age giving a high-five to Nadia – heart-melting! Seeing him lean on his master’s leg just to make sure his adoption was not just a dream – priceless!
The hug Zoran gave to Vessy when he met her is nothing in comparison to the little kiss he gave his master’s hand.
Are those two happy huskies pulling a bike really Bea and Dante? Weren’t they just two skinny, dirty, sad dogs that were left outside to die?
Could the little meatball running to greet us on three legs really be Santra who never looked up and shied away?
Three-legged Lynda that we rehomed over 3 years ago!?
Doncho, who looked like the walking dead???
Is this lovely Labrador really our blind Aura?
And Eezzy, Tascha, Bonnie, and so many dogs that left our shelter as little pups and are now huge lovable pets?
Dogs that have left us so long ago, that it seems like decades have passed…

1401322_764534973571975_1448340691_o 1404721_764535013571971_1509459616_o 1417519_764535070238632_128108679_o

Oh, we can  continue this all day. Each of us, dearest friends, every smiling couple – dog and master gave us our faith back and reminded us why it all makes sense. No matter that some media called this “a protest”. No matter that most comments under the reports are full of hatred as usual. No matter. The only important thing today is… you. You and your four (or three) legged friends. We thank you from all our hearts! We thank you for the support, for donating 610 BGN! We thank you for coming! But most of all we are grateful to you for standing by us and giving us the courage to go on!


1246 leva from Street Salseros & The Dance

Posted on 09 November 2013

It was an incredible dance evening with a lesson by Mony of Street Salseros at The Dance. Over 60 generous, smiling guests raised 1246 leva whilst dancing and having a good time with the tasty treats provided by Los Pachangeros.

1426269_10201062371745850_758496468_n 1456725_10201062364545670_128381924_n

We thank Zory of The Dance for organizing this awesome event and to all the lovely people of the evening who opened up their hearts to the saddest inhabitants of our city – the dogs we care for. Being up to our ears in our work we rarely ever go out and it was something we had never seen in Bulgaria – the evening felt like it was on a little island where the elegant and smiling people live.

IMG_6780 IMG_6584


If you are wandering how to brake-up your schematic everyday life – try bringing life to your body and smile at The Dance, we promised ourselves to do it one day  – it turns out that there really is a lot of happiness in dancing, especially when there are so many kind and friendly people around.


Become a guardian angel, be part of the 60K miracle!

Posted on 08 November 2013

Dear friends of the dogs,
thanks to your incredible support the match-giving fundraiser with 60K International Call Centers has ended with a grand success!!!

(Please note that our “money-meter” calculates the funds in Euros, that makes: E 20 228!)

So, this makes our total results up to December 09: 172 935 Euros for the Farm where we can continue to work for the beasts in need, dear friends!!!

You have been absolutely incredible!!! THANK YOU for donating so generously!!! We thank the amazing people behind 60K both for donating and the brilliant idea! You really are guardian-angels!!!

Dear friends of the dogs,

our prayers have been answered. On the day of St. Michael – first among the angels, Animal Rescue Sofia and 60K invite you to take part in an extraordinary event – where there was 1 lev, there will be two.


The miracle

Have you ever heard of “Matched Giving”? Although it is very popular abroad, here in Bulgaria where Charity id only beginning to evolve, this method of raising donation has not become familiar yet.

The concept of Matched giving is simple: there is a Sponsor Company and many smaller Donors. The Sponsor Company agrees to double every lev donated on a certain account. This way, if you were to donate 10 leva, the Sponsor Company donates 10 more and the supported cause receives a total amount of 20 BGN.

Here is our little miracle:
The amazing team of 60K – one of the leading contact centers in Bulgaria – will support our joint effort by donating through a Match Giving campaign!

60K will DOUBLE every lev donated for a new Animal Rescue Sofia shelter at the campaign bank-account.


What does this mean? It’s simple: each lev you donate on this bank account will get a buddy lev donated by the people of 60K! We will raise X amount of money and 60K will change the equation to X.2 for the homeless animals in our city!

The initiative starts today and will be active for up to a month, depending on it’s success.

Become an angel

You too can be a guardian angel! You can donate and let your donation be doubled by 60K using the following account:

ProCredit Bank, 26 Todor Alexandrov blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria
IBAN: BG16PRCB92301033111022

Each lev that you donate on this account will be doubled by 60K!

Please note that only donations received at this bank account will be doubled!


60K is one of the leading contact centers in Bulgaria, working with clients on 27 languages from all over the world: e-commerce, telecommunications, IT and software developers, entertainment, leisure and travel, finance and insurance, research and etc.

www article 1 IMG_3867 _MG_5967

The company has over 600 young, talented employees who enjoy they work. They are the people who decided to support us in the effort of building a new home and future for hundreds of dogs.

60K on Facebook


Dear friends, even if you are unable to donate a modest sum to the bank account that 60K will double, we ask you:
please, share this idea with your friends and online, help this wonderful initiative reach a maximum number of people!!!


Our HUGE appreciation to 60K for their generosity! We can only hope that more companies would follow their example and be socially responsible and engaged with the most pressing issues of our huge city.
From the thousands of dogs we have not yet been able to help to all of you that will join this campaign – a bow and countless tails wagging!

DSC_4269 - Copy DSC_4549 - Copy DSC_5092

*MIRACLE – noun: 1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause; 2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God; 3. a wonder; marvel.

**ANGEL – noun: a person who performs a mission of God or acts as if sent by God.

***ARCHANGEL – noun: chief or principal angel.

An INSANITY session for our dogs

Posted on 03 November 2013


260BGN for the making of an ARSofia shelter were raised by the guests of coach Ivan Germanov at the Charity Insanity workout held at Arena Vitosha! A few words from Ivan to all the lovely participants who didn’t spare any energy and enthusiasm in this intensive effort:

1391969_600898956638594_999805995_n 1381532_600899426638547_200543731_n

“I am very happy to tell you that the charity training at Vitosha Dance&Sport Arena has been more than successful! Over 20 daring sports-people came to our event, raising twice than what I was expecting – 260 BGN. Nice! This comes to tell us that the hearts of the participants are twice bigger than I dared to hope. I thank everyone for coming!

A donation box will be present at Vitosha dance hall, so that everyone may chip in at a better time. I thank you all again for making me believe. Regards!”

1390505_600899463305210_258995088_n 1422569_600899209971902_80090563_n

And we thank Ivan for being such an awesome person!

A Halloween Party + Concert at BACK STAGE

Posted on 02 November 2013

halloween back stage poster_small

7414 BGN were raised by 460 guests at the amazing Charity Halloween Concert for the purchase of a place to turn into a shelter for the ARS dogs and cats!!!

Huge thanks to hosts Radio Café and Back Stage for the organization and hospitality; to the amazing musicians for the fabulous concert; to all of you who came, supported our work and made a huge donation altogether!


In a time when everything is divided in Bulgaria and people have nothing but hate for each other, it is a huge joy for us to see the friends of animals united in the common cause. Love WILL save the world, we know it and are happy to have met you!

IMG_1281 IMG_1284 IMG_1344 IMG_1345

Friends, your generosity is absolutely amazing, there are no words to express our gratitude…
We wish you great happiness!

Special regards to the volunteers who worked whilst we were all having fun: Jasmina, Sofia, Martha, Anelia, Victoria and Alexandra.


– – – – – – – –




It will be a Halloween charity party with great Bulgarian musicians in help of the ARSofia animals.

As you know, we must leave the Bogrov shelter along with our dogs by the end of this year. For that purpose we must raise the money to buy a new place to continue saving lives. Come, bring your friends, your help is of the upmost importance!

The party has a charity ticket of 10BGN that will go to the ARSofia.

We will have t-shirts, mugs, calendars and plenty of beautiful stuff for sale – all for the dogs, of course!


1 2 3

With COSTUMES, of course!

The three most original costumes will get special rewards, please think carefully – it will be a severe competition!


On Halloween eve – 31.10.2013, after 19:30 (the live music starts after 10)


At the BACK STAGE club
Just next to the musical theatre
100 Levski blvd, 1527 Sofia

rectang web invite


1000 leva from the kids at the Anglo-American School!

Posted on 29 October 2013

Huge thanks to the teachers and students at the Anglo-American School in Sofia for their help. 1000 BGN more for our dogs were collected these past few months by the kids at the school!


Stella went to meet the kids along with two of our most prominent good-will ambassadors – Grado & Penny – the poodles. They are often helping out the poor souls at the Bogrov shelter, making it possible to talk both to people who like and dislike dogs.

s6 s10 turshia 129

One of the many fabulous fund-raising ideas that the AAS teachers put to work is the so-called “Stotinki Wars”. A few big jars are divided between the classes – each one is labeled. Then, each class is encouraged to put stotinki into the jars of the other classes, the goal being that your class should have the least possible amount of donations. The emptiest jar wins – a brilliant idea!

We are grateful to the wonderful staff at the AAS-Sofia for making sure their pupils grow up to be reasonable, compassionate and responsible people.


Regarding the cases of rabies in the Netherlands

Posted on 24 October 2013


In relation to the cases of dogs with rabies in Holland we state the following:

ALL our dogs travel in good health, carefully and fully vaccinated in according to all EU requirements, along with the requirements of the sending and receiving country. Accordingly – the dogs that leave the Bogrov shelter are vaccinated for rabies minimum 21 days before the date of departure.

We are in touch with ALL the organizations that accept and re-home animals for us in Holland, we have the following information: none of our animals have been affected or anything of the sort; the colleagues are calling EVERY single adopter who has taken in any of our dogs in the last 12 months for information and support.

Regards for d-r Ilieva

Posted on 05 October 2013

A big hug to our young veterinarian doctor Ilieva for successfully finishing a clinical pathology course at the Central Veterinary Clinic!

д-р Илиева

Being a vet in a shelter is very heavy work that has little to do with working in a typical private clinic. Despite her young age d-r Polina Ilieva has proven to be a very serious and hard-working doctor in the very first weeks of our acquaintance when she started her internship under d-r Stankova. We are happy to have vets who are so devoted on our team and we hope they will become more and more qualified in time.

Sunny for the ARSofia shelter

Posted on 03 October 2013

They say that the state of existence makes up the mind. But we think that a position in life is something more than just a reflection of the daily struggles, it is a choice as well. Just as we have seen people with barely any resources turn the world around to do something for someone; we’ve also seen people who have all the money in the world and would never move a finger for anyone.

They also say that Good never dies. We have no choice, but to hope that it’s true, because otherwise the pain would be unbearable.

PicMonkey Collage(1)

This summer a sunny girl became a distant star. 25-year old Stanislava Asenova, or just Sunny, was killed by a drunk driver in the street. She is no longer here to shine her smile and enthusiasm on us.

But Sunny’s family doesn’t want (and shouldn’t) to say goodbye forever. They are firmly decided to continue her optimism and kindness, using the horrible tragedy to make something good out of it, something kind, something that will last, something their kind daughter, sister, friend would have liked…

The sunny people came to us at the end of the summer. They walked the dogs, gave them many hugs from Sunny, brought food for the babies and… left 1020BGN for them. We were astounded. Not because we don’t think the Good are among us. But because we had never met people who could turn their grief into something positive, not pile up anger and aggression as most of us would do. They want to do good in the name of their dear girl.


It was the end of the summer when they came and we still had many uncertainties ahead of us. Half of the donation was given to d-r Ilieva – to buy medicines for our clinic, the other half was put away “for the shelter”. Now that our fundraising campaign has begun the second half of Sunny’s donation for our doggies has been transferred to the account of “the new place”. We know her good energy will help us, just like she did herself.

We love Sunny” is an initiative that wants to bring more Good into this world. We thank Sunny’s family and all her friends for their kind help. We thank them because they remind us how little is certain in this word and how much we can do for the others if we don’t close our eyes and hearts to their needs.


It is another sunny day today!

To keep the streets dog free – we need mandatory neutering of the yard animals

Posted on 13 September 2013

Romania Street Dogs_Higg


The Romanian parliament voted for the euthanasia of stray dogs after 14 days in a municipal shelter. The decision comes after a 4-year old boy was mulled by dogs in a yard 1,5 kilometers away from a city park at the country’s capital. The tragic event was announced as a stay-dog attack by the police press-release and the incident was widely (and wildly) covered in all Romanian media.

Using the “dog card” for yet another time, the former mayor of Bucurest and current president Busesku wins the love of the masses with the politically inadequate “people are above dogs!” As a mayor Busesku already destroyed tens of thousands of dogs (including all that were neutered) in the city. Today, of course, there are twice as many dogs in the streets of Bucurest, but you should see those people voting for such a “decisive and brave politician”.

The well-played set of bloody laws that both president and prime-minister played is no coincidence. The same changes were voted back in 2011, but the Constitutional court of Romania ruled them as unconstitutional and they were dropped in the beginning of 2012. Today, they are written in the blood of a 4-year old child and seem untouchable.

Just like in Bulgaria, the Romanian state has no official data on the number of dogs owned. But, the statistics show that every year approximately 5 000 000 puppies are being born in the yards, courtyards and farmyards all over the country. ½ of them are destroyed by the mother’s owners at an early age, an insignificant number are rehomed and the rest are being dumped at the outskirts or in the closest settlement. It is the ones that survive who make the general, constantly stocked population of stray animals in the country.

The numbers are almost identical with what we have here in Bulgaria – a sociological research by Gallup from the end of last year shows that from 2 400 000 owned animals (both cats and dogs) 80% are being cared for outside the house, and 50% of the owners of female watchdogs admit to abandoning their puppies out in the street at least once. In the same time the number of neutered animals is low (17%) and it is mostly within the “apartment dog population” which is no important contributor to the stray dog problem.

Despite the obvious, the term “watch dogs” or “yard dogs” as the main source of new stray animals is being completely overlooked in both countries. Each spring and autumn season the yards spew thousands of unwanted puppies; closed down construction sites and depos get rid of their guard-dogs; villa owners chase away the animals for the winter. Neither Romania, nor Bulgaria control the dog owners of yard dogs and the few sanctions only apply to urban area owners. Registration is virtually non-existent.

To top this all the stray dog population programs are dumped on the political will and budget of the municipalities – most of which poor and often corrupt. Mayors prefer to invest in radical, lucrative and non-durable methods that bring immediate public approval and votes. The choice is between exterminating and the even cheaper dumping of animals in neighboring municipalities – the long-term solution simply requires too much effort. And a working Spay/Neuter program is by no means exhausted with the simple neutering of the existing stray dog population.

Just as 50 years ago we had to be taught to wash our hands by the then socialist state, today it is crucial to change the culture of dog ownership. People need to learn about neutering and deworming, they need to know where they can do it cheaply or for free. We just need a little control, nothing more – the abandoning of animals was already forbidden in 2008, by law, but since then there hasn’t been a single person fined by it. As the responsibility for this is tossed around between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Police and the Municipalities nothing is done to solve the issue. Instead, when there is a more severe case of a dog bite the most radical and unfounded opinions are widely distributed through the media, causing mass hysteria and putting emotions in the center of a simple, practical problem.

Yes, the Romanian experience is really very important to us. We need to carefully look at Romania’s last two decades and NOT do anything like them if we really want our stray dog problem solved. In some strange set of circumstances this happens to be one of the few things we have gone ahead of our neighbors. This is an obvious fact to anyone who has been to Romanian cities lately.

It can be said that the local populations in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Russe have been taken into hand as the municipal workers finally turn to the owners of yard dogs and begin to worry about the neighboring cities dumping dogs in their territory. Sofia and Russe are already offering free neutering to owned animals, you can barely see a dog in Plovdiv, and Burgas even boasts their own animal police unit in the municipal police which monitors registration.

However, steps in the right directions will remain only steps until we create a National strategy to solve the problem. It must include education and control of animal owners and be monitored on a state, not a municipal level, uniting the efforts to target both street populations and the animals in the yards.

Bulgaria has already shown, although with great difficulty, we can work adequately to solve the problem. In 5 years of comparatively good work Sofia has 3 times less animals living outside permanently. Just to illustrate this – at the end of his twice as expensive and ineffective dog culling program Mayor Sofianski “boasted” about 30 000 dogs in the street.

Populism is a big thing, but in the last few months the Bulgarian public has indicated that we’ve had enough of it. We are not cruel people either – as strange as this might seem, the very fact that so many animals are being released outside and not destroyed points out that our compatriots are just a step away from keeping their animals in a civilized manner. We only need to show them how and make it available.

Stella Racheva, Sofia 12.09.2013, TRUD