A successful flea market charity sale!

Posted on 16 December 2013

4 200 from the first and 4000 BGN from the second edition of our charity flea-market were raised for the purchasing of the Farm thanks to the huge efforts of Anie and Stanislava!

The thanks are for you – the kind people who donated and purchased stuff from our improvised sale! Our warmest regards to Master Class and the professionals who work there for the hospitality! To the golden helpers Polly, Pepy, Lilly, Zira, Natalia, Leo, Violeta and Damyan – well done! And a huge hug to the person behind this miracle – the tireless Annie – not only for the hard work, but also for being the most wonderful, loving owner of our sweet tripod Popeye! Hurray!


Dear friends,
we invite you to take part in a weekend flea market organized by friends and volunteers of Animal Rescue Sofia!



It will be a sale of all sorts of interesting stuff – clothes, bags, accessories, books, and all sorts of curious and helpful objects. Vintage bags and retro cottlery, old coats, novels, lamps and helwery – whatever your heart desires. You will find all sorts of stuff – from cheap to special – who knows what treasures you will seek out. Come to the sale if you are already thinking about clever Christmas gifts or the most comfy woolen sweater to wear at home.


November 23 and 24 after 2 p.m. ion the study hall of Master Class center at Slavyanska 24 street, floor 2.


886495_726194144074945_1653268581_o 1397336_725047167522976_1909083324_o 1464089_726522710708755_1628275765_n


You can bring your own goodies to the place on the 22-th between 2 and 8 p.m. You can also bring stuff to the sale directly. We will take anything you don’t need, but is good enough to be used by other people – clothes, preserved shoes, household items, good books… Just make sure everything you bring is clean and in a good condition!


Every stotinka raised by the bazar is intended for the purchase of a new place for the Animal Rescue Sofia shelter to move and continue helping animals in need.


1412790_725655784128781_665653562_o 1467447_727549487272744_280393198_n 1470131_727413113953048_945945149_n

A Charity Conzert for ARSofia

Posted on 15 December 2013

1464 BGN were raised for the animals in need this Friday at the charity concert organized by Simona Georgieva and Magy Janavarova at Marseille Bar!

It was a very fun, very comfortable, very nice evening! Hats off for the ladies who put so much effort into organizing this, the artists who performed and the professionals at Marseille for a job well done! Hugs and regards for the people who came to support our best friends – you are awesome!

Magi Janavarova and club Marseille invite you to a charity concert next Friday, 13.12.13!


Host: Magi Janavarova

Special appearance:
Mariana Popova
Stefan Ilchev
Voice Of Boys
Sasha Peeva
DJ Bate Pesho

DATE: Friday, December 13-th

LOCATION: Marseille club, Studentski Grad, 5 prof. Ivan Stranski blvd MAP

STARTING HOUR: 9 p.m. /The calendar stand will be open from 6 p.m./

RESREVAIONS AT: 0899998184 and 0899998014
To avoid disappointment, please, make a reservation, thank you!



We thank Magi Janavarova and Simona Georgieva who organized this event so we can go on working for the dogs of Sofia! What you – their friends have done and are continuing to do is not simply a miracle. It is a sign that this country is full of meaningful, generous, intelligent, sollidaire, loving people that can change the world. And we do it one dog at a time, every day. So may innocent souls have found shelter from the pain, the hunger, the fear, the cold – so many more are to find it still!

Many, many times have we spoken, written the words “thank you”, but our gratitude is not one that can come from words, it is measured in the happiness that flows from the eyes of the thousands of dogs already living happily in wonderful families. There are no words for this happiness. A honest, overwhelming, true happiness which can only come from a heart that was lonely and broken and has received a second chance. That is more than any word can carry…

5875BGN through the photo-exhibition “On the other side”

Posted on 14 December 2013


A total of 5875 BGN for the purchasing of the Dream Farm were raised at the charitable exhibition “On the other side, organized by Ivan, Vesela and a whole bunch of awesome helpers in the “Personal space” art gallery the second week of December!


The amazing event is the first of its kind to ever be done for the animals in the city. The idea of a photo-exhibition was born in the dog-park behind “Hilton” where the people who walked their dogs together wandered what they could do to help the fund-raising campaign for a new shelter. After a few weeks of real back-breaking work, the organizers can pride themselves with really astonishing results – a very professional and esthetic photo-exhibition that brought awesome donations to the Farm’s bank account!



We thank Vessela for her enthusiasm and the effort to join together so many capable helpers behinf the “On the other side” idea! We thank Ivan, Ellie, Petar, our other Ivan, our other Elena, Maria, Danny, Silvia, Dimitar, Radmila, everyone whose smiling dogs are on the photos, all the wonderful people who came to see the show and brought a charitable memory home… It was a remarkable event, people, hats off from all of us!!!

1424505_10202767914867423_553449389_n 1477712_10202876508857133_711912795_n 1499513_3680638632733_295661478_n

Fundraising & Adoptions at Pets&U!

Posted on 10 December 2013

We are very excited to announce that Sofia’s largest pet store Pets&U has begun a campaign to help the homeless animals in this city!

Да-помогнем-заедно kucheshkiyat-mol-pets-u-otvori-vrati-v-sofiya

The wonderful team behind the store has developed a truly effective fundraising scheme to aid the work of Animal Rescue Sofia and 4 Paws!

During the whole of December brands Brit and Royal Canin will be sold with a 15 and 10% donation benefiting one of the two organizations (the buyer makes the decision)!

Besides this serious financial support, an amazing event is about to take place for the first time in Bulgaria:

Instead of piling up blood money from the “children” of the dirty animal-trade Pets&U are giving a chance to the orphans of our shelter – helping them meet their new people in the Sofia city center!

Each weekend puppies from our shelter will be waiting for you at Pets&U! We start this week December 14+15!

Donate whilst feeding your best friend quality food!

During the whole of December you can purchase dog food and thus help our work financially!

When purchasing foods of the brand Brit *adult, 10-25kg* you donate:

  • 15 BGN of the 20 kilo bags (cost: 60 BGN)!
  • 5 BGN of the 3 kilo bags (cost: 15 BGN)!
  • 2 BGN of the 1 kilo bags (cost: 6,50 BGN)!

When purchasing foods of the brand Royal Canin *all kinds and packages* you donate:

  • 10% of the cost of your purchase!!!

The initiative will continue on in 2014 with different brands showing their support every month!
By buying these foods you are feeding both your and a homeless dog at the same time!

1459343_584491201623645_503802894_n 1489055_584491204956978_1799159192_n

NOVA veterinary clinic has already made their generous donation for the animals by purchasing 3 large bags of Brit for their animals! Thus, NOVA has donated a total of 45 BGN for the animals in need!!!

Adoption weekends at Pets&U!

We all know what a horrible, bloody business hides behind the sweet faces of the puppies and kittens that look at us from the pet-shop windows. The horrible conditions in which the dogs and cats for trade are bred and raised are the reason we never work with, nor shop from live-animal salespeople. We greatly respect the decision of Pets&U to never sell live kittens and puppies, no matter how luring they are for the customers.

What is more: Pets&U is giving a chance for the unwanted babies of the shelter to reach their families more easily! By smiling at the passers-by from the window of their store by Hemus hotel!

You are welcome to meet angels from our shelter at Pets&U this very weekend!
This is how things will go:

Our dogs will await their candidates at Pets&U on Saturday. There will be a shelter representative present to carry on the interviews and fill out some forms. At the end of the day or the next morning the approved candidates will receive a call from us to come adopt their new pal and fill-out a contract. The third obligatory meeting between us and the adopters will take place at their home or in the shelter (it’s an open choice).

The first lucky doggies to meet their adopters at Pets&U are three girls! All of them have wonderful, soft and friendly temperaments. They are also neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, healthy, microchipped and with an EU pet passport.

IMGP7793 female1-07.2013 IMGP7768

  • The golden girl is 3,5 months old, she was found at a bus-stop where someone had dumped her whole litter.
  • The black&white girl is a Drathaar mix that also comes from an abandoned litter, 4 months old.
  • Miss Pug’s name is Kali, she is 4,5 years old and given up by her owners who can no longer take a good care of her.


Pets&U is located in Lozenetz, on the side of the Hemus hotel. The store is open every day from 10a.m. to 8p.m.


The people on staff all love and own animals, the sales-ladies are both veterinarians. All pets are welcome at the facility!

Find them on FACEBOOK


We thank Pets&U for this incredible support and their principle position on the welfare of all animals!

We thank you all for reading and hopefully sharing this initiative so it can reach a maximum number of people!

Match-giving campaign recapitulation!

Posted on 09 December 2013

Dear friends of the dogs,
thanks to your incredible support the match-giving fundraiser with 60K International Call Centers has ended with a grand success!!!

(Please note that our “money-meter” calculates the funds in Euros, that makes: E 20 228!)

So, this makes our total results up to December 09: 172 935 Euros for the Farm where we can continue to work for the beasts in need, dear friends!!!

You have been absolutely incredible!!! THANK YOU for donating so generously!!! We thank the amazing people behind 60K both for donating and the brilliant idea! You really are guardian-angels!!!


37 065E to go if we want to buy the Farm from our dreams. It is no little sum, but we it can be achieved – even the most skeptical people know this by now. But we need to stay mobilized yet till the end of the year.

IMPORTANT! We have managed to prolong the pay-up agreement till January 2014 and are still fighting for more time. These are the initiatives organized by friends of Animal Rescue Sofia till the end of the month:

Charity exhibition and sale – 07-14.12.2013



Come see a photo-exhibition showing the dogs of Sofia – the ones that are lucky and have a happy home and the ones who are still waiting for love at the shelter.



The show is open for a week in Sofia city center – Vitoshka 45 (Just by Ugo pizza), you can see it from 4 to 8 p.m. till Saturday the 14-th. The photos are sold in benefit of a new shelter, of course. Don’t miss it!



Charity concert – 13.12.2013

Magi Janavarova and Marseille club invite you to a charity next Friday, 13.12.13! Host: Magi Janavarova, special appearances by: Mariana Popova, Santra, Stefan Ilchev, SkandaU, Voice of Boys, KNAS, Igrata, Sasha Peeva and DJ Bate Pesho.


PLEASE, Make a reservation – it only takes a minute and you will have a place waiting!

Charity flea-market – 14+15.12.2013

After the success of the previous flea market the energetic ladies behind it are already working on the next initiative which will take place next weekend – once again – at Master Class!


You can donate pretty stuff, you can volunteer to help, but most of all – you are welcome to come by during the weekend and pick up anything you like – everything on sale there has been donated by people like you for the sake of the animals.


Charity Boutique – around Christmas

Another Christmas boutique-bazar with clothes donated by the best designers of Sofia will be organized by the wonderful fairies of Karnigradska street around Christmas!



We cannot tell you anything specific yet, but:

JOIN THE EVENT HERE – we will update it the minute we have a final date and venue of the sale!

Donate by giving your old phone – December 2013

Gather your useless old mobile devices – and those of your friends as well – help us collect as many old phones as possible and REUSUM will turn them into donations for the dogs! Every ancient and broken phone makes a 1 BGN donation and the sum goes up for the phones that do work!


There are collection boxes in every Technomarket store, as well as the shelter. You can also send them to our mailing address: Sofia 1164, 23 James Bourchier blvd, for Animal Rescue Sofia.



This year’s calendars are also a part of the fund-raising campaign! Chose our calendars for Christmas gifts and you will not do wrong! They are good-looking, charitable and not too expensive! All profits from this year’s calendars are intended for the purchase of a new place.

kalendar small

We thank all the people who buy and distribute our calendars!


50 000 reasons to be happy

Posted on 06 December 2013

So much has happened in this last year, turning things around over and over again, changing plans, sweeping through all that was sure and secure with the force of a tsunami, throwing our endeavor about like a little boat in an angry ocean.

As time grows near and the day for shut down no longer seems like a strange predicament in a blurry distant future, it becomes harder to pass down the shelter corridor without a doubt in your heart. A remote feeling of disaster lurks in the corner as the doggies jump to meet their friends, looking into our eyes with hope and trust. Nights become endless in sleeplessness; the working days seem to never end, 24 hours are not enough for anything. It is easy to lose yourself when everything you have dedicated your life to is at stake.


And yet, we are still standing – stronger and more motivated than ever, for a miracle has come our way to light the darkness.

Dear friends, as many of you have noticed, a mighty angel has come to support all of us in our restless efforts to provide a humane shelter to the homeless dogs of Sofia, donating 50 000 euros to our cause and thus, putting our struggle into a new, sunny perspective.

Today we are incredibly happy to let you know that we have reached a turn-over in the effort to purchase the Dream Farm – there are 152 621 Euros in the bank account waiting to be turned into bricks and walls of a safe haven for the saddest critters in this city!

We received many messages asking whom that angel might be, but we must disappoint you – the donor has decided to make this gift for the animals anonymously, respecting every person that has donated what they can toward this good cause. We can only say that this amazing person is one of us – the people whose hearts are open to the suffering dogs of the world, the people who know change when they see it, who believe the future lies in our hands.


The only information we can disclose about this huge donation is that thanks to it, we have a name for our clinic! The new animal clinic at the Farm will be named “The Franziska Clinic” in honor of a person whose dedication has saved so many tortured animals. We will do all in our power to live up to this name, honoring the patron saint of all animals, St. Francis of Asissi and the memory of Franziska who was an example of kindness every single day of her short life.

Maybe if we were poets we could put our gratitude down in writing. If we were artists perhaps we could paint a masterpiece in a genius inspiration. If we could sing, it would be a wonderful song that rings in your heart with joy… But we are dog-people and can only promise the following: the Farm will be the hardest-working and most dedicated place for animals in need of this city. It will bring comfort, health, peace, safety and ultimately – happiness to thousands of stray dogs and cats; that we can promise with a pure heart! And you know it is a promise that will be kept!

May life treat you with nothing but kindness, may happiness flow your way endlessly, BLESS YOU!!!


Leaflets waiting for distribution

Posted on 04 December 2013

NBU student from the class of Georgi Malchev Plamena Panaiotova has made and printed great leaflets for the campaign. The photos are by Denis Buchel.  Come get them at the shelter if you would like to pass some around.

Thanks for the AWESOME work!

leaflets (1) leaflets (3) leaflets (2)


Turn your unwanted mobile phone into a donation!

Posted on 28 November 2013

This campaign has ended with an amazing result!


What do homeless dogs and mobile phones have in common?

It is not “nothing”, dear friends! Thanks to Reusum Charity you now have the opportunity to turn your unused mobile devices into donations for the work of Animal Rescue Sofia!

We live in an unfair world. A part of humanity has too much whilst the rest have too little. We change our planet irreversibly with our huge productivity, we create billions of useless artifacts, we buy things we do not need, we soil and damage our environment. The Earth still has resources to sustain us all, but we – the humans don’t know how and don’t want to share it fairly.

The people of Reusum have created a way for the endless mobile devices we buy and replace regularly to continue working for humans, instead of polluting our nature with their un-degradable parts and poisonous batteries.

What is more – Reusum Charity has made it possible to not only recycle and re-use the unwanted phones, but to also make a donation to our cause in a moment when your support is vital for the animals we love!

What is the situation with the mobile phones?

It has been estimated that with a total population of 7 billion people the number of mobile devices in the world is over 5,6 billion!

The average European changes their mobile device every 18 months. There are over 500 million new mobile devices purchased yearly in the European Union alone. At the same time the recycle rate is only 10%.

Still, in countries like Brazil and India the “life span” of a mobile phone is about 7 years.

Reusum is one of the large international companies that collect unused phones from users in the rich part of the world, fixing the working ones for further use and recycling those that are beyond repair.

This way Reusum allows people from developing countries to purchase phones at affordable prices, whilst saving the planet tens and hundreds of tons of toxic waste every year!


How to donate your unused devices?

You can become a part of this great initiative very easily – just dig about your home to find all those old phones in cupboards and desks and take them to one of the collection locations Reusum has all over the country.

Every device you donate helps twice – first, you will be saving the environment another toxic debris, and second – you would be donating for our cause – the making of an Animal Rescue Sofia shelter in our city!

Talk to your friends, your relatives – you would be surprised how many un-used and worthless phones there are left among us after only 15 years of mobile communications in our country.

Gather it all up and take it to one of the collection points, or you can bring it to us – we have a box in the shelter.

NB: Don’t forget to remove any SIM-card or personal data from the devices.

How much money do you get from each phone?

The very old and broken phones are priced at 0 leva.
But for every single one of them Reusum Charity donates 1 lev to our charity! Over 1500 phones have been collected for our cause already!!!

The working devices are priced according to their age and condition – they can go up to 10, 20, 50 and even more leva. The people at Reusum have sheets with every possible device and a pricing to it. They are professionals, the Bulgarian branch is a part of a huge International company with good work ethic and perfect logistics.


Where can I leave my old mobile phones for you?

Reusum has collection boxes in every TECHNOMARKET store in Bulgaria! CLICK HERE to see the addresses of each one.

We also have a donation box at Bogrov.

If you prefer to send them or bring them to a point in the city you can use our mailing address:

James Bourchier 23 blvd, Sofia 1164, FOR: Animal Rescue Sofia
(The place has 24/7 live security, it’s OK to pop in any time)

If you are not in Bulgaria – you can still collect every phone you can find and send it to us!

We thank every person that joins this initiative!

Another 1504 leva donated by the kids of the Anglo-American School of Sofia

Posted on 27 November 2013

It is so awesome to see young people so dedicated and truly caring about the animals – we feel inspired by the kids of the Anglo-American School! Last month the kids put together a donation of 1000 leva and now have returned to the shelter for a second round!

small (2)

What a lovely visit and a great day at Bogrov! Besides the many dogs the kids walked they also brought 1504 leva they raised among their schoolmates for the new shelter our doggies need!

small (1) small (3) small (4)

And of course – huge thanks to the amazing teachers and staff at the School – we know nothing would have happened if it was not for their hard work behind the scenes!

The 2015 calendar is here!

Posted on 26 November 2013

  Dear friends,our 2015 calendar is now available! It contains 12 stunning photos of dogs from the Farm and, as we are “farmers” now – their more exotic friends! Once again it was created by the fabulous team of Wings Creative Studio! This year the calendar is the same size as last year – 35×50 cm.  The price is 10BGN (EUR 5,30). The fabulous calendar has 12 inner pages, one for each month. On every page you will find a photo of a dog from our shelter and a friend of another kind. All farm animals are pets, they are not to be eaten. pizap.com14157004374371

Online stores that you can order from:

zoobg    zooland

Where to find our calendars in Sofia:


  pets and u

1. Lozenetz, 25A Cherni Vrah blvd On the side of the HEMUS hotel,

2. 35, Neofit Riski str.

You can order also a delivery at

* * *


Zooland Strelbishte Strelbishte, 26 Mayor Parvan Toshev str.


The amazing team that makes our calendars:

12327-112732828762065-112731342095547-76550-7958356-n We thank the wonderful team of WINGS for the masterpiece!!! You know the work of Wings through the fabulous calendars they made for us in 2011, 2012 and 2013, 2014 already!


7000 leva from the Charity concert at MIXTAPE!

Posted on 25 November 2013

BGN 7000  were raised at the charity concert organized by I Hate Mondays Radio at “MIXTAPE 5” on the 21-st of November!


Huge thanks to the fold of Mixtape5 and the artists who played in a great volunteer mood!
Many hugs for Vlady who organized everything with such a contaminating enthusiasm and so professionally!

We are making big steps toward our big dream – a new, humane, non-governmental shelter for the dogs of Sofia!


We thank all our guests!!!

There were about 400 of us – all very generous people, this is a huge sum to raise!

We do have a question – how did it happen that over 1000 people signed up to come and not even half showed up? MIXTAPE 5 is a club for more than 1000 people – we wanted to avoid our classic Halloween “sardines” party and were very glad that this time there will be space for absolutely everybody. There were mostly “our folk” in the attendance list, so it kind of made us sad that you didn’t come. Unfortunately, this also mean we will not be able to have a Christmas party at MIXTAPE5.

Please, next time – don’t sign up unless you are coming, it is really important for us to know who will be there – we know this is done with the best intentions, but sometimes things can get really confusing.

Despite having less than half of the people we expected, we are very happy to have such a wonderful round number add up to our already big sum of money raised! Venceremos, the fight continues!!!




Dear friends, you are invited to a charity concert organized by I Hate Mondays Radio at club “MIXTAPE 5”on November 21 2013!


What? When? Where?

The concert is part of the fundraising campaign to raise the sum needed for a new Animal Rescue Sofia shelter and everyone involved in it does it as a volunteer, only led by love for the animals. The entrance/donation will be 15BGN.

The Mixtape 5 doors will be open at 6:30p.m. and the concert will begin at 7 p.m.

The club is situated in the underpass just below the Lovers Bridge, National Palace of Culture.

Who is playing?

What else?

Besides the concert there will also be a charity sale. You can find stuff by: Animal Rescue Sofia – t-shirts and calendars, George Chelebiev and his photographs, BRAVE MOUSTACHE will bring hand-made prints, Gergana Stancheva will be there too with her lovely art, as well as PaIndora with the hand-made jewelry.



Rabied dogs from Bulgaria – a mystery or a mystification?

Posted on 20 November 2013

We share with you a report by News7 in regard to the very dangerous and difficult subject – the alleged export of Rabied dogs from the Bulgarian town Silistra to Holland. In the matter of only a few days the media took on a melodramatic story fed to them by the Dutch veterinary authorities and it led to colossal problems not only for our Dutch partners, but for everyone seeking salvation for unwanted animals in the Western country. Below you will find a translated transcript of the story aired by News7, you can view the video HERE.

– – –


Is there rabies among the homeless dogs in Silistra or not? This is the question we went to investigate and the answer to which you will now see. Our colleagues in Silistra track down a real mystery – whether it is a mystery or a mystification – decide for yourself.

TEXT: Everything started on October 23 when the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency received a letter from the Dutch veterinary services. It carried the claim that two dogs originating from Silistra that have been sent to the land of tulips for rehoming have displayed Rabies symptoms, confirmed by a laboratory test after they were euthanized. The Bulgarian authorities acted immediately – urgently calling the Regional Epizootic Commission to work.

Fevsi Usun, director of the Regional Branch of the Food Safety Agency:

As we have not yet found any cases of Rabies in the area, we are aiming our measures to precaution and informing the population on preliminary measures. We need the Municipal epizootic commissions to take action for the owned and homeless animals, gather information on any dead animals that are found in the area.

TEXT: The commission has taken all possible measures, ruling there are no Rabies cases in the area. The questions remain. Not a single member of the local veterinary specialist believes that the dogs we actually infected.

D-r Dimitar Stefanov, chairman of the Tutrakan hunting association:

Yes, I can say with complete certainty that the dogs we not infected with rabies. They have lived in a home environment entirely between the months June-September. The anti-Rabies vaccine works after 7 days, forming antibodies in the organism. There is practically no way that these vaccinated puppies could have been infected with the disease.

942395_185083311660268_1998972498_n 995107_185083138326952_1708499345_n

Fevsi Usun, director of the Regional Branch of the Food Safety Agency:

After taking account of all information in this case and finishing our responsibilities to it we can have no doubt that the dogs were not Rabies carriers.

TEXT: D-r Yovko Haralanov who has performed the vaccinations on the puppies cannot find any logic in the accusations received by the Dutch authorities. Anti-Rabies vaccination is a routine procedure, one that is performed successfully every single day, the dogs were given inoculations by a French manufacturer and were in complete order. The manufacturer gives a 100% success rate for the vaccine shots.

We were absolutely shocked to receive the information 20 days later – that the puppies were euthanized on a Rabies suspicion that is supposed to be confirmed by a respected laboratory. I find this absolutely strange and cannot agree with the proclaimed results.

TEXT: The Dutch themselves have said unofficially that the dogs displayed no Rabies symptoms, but were experiencing gastro-intestinal issues after their long journey. There are many more details that make the allegations of the Dutch authorities highly improbable. Renown foreign specialists have expressed their lack of convincement that both dogs were carrying the Rabies virus.

D-r Yovko Haralanov:

I have discussed this situation with rabies-specialists both in the UK and the US and they have expressed their doubts on this actually being a real Rabies case.

TEXT: Since the Bulgarian Veterinary Authorities have completely excluded the possibility of the dogs being infected with Rabies on Bulgarian or Dutch territory – what has actually happened?

D-r Dimitar Stefanov:

I will have to say it directly – this is a case of unversed, unqualified work. The fact that they have found negrian bodies on the swab in the laboratory test proves absolutely nothing, definitely not that the dog is a Rabies carrier.

TEXT: There is an implication that seems very probable – lately we have had many homeless dogs exported to European countries, could this be the reason?

D-r Yovko Haralanov:

I cannot know what exactly is the point of this and whether it is an attempt by the Dutch authorities to seal off the import of animals from Bulgaria.

D-r Dimitar Stefanov:

Having in mind that Holland, France have their own shelter animals to think of, it is not surprising that they will come up with a way to restrict the import of dogs from Bulgaria and other countries.

TEXT: Of course, for us it is most important that the dogs in Silistra have no symptoms of Rabies whatsoever. If any homeless dogs in the city were indeed infected with Rabies that would make life in the city a living hell, or at least that is the opinion of the specialists. And yet – the questions still remain unanswered, somewhere on the long European road between Bulgaria and Holland.