Bogrov Dogs

Before/After – Nedelcho, Cyril, Snejana, Strahil

Posted on 19 September 2013


It’s been two months since we took in the thinnest (living) dog that we had ever seen. The walking dead that we called Nedelcho was barely standing. One of his pictures, where he is seen shivering in the corner of our office desk horrified you:

DSC_6399 DSC_6757

Today, we suppose it would be hard for you to recognize the former suffering Nedelcho. The boy is full of life and has become one of those dogs that look you in the eye and constantly seek some way to get more hugs. You can see him on the photos with Vessy, his second most favorite person in the shelter, of course – after Svetlio who was the one to rescue him:

DSCN0820 DSCN0821

Nedelcho is about 3 years old, neutered, vaccinated and healthy. He is expecting his people with a great anticipation and excitement!

DSCN0816 DSCN0817 DSCN0819


DSCN8114 DSCN8116

He is called this way, because a car had hit him straight across from the National Library “St.Cyril and St Methody”. He is also somewhat of a Saint so we think it really suits him. You know him – he got a huge gift from you – keeping his front leg. He is one of the kindest and most wonderful dogs at the shelter – an amazingly friendly and sweet dog. Everyone loves him and visa versa.

DSCN8955 DSCN8959

We hope to soon find the clever family whom would like to share their life with an honest, loyal, smart, good dog. Cyril is young, neutered, vaccinated and can make you so happy – you’d be smiling for no reason all day!


The fun, the jolly, the playful Snejana has so many thanks to give to people – she is really grateful that you saved her leg. Thanks to your generosity she was operated successfully and after a few months of rehabilitation is up and running!

3 4670-18665-4-s0

Now that she is on 4 legs and with an even more enthusiastic approach to the world Snejka awaits her new people to find her at the shelter. She is a very good and playful girl – full of games and adventures. She is great with all other animals and is a source of never-ending fun for them.

DSCN8873 DSCN8875

Snejana is young, neutered, vaccinated, healthy and cannot wait to meet her new family!


Good, Better, Strahil – that’s how it goes and there are not enough words to describe the kindness of this former poor boy and current lovely young man. Strahil (the friend of Suncho) came to us a long time ago and very ill, but with your kind help he was brought back to life and esthetics.


Besides being an exceptionally good-looking animal he is also a gentleman, smart and kind. He was severely bitten by his inmates two months ago, so the poor guy had to recover from that as well. Unfortunately with shelters like this one – this is always a risk, even the bestest of dogs shouldn’t be put into cages for long.

DSCN8963 DSCN8973

Strahil (means Scary) is everything BUT scary. He is young, vaccinated, neutered and absolutely ready to love and bring joy to his family till Kingdom comes.

Grown-up fellows

Posted on 22 July 2013

Can you imagine what it is like to be abandoned as a small puppy – put in a cardboard box, a sack, or somewhere on the streets on a completely unknown place? To be taken away from your mother, her cuddle and her love. With no safety, no knowledge about the world, the cars, the good and the bad. And despite all chances to be found by good People. People, who will take you under their care, will comfort and caress you, will help you. People who care. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The dogs we will tell you about went through all of this. They share similar past, the same presence and dreams for better future full with love, plays, cuddles and treats. They are all young puppies with cheerful temper – sociable, cuddling, curious, learning, looking for adventures and games. Meet Joro, Valio, Lozan, Toshko, Tsetso and Vania.


Joro was abandoned in a cardboard box in front of a building in the centre of Sofia. He spent a lot of time in our storehouse until we put him all vaccines needed to be safe for him to be put with the other dogs. Joro is one of our smaller by size puppies, very sweet, bright and curious boy. Born May 2012th.

Joro (3) Joro (2) Joro (1)


Valyo is the last dog from his litter, just another one abandoned in a cardboard box. It’s a shame such a sweet and non-conflict boy to still be in the shelter. How is it possible for anyone to resist his expecting and loving look and his good heart is a mystery for which we don’t have an answer. Born March 2012th.

Valyo (1) Valyo (5) Valyo (2)


Lozan was found in Lozen village and that is how he got his name. When he came to us he was one little puppy, kind of an ugly duck, but he grew up as a wonderful good-looking guy. He loves cuddling and walks. Born July 2012th .

IMG_7384 _VLA5970  IMG_7386


Toshko came to us last summer with a bunch of relatives. An year later only him and his brother Ventsi are still with us. Unlike Ventsi who is still a little mistrustful to people, Toshko is very sociable, kind-hearted boy. Born June 2012th.

Toshko (1) Toshko (3) Toshko (4)


When Tsetso was first noticed the people thought he’s just a little corpse on the road. When they passed him he moved and they understood that he is still alive. No time was wasted; the people took him in their car and drove him to us. Thankfully it was only a sunstroke. In the shelter Tsetso showed his wonderful temper. He loves playing with everybody – human or dog, adores being caressed and has this sweet and unique face that makes you smile. Born April 2012th .

Tsetso (1) Tsetso (2) Tsetso (4)


Vania is Nibs’ sister, who is also known as Tsar Kiro amongst our keepers. Vania unlike her brother is a lot calmer and usually stays away from the big craziness in the shelter. She loves cuddling and caressing. Born April 2012th .

Vania (2) Vania (3) Vania (1)

All of these little fellows are neutered and vaccinated and wait for you in the Bogrov shelter so you can walk together the road called “Happiness”.

The white mice

Posted on 25 May 2013

Meet the White Mice litter – abandoned in the middle of nowhere to battle for their survival as tiny babies. Where, what, and why we don’t care. The litter got lucky to find foster families who took them in the most critical moment of their lives and fought for each of them. All needed vaccines were made and the foster families brought to us healthy, lively, mischievous, and grown up cuties. We all thought that those beauties will be taken with the speed of light but alas – we weren’t right. Probably amongst our 500 dogs even the white color of these dogs didn’t managed to make them noticeable. So far only one girl of the litter found home and the rest are still waiting patiently in the shelter for their turn to come.

These wild dogs are born May 2012th. They are natural furies – playful, teasing, merry, kind, imaginative, loving and affectionate. They are neutered and vaccinated and ready for adventures in their own special families. If you think that some of these dogs is the new member of your family – come meet him/her in Bogrov. They are waiting for you!


DSC_4919 (Small) DSC_4930 (Small) DSC_4921 (Small)



IMG_7421 IMG_7433


IMG_6487 IMG_7349 IMG_7341



Once upon a time – from timid to bright

Posted on 23 May 2013

Chad, Misha and Tanie are brother and two sisters. Kety is sister of Kimbo (who you should know very well as you helped us raise money for his diagnose and is now treated for his demodecosis – you can read more about Kimbo’s story so far HERE and HERE). There is one common thing between these dogs and it is their common destiny. They were all brought to us by Ecoravnovesie together with their moms. The mothers were timid and mistrustful, the puppies too. When the puppies were weaned we neutered the mothers and turn them back. The puppies stayed in the shelter where little by little they started to calm and get used to our presence and finally were completely socialized. They grow up and turned into wonderful, kind-hearted monkeys. Today they have nothing in common with the timid babies they were. On the contrary – they are cheerful, rompy, curious, social and playful dogs. And Kety is unstoppable fury.

Born May 2012th, neutered and vaccinated. Chad,Misha, Tanie and Kety come a long way and turned into these loving dogs who will fill your life with lots of kisses, games and cuddling…If you decide to give them a chance.



Chad (1) Chad (3) Chad (2)



Misha (1) Misha (2) Misha



Tanie Tanie (1)



Kety Kety (1) Kety (3)

The Humpty-dumpty family

Posted on 21 May 2013

Meet the Humpty-dumpty band – they are one very charming and fluffy family that came to us in a small frayed carton box so we admit them straight into the quarantine rooms. Today, a year later, grown-up, dumpy, loving, with the most comely looks, cheerful and unique, we present them to you. For that year nobody asked for them, nobody adopted any of them. Why- we just can’t explain. Supposedly everybody wants to adopt as sociable and sweet dogs as they are but they spent the last year in the shelter feeling love and human attention only once a week. Living deprived of any comfort of an own home without even knowing what they are missing. But they are never unhappy or complaining – they take with full paws of life as much as they can under the given circumstances and the life in the shelter. And you will always recognize them for their wild temper and funny faces.

Born may 2012th, neutered and vaccinated.


DSC_5107 (Small) DSC_5115 (Small) DSC_5112 (Small)

DSC_5120 (Small)


DSC_4828 (Small) DSC_4836 (Small) IMG_6506


DSC_4691 (Small) DSC_4693 (Small) DSC_4691 (Small)

DSC_4689 (Small)

Diva and Keira

Posted on 25 April 2013

Diva and Keira are just two of the many dogs we have in the shelter, another pair of dogs that is waiting for their person to come and find them. As they already spent so much time waiting we thing that it is about time for the luck to change and those beautiful girls to get adopted. At the end they were made for loving and being loved, for an own bed in which they can sleep, long tiring walks and the sense of real home and family. And now let us tell you a few words about those girls:


Diva is born May 2011th. In the shelter she is also known as the Brown dog of Marieta (our lovely doctor) because she is one of her favorites. That\s the reason we gave Marieta the honor to name her. With 500 dogs in the shelter you can only imagine how hard it is for us to come up with appropriate names for all of the dogs and Marieta is one person that not always approves our ideas. So this time we decided to not risk with choosing a bad name for that dog exactly and to be on the safe side we asked her for a name – and she did for seconds. It’s different when you name a dog you love so much and know absolutely well.

DSC_9382 DSC_9387

So Diva came to us from Bistrica with one other dog. We admitted her with very bad bronchitis and while we treated her for that she won everyone with her uniquely sweet temper – she is one wonderful dog loving people and dogs. Although you can’t see very well how sweet she is in the photos you can do it in person if you come to visit her in the shelter. We are absolutely sure that she will also charm you as fast as she already did with everybody else.


Kiera is born May 2010th. She came to us as a little puppy. Actually she is the last baby of Arahna also known as The Big Momma who was adopted like ages ago from one of our volunteers – Milena. Unfortunately Kiera didn’t have the luck of her mom and is still waiting in the shelter. She is very active and curious dog and doesn’t waste any time in regret for staying in the shelter. She acts a little bossy in her pen. But with people she is such a spoilt girl. Just need good owner who will love her and teach her how a true lady should act.

_VLA5507 _VLA5554

Both girls are neutered and vaccinated, waiting for in Bogrov so you can start together one happy life.

The new pets at the Bogrov shelter

Posted on 08 April 2013

Young and old


DSCN5749  DSCN5756

Kiara was left at the shelter by her owner – because he was moving somewhere. She looks like a Doberman mix, with a lovely long face long legs and a lean body. She is a friendly and sweet young lady. About 4 months old.

Fallen out of happiness

DSC_4907 (Small) DSC_4909 (Small)

Gergana had a life in a village not far from Sofia. But since she is a very friendly dog – she had to be punished. Some person hit her with his walking cane on the head. Her eye was injured, so we took her in. At the shelter we found that she is already neutered, but un-marked – a sign that she was a pet once.

From A to…Z

Posted on 07 April 2013

The diversity in the shelter is enormous! We have more than 500 dogs – just imagine the colors, the differences in sizes, temperament, faces, length of the tail if you wish. Seeing them for a first time many people think that they are very much alike and there’s no big difference between the dogs. In a new fresher look you see that this is not exactly the truth and amongst all these dogs your eyes find one or two dogs that charm you instantly and you go there to caress them and give them your attention. Then the walks begin and pen after pen you see how different all the dogs really are, your favorite dogs get more and more and leaving the differences aside there is something in common – they are all smiling and good – all of them. Now I’ll meet you with a colorful variety of names, tempers and photos, all of which resembling in one thing – they are looking for their new homes. 🙂 Every dog is neutered, vaccinated, with chip and European passport.

(The missing letters stand for the doggies that have already been adopted!)

А. August

August is born March 2012th. He is very playful dog, an eternal source of energy. He is very kind and charming boy who came in the shelter vaccinated from the people that found him.

IMG_6352 _VLA5855 IMG_6344

B. Benita

Benita is born May 2012th. She was found near the gateway on Botevgradsko Shose. The signal was given to us from BNT (Bulgarian National Television) and that is why we gave her that name. She is pretty calm and very curious girl.

DSC_9696 DSC_9697

V. Ventsi

Ventsi is born June 2012th. He came to us during the summer with a bunch of his family. Only he and one of his brothers are still in the shelter. He is untruthful to strange people and needs patience and time to become secure in human company. Otherwise he is a very sweet boy.

_VLA5852 _VLA5877 IMG_4953


Delinda is born May 2012th. She is very calm and obedient dog. Although she is one of the biggest in size in her pen she acts good with all the other dogs. She is also playing and curious dog.

IMG_6367 DSC_9722

Z. Zverski

Zverski is born March 2011th. He was found shivering on a bus station – around 4 months old at that time and an absolutely beast – he didn’t let anybody to touch him. One of our keepers decided to socialize him. Thanks to his hard work and patience day after day Zverski started becoming more secure in human company and today he greets the volunteers with a wagging tail and goes out for a walk with pleasure. He spend a few days in a home where he did well – he got scared from every new thing or noise but outside he acted very well and even learned to sit down for a treat. He will need people with experience with dogs to help him adapt faster to the world outside the shelter and all new things waiting for him there.

IMG_4808 _VLA5581 IMG_4806

Y. Yory

Yory is born April 2011th. He is calm and mild boy that you would probably miss at first. He is one of those dogs that are shy and even keep measure and doesn’t jump around the pen looking for attention. That doesn’t make him less charming than the others and what he impresses you with is his calm nature.

IMG_4902 IMG_4896

K. Kaliope

Kaliope is born June 2012th. And she is crazy! A really wild girl. She knows perfectly how to have fun and is very lovable, playfull, social and emotional girl.

IMG_6435 DSC_9808 IMG_6432

N. Nevia

Nevia is born April 2012th. She is one wonderfull lady – very social and friendly, active and curious.

_VLA5975 _VLA5974

O. Oli


Oli is Nevia’s sister. You already know her from our 2013th calendar. It’s her charming face that is in front of our calendar and in front of the month she was born – April. She is very kind and gentle dog that loves all and everybody.

DSC_9683 IMG_4972 DSC_9681

P. Petya

Petya is born March 2011th. She is a real mischief girl. Full of energy, loving, fainted for attention and affection and with a temper that doesn’t allow for her to get well with all other dogs as she always wants to be the boss. She needs a person who will control these features of her temper well.

DSC_2548 DSC_2553 DSC_2557

S. Sahara

Sahara is born 2008th. She came in the shelter together with her babies a long time ago. Our volunteers needed a lot of time and patience to convince her that she can trust us and we won’t hurt her, that we want only the best for her. Now she is relatively calm and looking for attention. We truly believe that in one calmer and safer environment she will fully thrive and show herself. She needs a patient person who will has the time and the will to turn her into a real pet.

IMG_4852 IMG_4850 IMG_4686

C. Chester

Chester is born March 2012th. He’s a truly wild boy. Very prompt, athletic and loving boy. As a puppy he spend some time in foster home and adapted really fast with the puppies in our baby pens. He is very sweet guy, an eternal source of laughter.

_VLA5627 IMG_4749 IMG_4666

C. Chochi

Chochi is born December 2012th. She was moved in our pens soon. Chochi I svery sweet girl but still insecure and shy. She needs socialization and patient people.

Chocho 2008 (1) Chocho 2008 (2)

Dear people, although all we are telling you about these dogs is truth don’t take our words on 100%. Please, take your time and come in the shelter every day between 10 and 17 o’çlock to meet personally with the dog/ dogs you liked so you can see for yourself their temper. Many of our dogs still don’t have their articles in our site and they are just as sweet and charming as all the dogs we have shown you so far. Your future pet will become a member of your family so take your time to make the best choice for yourself!

The life of Brian

Posted on 18 March 2013

Bryan comes from Botunetz. We also know him as the Insolent teacher, because he was brought by two teachers from the school where a car had hit him badly.

2013-02-20 11.40.01

We didn’t have the space, nor the money, nor the option to cry for help for him – he came along just in the same time as Mook. It was crazy to admit him, but the two women who brought him were so unbelievably arrogant and rude that we could not have given him back to them, as we should have had. We asked them to at least take him for x-rays, our car had just broken down for a hundredth time, but they said “they will bring him back so that the kids see him suffer”, “we are all lies and do nothing for the dogs” and other stupid s**t that you can think of.


Bryan had to wait for a long time until we found a few kind people who contacted us about Mook, but agreed to help him instead. We had managed to take him for x-rays two days later and he had come up with two very bad fractures, both needing expensive surgeries. He had a fracture to the hip on one side, and to the pelvis on the other. All this time the kind boy lived in a basket under the treatment table without any complaint or pretense, just grateful for any attention, quiet and polite.


Finally – the sun came up on his street as well – the kind giant has been operated. What is more – he is already standing and walking around and things are going do well that he will be running around on all four in no time. This is a fact that makes him extremely happy, but don’t imagine that he is some pushy enthusiast – he will never impose his emotions on you. Instead, he will wait in his part of the room while you work and when you raise your eyes to him, he will rise and wait with his tail wagging for your call and get that brief hug he lives for.


This is what a great guy Brian is! He is now all fixed,a shiny new coat – coming soon! Brian will stay with us in the shelter until we come up with some solution for him. Such kind, gentle giants rarely make it outside, as he has already proven with his car stunt. Brian is about 2 years old, very kind and friendly, absolutely irresistible, only a little camera shy. Brian awaits his new friends at the Bogrov shelter!

One more time – we thank all the donors whose generosity saves innocent lives every day! The Bogrov shelter counts on donations only – your support really matters – without it, we will not be able to help good dogs like our Arrogant Teacher – Brian.

The wildest

Posted on 14 March 2013

We are 4 – brothers and sisters. Good people found us when we were little babies. They took us home; they fed us and cared for us. When we had all necessary vaccines they brought us in the shelter. And since then we are waiting for our people to recognize in us their best friend and the newest family member. It’s been a while but we are sure that this will happen very soon.

When we first came in the shelter we acted a little like bullies. With such a wild blood we didn’t miss a chance to quarrel with our buddies in the puppygarten or even with our siblings. But with time we mellowed. My beautiful sisters – Arya, Nimeria and Sansa – became nice and gentle ladies but they still love playing. And I – Tootles, am still very wild and playful. As the boy in the family it’s normal to make more mischief.  But my sisters compensate for us 😉

We were born March 2012th. We are neutered and vaccinated and waiting for you in the shelter.


Arya (3) Arya (1) Arya (2)


Sansa Sansa (2) Sansa (1)


Nimeria (1) Nimeria

Our puppies

Posted on 12 March 2013

Dear friends,
at any given time the shelter has MANY, MANY PUPPIES! We just don’t make adds for them, because they grow so quickly. Please, if you want a puppy – come and meet our babies, we rarely have less than 50 little ones waiting for loving families.
Here are some puppies we already managed to rehome:

A cover letter for your heart

Posted on 11 March 2013

Hello there,

We are another group of the Bogrov’s . Just like the rest of the shelter’s inhabitants we share the same destiny – at some point, somehow, in some way we met the wonderful people in Bogrov. And that sure is not a bad thing as they feed us, clean after us, but most important they love us and care for us and try to find us a home. For the last thing to happen you should first know about our existence and what faster and easier way for that than to introduce ourselves to you. Of course you can find us in Bogrov where you can see us in our whole wonderfulness. But as many of you don’t have the chance to come and meet us in person accept the next rows as our candidature for your hearts and homes. We apply some photos so you can see us. Although they can’t represent perfectly our sweet faces and ask for a cookie or treat they’ll fulfill their purpose – to show you how we look. And now let’s start:

_VLA5307 IMG_5663 _VLA5302

I’ll be the first to start. Who am I – Renly of course. I was born 06.2010th. If I have to be honest with you I’m wild dog. With all the energy I keep insight it’s absolutely impossible to keep quiet all day in the pen. I need walks, a chance to run and enjoy the wind. So if you want a friend for playing and outside activities, that’s me. I came in the shelter as a little puppy but I don’t remember how or why. It doesn’t matter. All that is important is my wild and free heart waiting for you to come take me home. I’m neutered and vaccinated. I won’t take anymore of your time because my other friends want to say hi too. And you know writing on that keyboard with paws isn’t easy or fast. And as we have an access to the computer for a while we’ll have to hurry. Bye from me. Hope to see you soon.


_VLA5314 _VLA5315 _VLA5316

Hey there. I’m Fazan and I was born in 2009th. If you come in the shelter ask the volunteers for Mruncho (from mutter) – that’s my code name. A beautiful girl gave it to me as I don’t stop muttering during the walks. What can I say? If you had to share one pen with more than 10 other dogs and the same building with 489 more, you would want to complain to your human friends of all the noise other’s make. And to share how much you love the walks and how much you missed the volunteers during these 6 days. And as I see my friends only once a week for like 25 minutes I don’t have any time to waste in silence so I talk and talk and talk. You understood me, right? I’m just wordy. Oh, I came from Seslavci. When I first came in Bogrov I was one skinny puppy and very shy. I’m still calm and kind and sometimes shy but now I know that people are my friends, good friends. I love them with my whole heart and I know that someone will be very lucky if he/she takes me home. Uf, I run off again. I have to say goodbye now as Rickon and Bran are waiting to tell you their story. Love you, Fazan (a.k.a Mruncho).



 _VLA5576 _VLA5613 IMG_4662

We are Rickon and Bran, born 12.2010th, sons of the most wonderful mother – Charlotte, who you may know and is now happily adopted in Germany. Our lovely mom was abandoned together with us – tied to the garbage container. That is how the people in Bogrov found us coming to work. Mom was still breastfeeding us and we were put in a carton box. Now Bran and I are the only ones still looking for a home. We might be brothers but we are nothing alike. I guess that\s normal for every family. Brancho is still shy but he is the best brother in the world and I really love him. I’m sure that if someone adopt him he’ll become the perfect friend and will be just as social as I am. And Rickon always tells me that people are good and that playing with them can be so much fun. And he told me that someday someone will love me just as much as he does. Do you think this is true? Bran,  I told – it’s true, you’ll see.


_VLA5462 IMG_5862 _VLA5511

We really loved talking with you but now we have to go. There are so many more of our friends that are waiting to introduce themselves to you. We hope that you liked us, that  may be you saw your best friend in us.

Your friends – Bran and Rickon, Renly and Mruncho