Jinny – from misery to paradise

Posted on 09 November 2011

This is what poor abandoned old Jinny used to look like whn we picked her up on the highway. She was tired, dehydrated and very confused.  Being white and small it would seem that she might have many chances of a good adoption, but it was not so – her age was making it impossible to rehome her, very few people in Bulgaria are interested in having and older dog.

But it was not meant fot Jinny to be sad and lonely. She was lucky to be admitted into the shelter at the same time that we had visitors from Ovidefarm. And this way – she met Simone, a kind lady on the Dutch team who couldn’t resist Jinny’s sad story and decided to foster her and look for a comfortable home in Holland. So she did!

Today, Jinny is living with her wonderful elderly owner who loves her very much. It is hard to recognize the sad little creature she used to be – she has become a fluffy chubby girl who will do anything to cuddle up in her owners arms:

Happy Three Persians!

Posted on 08 November 2011

It has been only a week since we had put out our Persian cat trio for adoption and they are all rehomed happily!

Yoana Ormanova took home the most shy and quiet of the three – kind lady Mukie. Yoana is set to helping Mukie relax and start trusting people better and she already has results! Poor little Mukie who was absolutely shocked by the noise of the outside world is already coming for hugs on her own!

Beautiful boy Solomon went home to Nelly Vladimirova! He has already settled in very well, explored every single part of his new realm and found out that life is much more interesting and excitin outside the box. We are sure he will make Nelly very happy.

The kindest and most huggable of all cats – Blaga, went home to Lidia Vikulova and will live a very happy life with her own persian cat – Sissy. Whilst Blaga is absolutely thrilled with her new home, Sissy is a bit shocked, but they will soon come to turns and become good friends. Here she is purring like a little train in her new home:

Mukie, Blaga and Solomon were kept in boxes and bred excesively in a kitten mill. When the ladies began giving birth to stillborn kittnes and Solomon turned out to be sterile, their “owners” decided they didn’t need these cats anymore.

Mukie, Blaga and Solomon were the lucky ones to leave their box. There are hundreds of thousands of pet animals being bred for trade and kept in horrible living conditions. Please DON’T AQUIRE ANIMALS IN PET SHOPS – you are supporting a cruel and harmful business if you do.

Lenny needs your help!

Posted on 07 November 2011

Lenny is a sweet boy who was born on a parking lot a few months ago. One by one as time progressed – his siblings died from illness or cars. Lenny was the last one to survive, and the sweetest too.
Lenny is a kind and loving little boy, playful and smart. He loves people and has shown he will tolerate anything just to be with us. Even horrible pain.

Yes, pain – because Lenny has been hit by a car and has a broken leg.

Lenny is in URGENT NEED of an operation. As any small puppy broken bones are a big risk for him and the pains are great.

To HELP LENNY – DONATE for his surgery and treatment. We need to get him help as fast as we can! You have been so amazing with Smokey, Batta, Mata and Tazka – will you be as kind to good Lenny as well?

Lenny thanks you in advance and will be grateful forever!

15 lucky dogs in Holland!

Posted on 07 November 2011

Thanks to your generocity and the help from VIVACOM that we had at our Halloween party we were able to send a group of another 15 lucky sweethearts to Holland!

Our kindest regards to the wonderful team of OVIDEFARM for taking them under their caring wing and making sure these wonderful animals will have a happy life!

There were 8 lucky kids that a monster tried to murder in a most horrific way – tied up in a sock to be drowned in a river. Instead they were saved by wonderful people who cared for them and reared them until they were old enough to be sheltered. 2 were adopted locally and 5 won the lucky ticket to Holland!

These are Bamby and Sadie. Bambie was one of 5 smart and friendly siblings and the last one to be waiting for a loving home at the shelter. She grew up with us and has never known freedom and comfort. The same can be said about Sadie, who has spent a year at Bogrov, waiting for her people to find her. Turns out they were Dutch! Thank God for Ovidefarm – they have helped her come home!

Here is Chopper or Pippi – a dog who had a difficult time in the shelter for over a year. Sweet Pippi was too gentle for caged life and could never gt enough food. For this reason she needed to be fed separately from the others. The other sweet girl is Terra – a girl from a litter of 5 sisters. FOUR GOOD GIRLS are still waiting for their people to find them.

Betty has been with us from a sweet furry pup. She grew to be a kind and intelligent, balanced dog. Mossy we got from Seslavtzi last summer. After so much time in Bogrvo Mossy is happy to be out of the cage for good!

Boy and Marlin are two good guys who’ve been with us from tiny puppies. They come from different litters, but both were dumped by cruel people and raised by us. Gitta on the other hand was a purpously bread Belgian shepherd dog. We found her hit by a car and took care of her. She will be quickly adopted in Holland for sure – she is a wonderful lady.

Last, but not least comes Bellinda! Bellinda is a sweet pet who had been put out on the street, because her owners had too many dogs. Bellinda spent long months waiting for her people to let her in, but became just another homeless girl on the block. Thanks to the team of Ovidefarm Bellinda will have a cosy home and be loved as much as she needs it!

This miracle wouldn’t become true if it wasn’t for:



– YOU!

WOW, who are these huge boys!?

Posted on 03 November 2011


These are NOISY and FELIX! Two little orphan brothers we hand-reared! They are both happily adopted and living with wonderful families!
Our thanks to Tatyana and Denitsa for taking such a good care of them!

They used to love sleeping in their foster’s pocket!

Noisy as a baby with his friend Grado the poodle

Rita’s incredible stroke of luck!

Posted on 02 November 2011

Rita had lived a normal street dog life for years near a hospital. People took care of her, fed her, loved her till one day she simply dissapeared.

It turned out that Rita had been moved to a different neighbourhood by someone. Lost, confused and in danger, Rita was admitted to Bogrov.

Only a few months later, passing by the shelter, one of the women who took care of her decided to come by and see if she wasn’t with us by a chance. How happy they both were to see each other!!!

Today Rita is happily adopted by Mrs Salzitza Galabova, who will look after her for the rest of her happy, loving life.

The making of… OUR 2012 CALENDAR!!!

Posted on 01 November 2011

YESSS!!! The 2012 calendar has been shot and is nearly ready!!!

The absolutely fabulous ladies at WINGS CREATIVE STUDIO have prepaired something wonderful once again!

The photoshoot was long and tyresome, but it was SO WORTH IT! The 2012 Animal Rescue Sofia calendar will be a piece of art once again!


Robbie went home!!!

Posted on 31 October 2011

How great this is! Little Robbie from the angel group found a loving home with Boyka Marinova!

Robbie’s new name is Dara and she was very, very happy to leave the cage for a safe and loving future.

We are very happy to let you know that 7 of the 8 angel ppuppies have already found homes.

Cross your fingers for little Jerry who might get lucky this week!

Terry, happy in his new home

Posted on 30 October 2011

It has been two months since Terry (former Riccardo) has been adopted and he is feeling wonderful!

He has doubled his size and became a big guy, still very sweet and loving. His owners describe him as a smart, kind and playful dog, eager to please and full of love!

Halloween party preperations!

Posted on 28 October 2011

It has been a week of serious preperations – our amazing HALLOWEEN PARTY ON SUNDAY!!!

There will be a competition for BEST COSTUME – both for the kids and the adults :)!
-the kids will get stuffed toys;
-the adults will get tropheys!

ENTRANCE IS FREE OF CHARGE for children under 12!
There will be many games for them and lot’s of space to run!

VIVACOM has made sure to have one ONE HELL OF A PARTY! Get your costumes ready, this will be an event to remember!!!

Bagira and Elias have went home, 3 new persians need caring families

Posted on 27 October 2011

HURRAY for our persian family – Bagira and her son Elieas. Both have now happily settled into their new homes!!!

Bagira was adopted by Maria Daskalova! She will live a happy, relaxed life in Sofia!

Elias was adopted by Velina Ivanova and is already being as mischievous as he can!

Our happiness for the two pesians wasn’t too long.
As we now have another set of Persian cats to rehome.
This time it is 3 poor souls from a KittenMill.

Help us buy food

Posted on 26 October 2011

EDIT: 27.10.2011

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, you have been amazing!

We have received enough to make it till our next delivery!

Dear friends,

due to a sudden change in arrangements with a donor – we have not received the greatly needed 2 000 kilograms of food we need urgently.

Our storage is empty. We need to react quickly and BUY FOOD. Please help us buy the food we need by DONATING for Animal Rescue Sofia.