Home: Maraya, Jessika, Tiara, Dimana, Randy and Pinto

Posted on 06 March 2017

димана (1) димана (4)

We have to begin with the adoption that brought us the most joy: kind granny Dimana found her happiness in the home of Evgeny Manchev! We thank Evgeny and send our best regards to his lovely daughter who found and came to love 12-year old Dimana, giving her the biggest present any dog – young or old – dream of – her own home and real love. Loads of love!


джесика1 джесика2 (16)

Merlin Dermenjieva’s choice was really difficult – she liked three dogs and all three of them refused to let her go once they were introduced. After a careful consideration, it was the smiling, cheerful Jessica who was lucky to go home with Merlin!


марая (1) марая (4)

5-year old pincher Maraya is cuddling up in the hands of Albena Simeonova. It was love at first sight for the two of them and Marayka quickly became the second happy pincher in the family!


пинто ранди

Two wonderful boys – Randy and Pinto are already at home with Hristo Chernogorov. They live together, have a huge yard to run about and will never be tied up. For a dog, especially a young one, there is nothing better than to have a brother/sister to share the days with. We are very glad Hristo chose the two of them, they are a great pair and will have an excellent life with him.


тиара (1) тиара (2)

Another lucky little one. Tiny Tiara was adopted in the family of Ivan Ivanov. Known here as “The flea” due to her small size, our tiny lady quickly gained status “daddy’s little princess” and will most likely be living her life as one of the most spoiled dogs in the known Universe.


All the best to you, babies!
More adoptions from the last weeks to come tomorrow. Thank you for caring!

VIDEO: Bubka & Ruben – Before/After

Posted on 03 March 2017

before after bubka rube engn

There is something deeply wrong in the sight of the tormented, itchy body of a naked dog. However times you would look at it – you would shiver inside.

6 months ago we admitted Bubka (2 y.o.) and three months ago Ruben (1,5 y.o.) in a very advanced stage of demodex mange. Almost completely having lost their fur, with eczemas and accompanying problems, the two were a sight to make you dizzy.

bubka1 bubka2

Bubka in July

ruben1 ruben2

Ruben in November

Our doctors and keepers in the clinic did their best, but with problems so chronic the chance of healing completely is not this big. Nevertheless, the two angels made it! Congratulations to the team for the successful treatment, it really was a hell of a job. And thanks to the donors who provided them supplements and food for their skin.

The two heroes underwent a real transformation before our eyes. They are now healthy and waiting for adopters to find them in the shelter.

In a good mood, and what is more – in lovely warm coats that suit them so well:

Bubka and Ruben today at the Farm

We treat many skin-ill patients every month. The only way we can do so is thanks to the donations we receive. If you can help us continue, please do so, donate, or bring the dogs something from the following list:


  • FOOD for skin-ill dogs (the best we can find here are Hills and Royal Canin, but they are too expencive for us to afford);
  • SHAMPOOS containing Chlorhexidine and other shampoos for skin-treatments (new, used, anything will be of help);
  • SPOT-ONs – we use Byer ADVOCATE (always in great demand) and DERMOSCENT (a very helpful skin product that assists in quick recovery);


The Brave Hearts of the Franziska Clinic (Part II)

Posted on 01 March 2017

Our clinic is open every day – 365 days in a year. As soon as a space is emptied up, it is taken by a new dog, the patients come and go and d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva take care of tens of animals every day.

Here is a second part of the short resume we began yesterday, more of the dogs who are at the clinic right now – in treatment and in quarantine:

The puppies from the bag

These four came to the shelter wrapped up in a bag, nearly suffocated, but strong enough to lick the hands that took them out.

IMG_1665 IMG_1666

Tequila and Scotch

IMG_1658 IMG_1659

Vodka and Whiskey

Of course – they weren’t born in the street. Unfortunately – they came in with a corona-virus. The symptoms are a high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and it is especially dangerous for the youngsters, because they get dehydrated fast.

The vets treat them with antibiotics and good food, and they are not saving any effort to make the biggest possible mess in-between the regular cleanings:

IMG_1534 IMG_1537


IMG_1704 IMG_1707

3-month-old Arte has skin issues and will need to get rid of them first, before she can be prepared for adoption (vaccines, neutering). She will be bathed regularly, but she loves it – as long as Dessy, her favorite keeper – pays attention to her.


An amazing little girl!

Granddad Gordon

Kind and cheerful Gordon is about 10 years old and is an abandoned Golden Retriever.
His x-rays show a whole bunch of problems – arthrosis of the elbow joint, spondylosis of the spinal cord and badly broken teeth.


Gordon needs to lose weight, drink medications and supplements, lose some teeth… And he is such a kind and balanced guy, curious and lively, despite all the hardships. He loves attention, loves to walk, although not too graciously, he is not at all in despair, he is sure his true people will come find him in the end.

IMG_1685 IMG_1690

Gordon needs supplements for healthy joints, if you want to donate some to him, you will save him the pain he feels every step he makes.

Jana and Vandy

These two angels aren’t sick, but in quarantine, until they get all their vaccines and can be put with the rest of our puppies in the shelter building.


Jana is a short-legged lady, 4 months old, born in a yard and left unwanted outside after her brothers were taken. Incredibly sweet – she will remain a tiny dog when she grows up. ­


Wandy too was someone’s pet’s puppy. Noone saw him being dumped, but one evening he just showed up in a restaurant out of nowhere, walked about the tables, got some pets and some food and then fell asleep on the doormat most naturally. The people couldn’t kick him out, so he spent the night with them. But in the morning, when the boss arrived… well, Wandy came to us.

Henry and Oliver

These two pals are still with us. And we’re sad to say – not much has changed for them.

IMG_1716 IMG_1713

Oliver’s skin illness isn’t improving, the good old guy doesn’t seem to mind. He is enjoying his warm little box in the clinic, not complaining about anything. Maybe a bit itchy, but then – he loves the baths and attention he is getting.


Good old Henry is in big trouble. His month-long therapy didn’t do him any good and will now be repeated. Cross your fingers for him. He may be old, he may only have one eye, he may not have teeth… But he is simply the best old man in the whole of Bogrov!

Sol, Pepper and Chilly

Another abandoned home-bred litter we have in our quarantine. Two brothers and a sister, so sweet, so gentle, so kind…


IMG_1520 IMG_1523

They are 2 months old, they already have their first vaccinations, we are sure they will quickly find their true families when they are ready – it’s enough to just look at them and your heart melts away.


The poor old girl’s back pain is going nowhere. Is we’ve told you before – her liver issues make it impossible to administer good pain-relief for her. The only thing that can be done are massages, acupuncture, physio… stuff that we have no people or resources for, unfortunately.

rita krivka (2)

We’re doing all we can to find her a place where she can live the rest of her life in better conditions. Keep your fingers crossed for her. Although she may look like she’s lost the battle – she is a fighter and she will live life as long as she can, no matter how much pain it brings her.

Greetings from an old friend!

IMG_1738 IMG_1743

Avel, who was hit by an axe is a new person! It’s been a while since we’ve told you about him – the little enthusiast managed to tear up his eye surgery several times, and the stiches had to be corrected. In the end – the doctors decided it is better for him to remain like he is. What a lovely pirate he turned out to be!

The Brave Hearts of the Franziska Clinic (Part I)

Posted on 28 February 2017

Every day the shelter clinic – The Franziska clinic, helps tens of homeless dogs from the streets of Sofia. D-r Marincheva and D-r Ilieva diagnose, treat, operate, neuter, and vaccinate… patients of all ages and sizes. Most often the dogs that come to us have all possible sorts of trauma; infectious and chronic illnesses; skin disease; autoimmune illnesses and of course – babies.

We introduce you to some of the friends who have found treatment and shelter at our little Farm during the last weeks. Most often the dogs we get only need a short treatment or surgery and can go back to the areas where they come from. But these here are part of the group that cannot go back to the street – as they couldn’t survive, so they will all be expecting their people to find them in the shelter.



5-month old sweetie came to us at the beginning of February from the Krusha village. She must have been hit by a car a considerably long time ago. The x-rays confirmed what our vets feared: a chronic fracture of the tibia.

джей ло1 джей ло2

She had to be quickly operated, with an external fixture. D-r Nikolov performed the surgery at our clinic. 20 days later the girl is feeling much better, she has started to use her leg. We are waiting for the bone to heal fully so the fixture can be removed and Jay will be ready to go home.

IMG_1554 IMG_1561


Thor is one of two elderly golden retrievers on treatment with us right now. He is the younger and luckier one, if you could say that about a dog who has wandered the streets for months, begging for a caress or some food.


The lovely good guy is about 8 years old. Lovely! Good! The long hunger and noble age have lowered his immunity and although he is in good overall health, he has contracted a skin disease which he is now fighting.


His prospects are good and we hope he will be well soon, so we can find him a loving family where he can spend the rest of his life in peace and love.

Jacky and JoJo

Two boys that are very alike – in looks and in destiny. Both used to be pets, and both lived in a house with a yard, so they still need to learn to walk well on a lead.

IMG_1566 IMG_1569

JoJo is only 9 months old, he already has all his vaccines and is neutered. A very sweet goy, he gets along well with all living beings and loves children. He is ready to go home.

IMG_1513 IMG_1516

Jacky is not more than 4 years old, perhaps younger. He has a very sweet and calm temperament, quiet and gentle. He doesn’t have a problem with anyone, although he is not very happy with living in the shelter. He too is now healthy and ready to go home.

Turbo Diesel and Mercedes


Three little angels curled up in their quarantine space. They are only a month old – two brothers and a sister, dumped in Banishora district. Without a mother, in this size and age, the tiny babies would hardly make it for even a few days outside.

IMG_1509 IMG_1512

A great part of the dogs that come to us have the same destiny. They were born in someone’s yard by an un-spayed mother. When they were reared, or often even when they’re born, the irresponsible owners would tear them away and abandon them as far as possible. And they cannot cope – most often there are no survivors. But the saddest part of it is that the same tragedy is very likely to happen again in 6 months with the next litter of the same mommy…


IMG_0928 IMG_0933


A  boy who gave our doctors a very hard time with his unusual symptoms and bad condition. Not being able to walk and with a high fever, Bond came into the clinic as a dog “hit by a car”. Which he most certainly was – with a broken pelvis. The strangest thing about him was something else – a very strong fever, over 40C*. He would only make a few steps and fall down, and his antibiotic and non-steroid anti-inflammatory treatment did him no good.

IMG_1581 IMG_1592


Right now Bond is stabilized and is feeling better, he can walk freely and the broken bone has healed properly. Unfortunately, it is very likely he has an immune modulated meningitis arteritis. This means he will undergo a heavy cortisone treatment for quite a while, possibly – forever. Keep your fingers crossed for him. He is such a kind and gentle soul.

Thank you

These are only a few of the many dogs d-r Marincheva and D-r Ilieva cared for in the last few weeks. We will introduce you to part II of the most interesting cases tomorrow.

The happy news from us is that we are finally licensed by the new Eropean animal transport regulations and the youngest inhabitants of the shelter are already on their way to their new homes. Which means the shelter finally has some spaces open and we are taking in new cases and working full speed.


The work of the Franziska clinic is only possible thanks to the donors of the shelter. It is their support that allows us to provide help to the saddest creatures of our city – the abandoned and homeless dogs.

We thank the people who support our work from all our hearts. Your help saves lives every day.
The Farm isn’t funded by the government or international organizations. If you have the means and would like to help us help them: please, make a donation. Even a tiny monthly subscription could mean the difference between life and death for a friend in need. Every cent is carefully spent with the idea to help as many dogs as possible.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)


Occupy the hearts: Nikita, John Doe and Grant – ill with heartworm

Posted on 29 January 2017

Heartworm is no longer considered an exotic disease in Bulgaria and we hope we’ve already convinced you to treat your dog monthly against it. The deadly heart parasite is becoming more common and as you know – the treatment is very difficult, long and expensive.

Currently we have three dogs with the diagnosis being treated at our clinic. One of them you have already met – Grant the Kurzhaar.


Grant came to us in November. Before he was tied up and abandoned in the woods, he was kept tied for 6 years near a swamp. Not surprisingly, the parasite, carried by mosquitoes has infected his heart a while ago and already quite developed. With your great help Grant is already near the end of his treatment and if everything keeps going so well, he will soon be ready for adoption.

Another lovely guy, only younger, a GSD called John Doe. To buy an expensive dog, take care of it, have it love you and then get rid of it when you hear the horrible diagnosis – what a traitor John’s previous owner must be!?

15781261_10211599652692866_7688463290716145117_n 15823451_10211599654012899_4978764020828280334_n

Yes, the treatment really is expensive, takes a long time, it takes months, the drug itself isn’t registered and has to be found from abroad, the dog must stay confined for a long period of time and etc… But what would those same people do with their parents if they are helpless and needing them? Scary thought.

IMG_0830 IMG_0820

What’s more important is that John is already going through his month-long antibiotic premedication, needed before the start of his Imiticide treatment. If everything goes right, it should take two months for him to be on the safe side.

The third dog with heartworm in our Franziska clinic is Nikita. She came in for a tumor and sarcoptic mange. Catching her was a real rodeo.

nikita (16) nikita (7)

Fear is a source of energy, but shy Nikita has been with us for a month now and is already much better under the care of vets d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva.The tumor has been removed, her skin is healing, but as usual – there is always a hidden surprise in cases like hers. The 4D test also showed she had heartworm.

nikita (2) IMG_0323

Sad street life has taught Nikita to stay away from people. Although she is grateful to be warm and better, she will never be happy alongside people. After her treatment is over, she will go back to her neighbourhood where people will  continue to feed her in her familiar environment.

We are happy to tell you sweet Teddy from the Municipal shelter has finished his heartworm treatment successfully and is already living his new life in Germany.

теди (1) теди3

The hearts of John Doe, Grant and Nikita will continue beating, because you are there for them.
from the many dogs on treatment in the Franziska clinic at this moment, and the hundreds whose only home is the Farm shelter, love and gratitude to you all for supporting our work.


Ruben – suffering on 4 paws

Posted on 27 January 2017

UPDATE 03/03/2017

EDIT 27/01/2017

16265247_10211793634022278_3523375417520956917_n 16265535_10211793635062304_4902166144534757134_n

Two and a half month into his treatment at our Franziska clinic, Ruben is a new dog!!!


ORIGINAL POST 14/11/2016


How much suffering, hunger, cold, how much pain can a dog take?
Too much. So much that we, people, cannot even imagine it.
It’s cold outside, our food has too little salt, or the t-shirt label is “killing us”…

And what if it was us? Outside. Now.

15052174_10208273907110758_296130956_o 15049824_10208291058259526_835870086_n

Actually, that’s not even possible. Because we have voices and words, strength and a consciousness – we would have yelled out loud on Step 2 of total 200 steps to becoming a sad wreck like him. Because we are human and we can defend ourselves, we can demand, insist, and scream for our rights. Unlike Ruben.

Weakness and illness are lying to you – he is not an old dog. Ruben is a young puppy, not even a year old. He has severe demodecosis, anemia and most probably a whole bunch of other problems that we are soon to find out about.

15033804_10211079744415484_296745053_n 15058650_10211079744135477_843535843_n 15086180_10211079744175478_510724941_n

Currently, Ruben lives in the clinic of our shelter – the Farm. A place that we made together – for dogs like him: rejected, ill, unwanted, without any chance of making it outside alone.


Ruben is lucky – the people who found him decided to truly help him – they didn’t just bring him here, but also made a big expense to provide him food and skin-support.

IMG_9836 IMG_9839

You know, most of the dogs aren’t happy with the idea of living here, despite the difficult life they have outside. Freedom calls them, they want to run, to sniff, to explore new paths.  But not Ruben. When the keepers take him out of the box for a little walk, he has a routine: 3 steps to the left – peeing; 3 steps to the right – pooing; 6 mega-fast steps back to the clinic and into the box!

Stay alive, stay smiling, dear Ruben.
And we will make sure you become healthy and loved.



New homes for: Leah, Belcho, Julie, Darka, Negarcheto and Tzako

Posted on 24 January 2017

Farewell, dear friends, and be good, healthy and full of love, for many happy years alongside your human friends!

Belcho has gone home! He was one of the favorite dogs for the team and volunteers – clever, intelligent, a big fan of kids and all in all – a sweetheart.

Белчо Belcho стар2

Big hugs and gratitude for Yoanna Christova, who gave him a chance to be a really happy pet! The two are already forming a healthy bond, dealing bravely with the new things life has to offer (like a flight of spiral stairs) and are moving forward fast.



A wonderful new family came up for Darka the puppy! The tiny baby, 3,5 months old was adopted by Vladimir Petrov and his wonderful son Cyril. Darka will live happily ever after like a little princess.


джули елена христозова (1) джули елена христозова (3)

Lovely hunting lady Julie  went home as well. She came to the shelter as a walking skeleton, but one that has swallowed a balloon. Terribly emaciated and very pregnant. She needed some time after the surgery to put on weight and get better. But she adapted to the shelter environment and it became apparent she is a pet dog and can hardly fend for herself. But we didn’t have any room to keep her, so she had to stay outside for two long months, in one of our walking yards, shivering in her little coat, hoping to be noticed. And she was! Our gentle lady is already melting in the hands and warm home of Elena Hristozova!!!


negarche (1)

Another one of our 9 little black babies found a home too! The huge puppy is already stomping about the home of Radion Umnikov – what an adventure it will be with the boy – he is one of our strongest and largest puppies. You probably cannot tell on the photo, but Radion is a very tall man. The little black bandit is only 4 months old, the world is yet to hear of his valor!



Leah came to us from the street – neglected, hungry and very pregnant. She had no microchip, no one was looking for her, so we decided to neuter her straight away. After a short nurturing, d-r Marincheva operated her urgently and the girl quickly recovered.


Lovely ladies like her never have to wait long. Leah is already at home with the family of Elena Atanasova – loved, cared for and protected. All the best!


And last, but definitely not least – the funny rascal Tzako found his friend – he was adopted by Valenting Krumov, whom he chose as a leader the moment they met!

цако2 цако5

Tzako has already been rehomed once – along with the deaf Dogo Argentino Branko, but since the two didn’t get along, he switched places with Bourbon the Rottweiler. He spent a little over a yar at the shelter, he was one of the heroes in our 2016 calendar, a miracle-dog, shot in the heart with a live cartilage, a true survivor.

tzako (2)

Let this be the final adventure of Tzako and may he be happy with Valentin till his last breath!

There are so many dogs at the shelter at this time, that the Farm is really on the brink of exploding. The last dog-transport we were able to put through was way back in the beginning of October, and since then we’ve been fighting to get a license for the new EU animal transportation regulations. This means that we’ve not been able to send our “regular” 60-70 homeless dogs to Holland, Austria and Germany for over three months and our work is really suffering…

For the first time ever since we started working, we have more puppies on the grounds than adults. There are 119 puppies at the Farm in this very moment… A sight to make you dizzy. Our respect to the vets at the Farm – d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva for their hard work and professionalism – by every rule of epidemiology we should have a little infectious hell going on, and we don’t even have kennel cough, knock on wood.


From the team of the Farm – to all the adopters, volunteers and donors at the Farm – a warm hug and great gratitude!

VIDEO: Our orphaned foals – Shakespeare and Sherlock

Posted on 19 January 2017

Currently, ARSofia takes care of 6 horses and 1 donkey. But only the two youngest babies – orphans Shakespeare and Sherlock live in our shelter – the Farm. The rest are taken care of in horse-ranges, where the conditions are better for them. But the little ones have to stay close to us. They need very special care, especially the younger one – Sherlock.

01 02

The cold didn’t do any good for the babies. Although they have an insulated little barn where they can cuddle up in the hay, the frost managed to hit our younger boy – 4 month old Sherlock. To keep him safe and warm, we had to place him in a little room in the dog building where he has heat and no way to go out alone.

At this age, it is very hard for the foals to make it without a mother. When they see Sherlock for the first time, most people ask us if he is a baby donkey, or a mule – he is so weak, no one believes he’s a tiny stallion. Movement is very important for his development, so, despite the cold, his best friend – Svetlio, takes him out a few times every day, even bringing him to visit us at the office…

Luckily, Shakespeare, who is only 3 months older is doing much better. He too receives food supplements from what you donated for Sherlock and it is doing him good. He is a little lonely without his “brother”, but the orphaned goats Milla and Mimi keep him good company. You can see him rush to get his lunch from Svetlio today:

If you would like to help us care for our horses, or want to be part of the making of the first horse and donkey sanctuary in Bulgaria, please, make a donation at:
BG96FINV91501216606639 *USD
FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF
BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


Fetch Me Sergio’s Head (Warning: Graphic Photos!)

Posted on 19 January 2017

UPDATE 07/03/2017

Sergio is adopted!

UPDATE 19/01/2017

Sergio is now almost as good as new!
All he needs is someone to love…

04 00

ORIGINAL POST 27/12/2016


There was an Indian tradition in the Wild West. When a bad cowboy gets caught, they’d tie him up, and soak a leather belt in water. Then, they’d tie it round the bad guy’s neck and watch him suffocate in the sunshine, whilst the leather belt shrinks. Scary, but… it’s war.

So far we know of no wars going on in Ovcha Kupel. Still, the natives there are just as hard as the Indians were two centuries ago. We introduce you to – Sergio.

15731316_1918110651756429_617632082_n 15776606_1918110658423095_934133139_o 15782794_1918110655089762_945462986_n

Sergio’s neck was cut open with a plastic rope. Why, how and when this was done to him – we don’t know. But he was tied and lost, and spent at least a week like this. The results are visible to the naked eye, and smellable to the naked nose – a huge wound, a terrible infection, a Sergio gone wild with fear and pain.

Sergio still walks among us thanks to a simple fact – the weather at the beginning of the month was so terribly cold, that the infection didn’t have the force to spread the way it should have. We were alarmed by someone who had seen him day after day (thank you, Dilyana!) and brought him in after a long “buffalo hunt” in the Sofia prairie (well done, dear Svetlio!).

IMG_0369 IMG_0471

We only realized how bad things were when he was sedated for a wound cleaning. The rope had cut all the way through to his trachea. We’ve seen many embedded collars, chains, ropes… But you always feel something very, very wrong in seeing someone’s insides, you somehow feel the pain, your whole body screams “This is NOT right!”…

D-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva cleaned up his wound and began treatment. And in the meantime it became apparent that he isn’t the Headless Horseman, but the Huge Hearted Dog, and all memory of fear and trembling disappeared into thin air.

IMG_0479 IMG_0477

It took us days before Sergio was stable enough to survive an operation. D-r Marincheva spent over 3 hours in the surgery with him – to renew the wound, sow it up, neuter him. The surgery was successful, but it will take weeks before we know if that was enough, the wound is really huge.

You cannot imagine the gratitude of this little bear – how thankful he is for every touch he gets. As if we weren’t cutting him with scalpels and poking him with needles – so graceful and glad to be here… Sergio lays in his little box, looking smart, wagging his tail at anyone that comes through and patiently awaits for his next procedure.


Please, keep your fingers crossed for him! He is still not on the safe side…

If you would like to help Sergio and hundreds of guys and girls like him – the dogs of the Farm – please, choose OUR CHARITY CALЕNDAR!

When pain becomes a part of you: Magda and Tanyo (Warning: graphic photos)

Posted on 17 January 2017

Update 08/04/2017


Magda found her family in Austria!

Original post

Although the shelter is absolutely full and overflowing and we’re unable to offer permanent shelter to new animals, our clinic keeps working full speed. The last month we’ve been able to help over 50 homeless dogs and cats.

We cannot tell you about them all, simply because there is no time, but we still try hard to introduce you to the most typical cases in our work. Here are Tanyo and Magda – two incredibly kind creatures who have suffered greatly, but are now happy tripods.

15800902_10211557026947249_186008438_n 15782234_10211557026907248_352811468_n 15750354_10211557027147254_1844647588_n

We took Tanyo from the municipal shelter of Bogrov. He has been there since the summer of last year. An old trauma has left his leg paralyzed and with a lot of pain. From all the licking and the immobility the wound was very badly infected, and he was very tired – in the end of his will to hold on.  The x-rays and neuro-conductivity tests showed the leg was beyond repair. D-r Marincheva made his amputation and Tanyo is now recovering successfully at the shelter clinic.

IMG_0674 IMG_0677

Tanyo is an incredibly good creature, an older guy, although not as old as it would seem, the condition of his teeth is a result of his “happy” life so far.

IMG_0683 IMG_0689

We know it will be hard to find adopters for him, but we will wait. Because all this pain cannot have been in vain. While we still breathe – we will keep hoping. We have no other choice anyway.

Another sunny soul, who has not live half, but a whole year in such an intolerable condition is our lovely lady Magda. If you have come to the shelter in the last few weeks – you must have noticed her. She is that lovely hunting dog on three legs that cries for attention at her cage door.

IMG_1300 IMG_1308 IMG_1316

Magda has an old trauma to her leg, left untreated for a whole year, when a kind farmer decided to shelter her, because the wounds were so severe. But, the kind man didn’t have the means or knowledge to do more for her, so she remained chained all this time, her condition deteriorating in time.

15055677_10211060087524074_5422711572607273819_n 15095566_10211137361815883_7894602956318396156_n 15167557_10211137382816408_1488308136692293031_o

The x-rays showed Magda has no chance of keeping her leg and the kind soul is already hopping along on three legs, with the help of d-r Marincheva who performed the surgery. Magda is a young and kind creature, full of love, playful, friendly, loving and… simply made to be loved. She is only 2 years old and we really hope she will soon be adopted and enjoying the life she was made for!

15203385_10157779383095335_2582129977072447502_n IMG_0684

Magda and Tanyo are only two of the tens of dogs who find treatment and care  in our little clinic. If you can help us care for them – even by very little – we would be greatly obliged. At this moment, the clinic hosts 26 homeless sweethearts who will not find help anywhere else – dogs with skin conditions, orthopedic patients, babies, adults, oldies with all sorts of traumas and illnesses, waiting to be healed… On their behald, we thank everyone who will pitch in, even with the smallest amount, every little bit matters.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

We remain truly yours, people, Magda, Tanyo and many more dogs, cats, horses and other homeless heroes…

Hayo, a Jack-Russel in need

Posted on 10 January 2017

Meet Hayo – a young Jack-Russel terrier who is currently in our care.

01 02

Abandoned several times, Hayo came to us in a very bad condition – with a badly bitten tail, very nervous, loud and unstable. After just a months’ work we’re seeing a very different dog. But in the shelter conditions, very little can be done for him. He needs his own home and owner, to work with him and keep him stable.

03 04

He needs a person with experience, to give him time and patience, to work with him and help him get over the problems – something doable, as long as some attention is given to him – he is fast to progress…

New homes for: Ayra, Akira, Boyko, Maminka, Mila, Brownie, Cooper and Kolio

Posted on 03 January 2017

The last lucky souls of 2016!

айра (34)

Ayra went home with Milena Alexieva and her daughter Yoanna. The connection between the two was instant.

айра (1) айра (7) айра (13)

We congratulate Yoanna, and are happy that another dog-whisperer has joined the world of dogs. All the best!


германче (7) германче (10)

Little Akyra is now German. She was adopted by Nicol Dimitrova and after complicated logistics, the two are already home, 1000km away from here. We saw Akyra a few days after the rehoming and she was already a different dog – what a lovely lady she will grow up to be with the love she finds in Nicol!


мексиканеца (3)

Funny guy Boyko went home with Iliana Borisova and her family. He has already been on a trip to Novi Sad and seen so many interesting new things.

бойко1 бойко2 бойко4

Our huge congratulations to him and his people for the perfect hygiene they managed to achieve in the very first days at home!

Two awesome mothers said goodbye to their grown-up puppies and are happy to be the babies in their own new homes!


mama mila (8) mama mila (17)

Lovely mommy Milla was adopted in the family of Sylvia Stoynova. Her son – Iskren and their other adopted dog – Gyna, fill Milla’s days with fun and games.

mama mila (27) мила2 мила4

Milla’s puppies (who are now twice her size) are still here, waiting for love to find them as well.


IMG_0500 IMG_0512

Our other lucky mommy is a girl we simply called Maminka. She and her 7 puppies came to the shelter months ago, ill with anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis. The treatment was successful, the babies are already big and healthy, hoping for the same luck their Mommy found with Madlena Mihova! Madlena lives close to the South Park, loves to walk and the two are already inseparable.


nikola (1)

There is a home for little Kolio too (or Bobcho, as he was known in the neighborhood before he was marked for poisoning). He was adopted by Ivan Angelov and is already enjoying his own house with a yard in Levski district. The two liked each other very much and after a few visits went home certain of the right choice.


купър (1) купър (5)

Cooper the Rottweiler also got to go home for the holidays – he was adopted by d-r Stancheva all the way in Varna. The boy must have been someone’s pet dog before he was dumped at a city parking. Neutered and returned by the Municipal catchers, he came to us after threats from the neighbors were made for his life. He is now part of a big Rott family and will never be left alone and unwanted again.


брауни (1) IMG_0487

And finally – little shy Brownie! This quiet little soul came to the shelter back in the summer, along with her mother and sister. They were quick to go home, but Brownie had health issues and had to remain alone in the clinic for quite a while. She didn’t like the shelter and couldn’t relax. Despite her small size – she couldn’t touch any of the prospective adopters’ hearts, and remained lonely and sad.


Maria Vasileva could have adopted any of the dogs in the Farm. But she chose to help Brownie, because she needed help most of all. Thank you, Maria! Best of luck to both of you, we know that soon Brownie will be a totally different dog – calm and smiling.

Our love and hugs to everyone – adopters and adopted!